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for the version 3.1.2 there’s a date

Farrow Purchased

Stop working for 3.1.3. Cant install, style not detected. Do you have update?


We want to buy a phpbb v 3.0 responsive theme, for main template – http://www.uklietuvis.com So I wanted to ask If there will be no problems with Your theme.

Thanks in advance



Thank you for your interest to our work!

I don’t think there will be any issues. The theme works OK with other templates!

Farrow Purchased

Does not work with latest phpBB 3.1.3 package. @useris99, I would not buy this theme until they update it.

GNVV Purchased

2nd for me, please update for 3.1

We want a date ! is 5 months aspect update ! and the only answer we’re working on..

in4fun Purchased

guys – come on – it’s your best selling theme
let us know whats happening regarding your update progress

any guesstimate is better than nothing
are we talking days – weeks – months ?

Well we bought it too – but updated one day after buying – so nothing works at all. Is there any chance of refund… even though it is the most beautiful theme I have encountered… if there is no update within the next month it is worth nothing at all.

I want a date !!.. now not even answer.

Just bought it and didn’t read this info! When it will be available???

Same here – Cant install, style not detected. Do you have update?!

Hello, PixelGoose, is the 3.1 update comming any time soon or should i start looking for another 3.1 compatible template for my forum? thanks

Any news????



We are still working on the update.

...... “We are still working on the update.”

Eugh, doesn’t work for PhpBB 3.1.3, looking for refund

yes, looking for refund..

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Theme is doesnt work

I use Blogger yes or not.

k0nsl Purchased

Any news about support for 3.1.*?

Any news about 3.1 support?