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IsaSens Purchased

Hi good afternoon, I urgently need my support ticket to be answered as soon as possible. I’ve been waiting more than 24 hours and not receive a response. I wish I hide the tiles create the new menu, the items shown for events in pages (which are more than 200) are not and can be viewed only through extracts in a static page visible in the menu. You told me in the only thing that I answered to solve this problem would say me how to hide menu tiles. Thanks, I await your response. Best regards.


Hello, IsaSens.
First of all please sorry for delay. We didn’t have an opportunity to reply you earlier.
Already answered in your ticket. Please check it.

Hello, pre-sale concenr. Please could you help me review the following issues, and if it is possible to fix them:

  • Is this compatible with WP 4.0 ?
  • Theme istn 100% responsive, please have a look on ipad air: http://snag.gy/2tEnZ.jpg and also in Chrome: http://snag.gy/ApPzZ.jpg
  • Opening “Advantages” on blog goes to a blank page ¿? Sometimes when I open blog post slide effect looks weird, it opens not very smooth, IM using Chrome
  • When playing a video on portfolio, when I go to another item video keeps playing, should stop if this is possible
  • Can you add images on blog content?
  • I like how works is showing, perhaps I would prefer this page to display news, is there a way to disable filter and also control the number of items to dispaly? Also adding abutton for loading more content

Your theme looks very clean and professional, thanks for your time.


Hello, kiwii.
Thank you for feedback.
1. We didn’t test Metrika with WordPress v4.0 yet. But it should work perfect. If some issues will be related with its using in latest WordPress, then please let us know and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.
2. We’ll fix this issue in the next release of the theme.
3. We’ll fix this issue in the next release of the theme.
4. We’ll fix this issue in the next release of the theme.
5. Yes, you can add images into blog post. Please check ‘Welcome to «Itembridge»’ post.
6. Yes, you can disable filter. We have no plans to add button for loading more content now. First of all we’ll fix all known issues.


Thanks, when its going to be the next theme release? I want to buy it.


Dear kiwii,
Sorry, but we can not give you a specific time frame.
We’ll do our best for solving these issues as soon as possible.

Is there any chance you add TOUCH gesture to the theme? For example, for Ipad it would be interesting to slide to the next section using finger.



Dear kiwii,
We have no plans to add this feature now. First of all we’ll fix all known issues.


ok thanks, when are you going to fix the issues? I want to buy it.


Dear kiwii,
Sorry, but we can’t provide you a specific time frames.
We’ll do our best for solving all known issues as soon as possible.

Pre-sale Question…

Is it possible to have private posts or password protected areas in this awesome theme?


Hello, oil85.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Metrika theme at this moment. Theme uses its own algorythm of displaying blog posts.


is it going to be available soon?


Dear oil85,
Sorry, but we have no plans to add this feature. Our prior task is fixing all existing issues.

Hii.. i want to ask about custom post type. i can add my custom post type and also the taxonomy for example our services with categories taxonomy. now the problem how to call our custom taxonomy on our page. i see in your page, you call it with this tag [works filters=true]. i’ve change works with services (custom post type name), but the taxonomy haven’t show. please help. thank you…


Hello, wiraditya.
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll try to solve this issue for you.

When I enter the blog, that entries appear after a few seconds. How to change it to appear faster?


Hello, similquak.
Sorry, but it’s not possible to decrease loading time of blog page.

Hi Its great and I like it. I want to buy it. I have a question. is it SEO optimized? Can Google index its pages???


Hello, finer. Sorry, but Metrika is not SEO optimized.

I am extremely annoyed and irritated I have tried to contact you guys and have heard nothing in regards to my original ticket which was 72 hours ago. Now I had to do another ticket because my issue still has yet to be resolved. I purchased this theme and it won’t install in my wordpress which by the way is wordpress.org. It keeps saying css style sheet missing. I need this resolved asap. Please if you could help me in any way and prompt response is a must at this point.


Hello, sharimichele21.
You have created only one ticket on our support site 8 hours ago. We have answered 3 hours ago in this ticket. Please take a look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/7PyuOeX.png 5 hours delay is related with different time zones. We are on GMT +3.00.
Please check your ticket on our support site and your issue will be solved.

My team portion is not working.


Hello, sharimichele21.
As we can see, you have created a ticket on our support site yesterday, but didn’t reply on it. Please check it.

i want to buy this template, but before i want to know is this template supports multi-language, if not does any plugin supports. As this template is the exactly the theme i am looking, i want multi-language support. If it does then i will seal the deal. Please let me know


Hello, xs2qunal.
Sorry, but Metrika theme doesn’t support multilanguage.

Use Chrome, blog a lot of bugs


Hello, komoriho.
Thank you for feedback. This issue will be solved in the next release of Metrika theme.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Presale question

What’s with the # in post & page URL ? I did not see one single page in the demo without ”#”

I have a lot of posts and do not one to change url because of seo and facebook likes and changing url will reset that.


Hello, dorina30.
Metrika is a OnePage theme. ’#’ sign directs you to required section of your OnePage site.
You should create a tile for every page and can use direct link to any of them. The only exception is a blog posts. Direct links to them will not work.

I really want to buy this template but i need to know the following: 1. will it work properly on wordpress4.0 2. do you plan on making metrika SEO optimized.


Hello, dotwebers.
1. Theme should work correctly with the latest version of WordPress. If you’ll find any issues with latest version of WordPress, then please let us know and we’ll do our best for solving them.
2. You can set up background image for any page in the Dashboard (Admin panel):
Pages => Edit Page => Featured Image => Set featured image


Thanks,but one more thing; Do you plan on making metrika SEO optimized?


Dear dotwebers,
Sorry, but we are unable to make Metrika SEO optimized.
We recommend you to create .htaccess file in the root WordPress folder. You can find it here: http://pastebin.com/Cc0wvS0w
It will add redirects from links without ’#’ symbol to links, that contain it. This should help you to achieve required.

Hi, when viewing Our Works page clicking on the boxes does not always vertically centre the expanded view. Sometimes the expanded view is out of page view so a browser would simply think site is not working. Can this please be fixed as it is the only thing stopping me from purchasing? Thank you


Hello, tex66hutchinson.
Sorry, but we can’t reproduce this issue on our demo. Please specify order of actions, which causes this issue.


simply click on any of the content in Our Works page to expand. Sometimes content expands below fold and have no idea additional content is available to view.


We have tried to reproduce this issue on our demo. But with no success.

vlajke Purchased

Hello InfoStyle,

I had to make this template single page for our website use, as you might now, we had many problems with loading time and projects on our website. I wonder If I can put a single page template on themeforest?



Hello, vlajke.
Sorry, but your question is not quite clear for us. Please provide us detailed information.

Hi, before I buy this theme, can you confirm whether I can add a logo to the template, if so what are the parameters of the image, eg size?

Thank you very much


Hello, JWilson8.
As you can see logo is currently displaying on our demo. Logo position could be left or center. We can help you to set up required size of logo on your home.

Love your theme. Absolutely gorgeous… I have spent ages trying to find a really nice metro theme.

Few pre sales questions.

Theme isn’t 100% responsive, please have a look on ipad air: http://snag.gy/2tEnZ.jpg and also in Chrome: http://snag.gy/ApPzZ.jpg.

When are you looking at fixing this issue?

Also it seems to not work on my android browser.

Thank you.


Hello, Steven
We’ll fix responsive issue in the next release of Metrika theme.
As for Andoid devices… Sorry, but we can’t reproduce this issue.