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is there anyone to answer these questions?

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Hi, this just a great theme. I have a problem with the Google Map. I paste your Shortcode in the editor content in Contact page, but only the code is showing and not the map. As your google map Shortcode works just fine on any device, I would really appreciate if you could help me! Thanks.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but have a few few questions first:

1. Does every section need to appear on the site? For instance, in the demo, it has 3 boxes “Check out the Backstage”, “Check the Events” and “New Album Released”. Can these be removed?

2. What is the maximum number of Upcoming Events seen on the main page?

3 What is the maximum number of Albums seen on the main page?

4. Can I chose to not have Recent Posts and Recent Videos in the footer? I’d only want the Latest Tweets. What happens to the section if I do?

5. What font is used in the word “METRIC”?

6. I assume this theme has a page option where I can put the artist bio. Please confirm.

7. If yes to question #6, can I have that appear on the main page in lieu of Recent Posts?

Thanks and I anxiously await your response. Cheers!

Hi, I have a question before buying the template, is it possible to fix the header navigation bar at the top when you scroll down?

Thanks! Daniela.

Hi there!

I’m setting up the theme and I would like to keep the shop items in Homepage below other elements (I’m planning to keep only News enabled and I would like to keep Shop Items below). How can I do that?


When I share a link from the website on Facebook, the description says the following:

“You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <?a href=”” title=””> <?abbr title=””> <?acronym title=””> <?b> <?blockquote cite=””> <?cite> <?code> <?del “

How do I change this?

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From the looks of it GrandPixels disappeared a few months ago. How long does Themeforest allow an author to remain “Elite” when they fall off the map?

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Hi there


grandpixels is not responding to many topics in his support forum :((

the qtranslate plugin is not working.. i change my text, when the service returns to an normal status