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I’ve bought it and I’d like to setup a personalized color. Is it possible? If so, how? Thank you. I have already sent an e-mail to u guys, but u guys don’t answered. My e-mail: serkan.s94 AT web.de


no problem! I am waiting of our e-mail! :)

Best regards


Please, check your inbox. I’ve sent you an email!


I sent you an e-mail back. Please check your inbox! :)


mfrub Purchased

Hello l install vbseo and l click thread link and l want to login but l dont login my web site when l was disable vbseo l was login.

Can you help me ?


m27r2 Purchased


I just purchased this today and in the PDF it says there’s an XML for 4.2.0 and 4.2.2, however it looks like there are only 4.2.0 and 4.2.3 in the actual folders I downloaded. I can’t actually install it, I tried importing both XMLs but it doesn’t allow it.

Can you please tell me how to install this in 4.2.2

Thank You


You can use 4.2.3 version. Just set “Ignore style version” to “yes” when you install it. Or you can contact us via our profile page and we’ll send you 4.2.2 version.


I just saw the style and i like it but i have two question.

My forum is a persian community which is RTL. Is there any way to see a RTL Demo of the style?

this is my forum :


another thing that is important to me is to use the same (current) logo that i’m using rith now on the Metro Style, I mean this logo :


I could not find any place for the logo on this style. How can i use my logo in this style? And where exactly will be the place of my logo on this style?

I will appreciate if you provide a demo with this logo to me.


Thank you for your interest to your work!

Here’s a quick demo for you – http://vb4.pixelgoose.com/forum.php?styleid=50&langid=2

So you can use RTL and your logo with the theme :)

Thank you so much for the fast response, i have another question. is there any way to make the metro style color and background close to the Quarto style which only support vb 5?

Sure, you can change the color scheme as you want. You’ll just need to edit some style variables and css color codes.


wondering how i set this as a background header image.

I did it as a logo to replace the Metro, but i don’t think its right

can you have a quick look and tell how i should do it http://www.brisbaneforum.com.au/

kind regards


Hi, I’m putting the product as .zip, but it fails. “Application not found” error. I did download the full.


Did you followed the steps from the documentation? It’s described in details how to install the theme.

hi, I take the “metro” into the images folder. but style-theme does not see the file. I can not install any way.


Did you followed the steps from the documentation? It’s described in details how to install the theme.

1. Upload the folder “metro” to your web server using an FTP client. The folder must be placed to yoursite.com/images/. 2. Log in to your forum administrator control panel and go the Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles section.

no my database vbulletin. There is no place I can see these stages. phpBB theme of “style” is loaded to the file, in administrator management panel, looks in style/templates, and click install. But writing upload images into that theme. How do I install otherwise.


Do you try to use the vBulletin theme with a phpBB 3 installation?

Hi How can I edit navigation icons ? and how to add icons to navigations I add.

Great theme, have more skins bulletin?


We only have two vBulletin 4 themes. Primus and Metro.

Hello is it possible to customize like jamiiforums.com?


Shuval Purchased

Hi! I bought METRO theme on themeforest yesterday. My version of bulletin is 4 2 3

File metro-plugins.xml not work please send correct file.

Hi after install sidebar not work. I can make it same?


My forum http://pamm-trade.com/mainforum/forum.php?styleid=4

Thank you!


The sidebar is a default vBulletin feature. You don’t need our plugin for that. Did you enable the sidebar via the AdminCP? It’s here – AdminCP > Options > Forum Sidebar and Block Options > enable the Forum Sidebar option. After you’ll also need to add some blocks to the sidebar via AdminCP > Forums & Moderators > Forum Blocks Manager > Add Block > select from list below.

Thank you. Can you remove my last message?