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Hai Alex, im really interesting to buy this theme right away but to make sure, is it possible to add more page (shopping page) ??

Best regards, Fajrul Islam

Hello, Fajrul.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in this theme.
Metrika doesn’t support WooCommerce.


I’m about to install the metrika theme but i have few questions before doing it, to make sure it’s the right one for my project !

First, can the buttons in the home page be linked to any url ? Not only pages in my website ?

Is it possible to create a login page with this template ? I’d like to create some ‘buttons’ (squares in home page) that are not “clickable” if you’re not connected. Is this possible ? I think i can install a widget for the login page but not sure if the page can be either clickable or not.

Thank you !

Unfortunately, this feature is not available too.

Hey, thanks for your answers. I understand your theme does not support thoses features but is it possible to add pluggins that can handle them ?

Sorry, but we didn’t test Metrika with third-party plugins. That is why we can’t guarantee you correct work of theme with them.

Hi, We have bought this theme because by checking out the demo we found out it is the right choice for our needs. We are a company working on mobile applications and also animation and game projects. We wanted to set up a website ASAP by paying for this theme. But now we are facing many problems and it’s been two weeks that our work has stopped we don’t know if we should switch to another theme(which would be a loss for us, both on matter of time and money).

Huge problems are the wrong responsiveness on mobile. the wrong action on loading blog-similar pages. problem in smart scroll. and …

Are you sure you are selling the latest version equal to your demo? because the demo does not have all these problems.


Hello, anahitan.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us more details about this issue.

Hi ! Is it possible to change the color backgrounds of the pages in the theme ? For the moment all pages are in orange but i’d like to put them in white, simply. Do i have to search on the code or can i do it from the wp background ? Thanxs !

Hello, emmanaoned.
Background color of the page corresponds the color of the tile for this page on homepage.
If you want to set up different background color for the page, then please add this code snippet into the end of file ‘Metrika/style.css’:

.pt-page-4 .outer-wrapper { background-color: red!important; }

page-4 should be replaced with required page number.

kiwii Purchased

Responsivness its not working always: http://snag.gy/bLwXH.jpg

Hello, kiwii.
Metrika theme will be displaying correctly on any device with any screen resolution. You can check it on phones, tablets or PCs. Specified issue is related with the work of Gridster.js plugin after browser window resizing. You can find same behavior on their demo: http://gridster.net