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Hi Awesome work.

A question, Sliders is a plugin? The slideshow data / images is also available with the theme in the form of an import file?

Thx Edward

Hi Edward,

Yes, the theme provides the import data, including the premium sliders. You can also import the demo content, instructions also included.

Anything else just let me know on the forums.


Hi, i recently moved my wordpress with Meteor theme to a new server, everything went fine, but now when I make some kind of change within the theme options on “Meteor” can not save, I click save but no answer (does not apply and there is no error message also), how can I solve this?

Hello @agenciasoluciona,

Sorry to hear about that. I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Please head over to the Support Forums and send me a private message including temporary admin credentials to your site, I’ll have a look.


I figured out what was happening, one of the plugins was causing the problem, and I have disabled all locating what was the cause. Thanks

Hey there! Great theme with a lot of options! I would like to hide the post type icon, is that possible?

Cheers, Johan

Hi @johanborjesson,

Yes, this is indeed possible. Please head over to the Support Forums and you’ll get the code you need. ThemeForest Comments are for presale questions only.


Hi Guys, amazing theme! as a beginner i am kinda stuck with two major problems though, which i am not able to solve so far. Maybe someone knows a solution.

All icons (like the magnifying glass in the menu, arrows within sliders, simply all of them) seem to be kind of “broken”. They will only show in form of a little rectangle consisting 4 letters (FOAS?) Also changes in the the colors section will not work for all items. Change of colors therefore shows within the color settings but not on the actual website.

These problems came with installing the theme, all additional plugins deactivated (except meteor extras).

Just in case someone else ever had these problems or it is easy to fix, I would be really glad to get some tips on how to.

cheers, pat

Hello Pat,

I would need to see your site in order to determine what is going on. This seems like an installation issue to me, but it must be confirmed.

Can you please head over to the Support Forums and provide the URL to your site so I can check it out ?

ThemeForest comments are best for presales questions.


Attractive template, I need someone to customize it for new website specialized in GPS fleet tracking multi language (English, French, Arabic) + blog, graphics design of slider with 5~7 view cases, small images for solutions, 2 images for products.


Thanks for your interest in the theme! We do provide support for theme usages and configuration, but unfortunately, due to time constraints we do not provide customization services.

If/When you purchase you can check out Tweaky, they are specialized in theme customizations.


Hallo,can you help me please? - How to enable Form Builder? (for ex. for Contact) - How to enable Shourtcodes Button in Editor?

I don have Form Builder and Shourtcode … no idea why…

Thank you very much!

Hello Lunavision,

The Form Builder consists on a group of shortcodes to build the forms. To learn to use it, you can refer to your documentation, on the Form Builder section. There is also an example code that you can use.

The theme does not provide a button interface for shortcodes. These are very easy to use. You can refer to the documentation on the Shortcodes section, to see the options each shortcode provides.

Any other issues please post them on the Support Forums, as it is the main support channel for Meteor.

No worries, if you’ve got questions, this is normal. I’ll be more than happy to help you out with any issues you may have on the forums.


Interface same in other themes would be better. But ok. Thank you der! Nice theme! Realy!

I’m glad you like the theme!
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have it in mind :)

Hello I am interested in purchasing this theme would have without knowing it at the Potuguês pt_br Brazil.


Thanks for your interest in the theme!

I don’t know what you mean. Can you please provide a few more details on what you really want exactly ?


I would buy this theme in Portuguese of Brazil would be possible?


The theme by default comes in english. You can translate its frontend user interface (not the admin itself) from the built-in translator by going to Theme Options > Translator.

The admin interface comes in english. Only the frontend side of the site is translatable.


Hi, I am currently using the Meteor theme for my website and have tried to use the Uber Mega Menu plugin to work with it but with no success,

How would i go about making the theme and Uber menu compatible?


Your have posted this issue on the support forums, and it will be handled there. ThemeForest comments are not to provide direct support for inquiries.

Any other issues please post them on the support forums. Thanks for understanding.


Hello Der,

Do you have any examples that demonstrate the them while utilizing Woocommerce?



Howdy Mitchell,

The theme does not provide built-in Integration with WooCommerce, so the Live Preview doesn’t reflect that. No examples yet.

I may loosen up in the upcoming months to come, so I may add WooCommerce support in the future.


Hi, I see that none of the texts on the preview are aligned as “justified”. I have a client that wants everything justified. Is everything “justifiable” ? Thank you Vasco

Thanks for that. I never realised that was there. But looking at your demo video, I see that some text is displayed via the layout system, and the options you have are auto, left and center. So in this system can I use the wordpress trick you just showed me, or “justified” is out of the question? Sorry for the trouble but I want to make a clarified buy. Vasco

Each layout component has a style input in which you can add something like text-align: justify to justify the text inside the component.

You can also do this from the theme’s options. No worries about the questions…


Hi there,

Does you theme have the ability to have a background added, but still have white behind the main content area? I guess that would be “boxed” layout.


You can have a background image and a background color too. You can do that from the theme’s Color Editor.


