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jviberg Purchased

Excellent…can you reply to this post when you make the 1.1 available…it will email me. Thanks!

I would love to purchase this when the psd files become available. Do you have an ETA when that will become available?


Psd will be available on this week.

If I purchase this now, will I get the psd files later? Nice layout.


Yes. And psd and all feature updates.

Hi Orangeldea,

Beautiful looking site, I am new to this and have a couple questions.

What is the back end of this site like?

Do I need to know how to code in HTML ?

What is the process to add a blog post or portfolio item?

Thanks, Randy


1) I don’t understand about “back end of this site”. 2) Yes. You have to know html code. 3) You have to know html ;)

Thanks for the prompt reply,

1) I would like to know the process of putting a site together and updating.

From your other answers it seems as if everything has to be coded, unlike a wordpress, where some of them have an editor for updating posts, and changing the way the site works, looks and is linked.

Unfortunately my understanding of HTML is very limited and I would like the ability to add new posts quickly.

Cheers, Randy


If you want to edit text – just open html file – find text and replace, but if you want to edit blocks you have to work little bit more on it.. but its still easy. )

Right on, I need something a little more user friendly. Though a Vimeo video of you working with your file would be very helpful to understand for us noobs! Thanks. Do you build custom websites for people? I have something in mind that I have not found here.


Sorry, i don’t build custom websites.


I’m really interested in your design, I wonder if your themes support paypal corporate payment solutions?


Just about to purchase – it’s a great theme – but have you released the 1.1 version yet? It seems silly to buy 1.0 if 1.1 is about to be released with the PSD etc.

Please let me know when 1.1 will be available!



1.1 will be very soon. But when it’s came all who already purchased can re download archive from here and they will receive 1.1 No need to purchase again. ;)


dxbluey Purchased

Hello again,

Loving the template, working hard to get my site live with this.

One question – in the footer of each page there is the latest tweets twitter section – this is static html code.

Do you have a solution to automate real time from twitter, a plugin or script widget etc?

Hope you can help.



Yep i have solution (look at my latest work – SVAROG ). You can wait for 1.1 version or mail me and i send URL to lesson how make it.

Love, love, LOVE this theme – you are a genius!!! But… I don’t have a clue about html. When will you make it into a WP-theme? Before christmas? :) It would be the best gift ever.


Thanks andy77. WP version will be in 2012 ;)

Really :( What a shame!!! I would love to use this theme for my company, but we are going to implement the new site december/january 2012.

How does the html-work? Is it possible to buy the html-work and have a staff convert it into WP?

I really think a WP-version would boost your sale crazy. This would be top of the WP-themes in here. Really!


It’s really easy to work with html / or you convert it to WP / or hire some one to help with it on TF forum. At this time i make some other work. )

OK. I understand. The few times I’ve edited in html it’s just taken ten times as long as WP – and I have no idea how to import photos etc. with html. But do you know when you’ll make it into a WP-theme in 2012? If it cost tons of dollar to convert it might be worth the wait…


Now i work on html template (it will be more and more awesomeness ) i need 1 week, after that i will convert it to WP (2 weeks more), and after that i will start work with other my html templates. m.b. i will start from Metric or m.b. not ;)

Wauw – so what you are telling me is: Wait, it will ooonly get better? :D Man, I love your style ;)


It will only get better. BUT all works are unique, and maybe i will never repeat the style i used in the Metric ;)

Hm…OK – I’ll just have to wait and see then. But I hope you’ll at least use the same strict way of designing the site. Looks awesome.

And please keep Oswald as a header font. It’s the best! :)

Hey there.

Is it possible to get the psd file now? I would be really greatfull – I simply need it.


Hello msznajder. Sure! Mail me and tomorrow, when i will be at work, i will sent it to you.

Thanks for extra fast reply:) Sending email.


got it ;)

hi, is the 1.1 version ever going to come out? it was supposed to come out “next week” over a month ago :)


25 November – version 1.1
1) Added homepage psd

Is it possible to remove that google fonts from header section? at least it looks very heavy:) if it is not – just let me know.

second question. I understand I can change fonts to those listed in header yes? how to do it?

Thank you for help and great theme!


Hello msznajder.
Yes you can delete Google fonts from header section.
In demo version and in version that you download from ThemeForest i use only 2 fonts: Oswald and Yanone Kaffeesatz
If you want to change it just open style.css and find lines with “font-family”

Is there any from those you aplied there that uses latin languages diactric signs? I mean there are some letters I cannot use with current font… Unfortunately. Is there any solution to that?

Thanks for halp!


I really don’t know. You have to use http://www.google.com/webfonts


now I got it – THANKS !


you are welcome

Hi there.

One more problem. I really need change color of sti-menu elements (the three animated elements on home). I need to change them from this grey to cpecific rgb. How to achieve that? CSS ? Chage some graphic file? JS?

Please help!


hello. I will take a look in Monday and will post here.