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Are you planning to update this theme to include font awesome / latest bootstrap?

Hello, mightyhaggis.
We are planning to fix all known issue first of all. Sorry, but can’t tell you anything about new features.

Hey, it is the same theme as what you are offering with Metrika – Wordpress Theme?

Both are with same design and the updates?

Please advise.

Hello, jigarshah48.
Current product is a HTML template, but not a WordPress theme. This information shold be useful for you: Difference between WordPress theme and HTML template
Both of them have similar design and independent updates.

No, you misunderstood my questions I guess. Let me rebuild my question.

My question is…

In below link I can see the HTML version only. so that’s the HTML template. but the last update for HTML is showing as on 04.10.2013 in Update section on above link. Where as below link is a wordpress them but the last update is showing as on 17.04.2014.

So my question is on designing point of view, both the items are same? or there may be more sliding you might have added in Wordpress?

Here I am asking for the designing context.

Design of both products is the same. Some slight changes were added in WordPress theme.

Hi, How do I make de background color more or less transparant so you can see the background image more or less? I screened the whole code, but I can’t find it. Could you help me out?

I’m sorry. This question was meant for the Wordpress Template.

Already answered you there.

Great look! Hope to integrate faster, and no bother you at all :)

Hi – quick pre-sales question. Can the number of boxes on the home page (demo has 7) be tweaked.

Can there be more or less?

I presume the icons and background colours can changed too?