Sorry didn’t clearly answer your question, yes you can do it, you need to either have a PNG background of GIF background so it has transparency and the background color from the body can see through.

I didn’t notice the live preview settings were disabled. You can now test with the boxed layout on the live preview, using the live preview options pane on the left.


Theme looks really attractive! However I am concerned about translation.

I plan to use WPML. Is it completely compatible with Meteor? Is it possible to translate custom layouts? Can I have multiple layouts for Homepage (for different languages) ?

All right, I’ll keep you posted.

@Kazkas, implemented!

The 1.0.48 update will be available within the next 24 hours.

I have added a “Page Query Override” layout editor component, which allows you to override the default query and display a page instead. You just need to set the Page ID to override.

This is very flexible, and allows fine grained control for your translation needs.

Head over to the Support Forums once you purchase if you got any questions, I’ll be happy to help.


Update already available, cheers!

How do I update the padding-bottom applied to the submenus? Thanks!

btw it’s an inline style, and I can’t find it anywhere…


This padding can be adjusted on Theme Options ? Logo on the “Logo Vertical Padding” option.

Any other issues, please post them on the Support Forums, as it is the main support channel for the theme.


Hi there – I am having an issue with my contact form(s). Is there a specific location other than WP Settings that requires my email address in order for me to receive contact form submissions? I do receive confirmation on screen at the time of submission that a message was sent. However, I am not receiving an email containing the information. Thanks for your help.


Can you please respond to my issue? I posted this 8 days ago and posted the same comment in your Support Forum. I followed the directions provided in the template documentation and am not receiving emails from my website’s contact form.


Please accept my apologies I have totally missed your comment.

I have replied to all inquiries in the support forum and I have not seen your issue. I doubt I have missed your issue on the forums though.

This usually happens when your server is not configured to send email. You can try posting your issue again in the forums and if needed send me a private message (on the forums) with temporary admin credentials to your site, I’ll have a look.

Let’s continue this diagnosis on the forums. Please allow some time for your issue to be debugged properly (that is, if you provide temp access to your server).


Thank you so much for responding. I do see now that there is also a response in Support Forums from last week. I spent some time on the phone with my hosting support and it was an issue in my hosting/email connection, not with Meteor Theme or WP. Thank you again : ) I love this theme.

Hi, I would love to use your theme on a project, but I need to know if is there any issue using it along with WooCommerce.


Hello @maurolopes,

Some integration may be needed to get WooCommerce working with Meteor, because the theme does not provide WooCommerce integration out of the box.


Hi, I have actually purchased this theme, but haven’t started the project yet. My client has asked what the single Portfolio page looks like (all the Portfolios in the demo just have # links). Can you send a link, or modify your demo so that it’s easy to see how the single portfolio template looks? Thanks.

Hello @gbot,

By default it looks like the single posts page. Portfolio posts have the added benefit that they can have their own gallery.

If you add a Slider to a Layout that is assigned to the Portfolio Post, the slider can display the images from the Portfolio Post Gallery.

You can do quite a lot, because the theme allows you to create your own Layouts and assign them to the Portfolio Posts, so they can be displayed in any way you want.

It all boils down to what you can create using the Layout Editor and the components it provides.


Hello. Where can I change the color of the search field on sidebar? When clicked he changes bg color and text, and both are white.


You can make it use the underlying background by adding the following code into Theme Options ? Advanced, Custom CSS field:

input[type=text]:focus {
  background: inherit;

Any other issues please post them on the Support Forums as it is the main support channel for this product.


Oh, my bad) Nice work!

How to edit Homepage 1, add clients, though )


Thanks for your interest in the theme.

Meteor provides its own admin interface in which you add new layouts such as the Layout Editor, the clients you add via the Gallery Managar also included with Meteor.

That and more features are part of the theme. You can see more features in the Features page on the Live Preview.


Hello, i have a very serious problem. All my Layouts have disappeared ! (I didn´t touch Reset Layouts Button) I can’t even create a new one.

My content was, for a big part, in Layouts and not in Pages or Posts. So the content of my website have disappeared for all visitors !

What should i do ?

Hello @GEREJE,

Sorry to hear about that. Please head over to the Support Forums and send me a private message including temporary admin credentials to your site, I’ll have a look and see what’s going on.


I have created my account on </der>. I only can “Start a new discussion”. How can i send you a pivate message ?

I sent you a private message, you should see it on your forum’s inbox. Let’s follow up from there.

Hello. I have a Revolution Slider of 8 slides (each have a image background and a line of text) at the top of my home page. The problem is that this Slider slow the load of the home page.

So, my question is : what are the methods (what can i do ?) to reduce the weight of my Revolution Slider (without reducing images quality) ?

Thanks for your answers. But the website still slow to load the homepage, especially on Chrome and Safari. What can be the problem ?

There are many factors that could cause this, but I doubt the theme has something to do with it. It would be best to contact your hosting provider and let them know the server is slow.

You can refer to the original forum discussion for the full response.


Thanks for your answer.