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Dear Garcia,

The icons of the added menu items are centered to the right bottom somehow, although they have the uploaded dimensions of 512×512. Therefore you’ll see (e.g. TDarkBlue) the color around it, this in my opinion is not wanted. Tested with Explorer, Safari Chrome, Firefox and on and android device.

I’ve send an e-mail dated 10-10-13 and have had no response. Does anybody know how to solve this?

Thanks Bob

Hi skyfighter! My apologizes, but we don’t have an email coming from this Themeforest account (skyfighter). May you send me again the email using our profile page: with full details of your request


Dear Valentin,

Thank you for the support. Everything works perfectly now!

:) I’m glad it worked!

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@ Skyfighter I see that you are not alone as I can not get help from htmgarcia, it appears that Metro Mobile template is dead!

Thanks! Our developer reported some problems with icon fonts in Android. We recommend use images (ong ones) isntead as a working fix for this specific case.

What do I do now? I’m waiting for a long time and I can do nothing on my website, I have no solution, and the template was useless for me.

Hi alfsat!

We sugegst use image icons (png) instead, to avoid this problem with android devices because they seems to be incompatible with font files.


Hi Valentin,

Would it be possible to add somewhere an option like alt=”name of the icon”?

Regards Bob

You mean in the menu items?

Yes, in all if possible.

What do you mean? – please provide as many possible details

Yes, in all if possible.

What do you mean? – please provide as many possible details

if the mouse hovers over a tile, it would be nice if the alt=”” shows the small box with the name of the tile

May be possible customicing core files. Do you think would be a good option for you?

Yes it would be very very helpfull, would it be possible for you to do that?

I can give a try, but no guarantee.

Send us a message using our profile page: – add this same details in the message in order to provide you better support help. Also, add the full details in which module of your website you want this (remember add FTP and Joomla access too)


is it compatible with windows phone?

Hi castrodarwin!

We have this link to see it in action in your phone. Pelase give a try and let us know if this works as you expected:

Hopes this helps



good costumize theme for flexbile.. great..

but i need some answer about it.

first page is like a metro .. Okay..

but i need more deep pages for my web site.. so .. i install k2 and other theme and this theme is just for first page.. it is Okay..

BUT! :)

when i put some modules ( content slider, etc.) to first page in metro-top1, metro-blabla…

the module seem with tree box.. how can i fix it..


best regards

Hi dibidib, is possible have the url of your website pointing to that specific page, please

Looking forward to help you



thank you for your attention..

now web site is on my local server.. when i put module on homepage with fault, i will sent to you e mail about my local server ip.. and you can see the web site via your custom hosts file.


You’re welcome!

Let us know if we can help you in something else

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I have just purchased your great template.

How can I disable joomla component in main page? I see no option in template parameters…

Thanks a lot

Just change the Menu item type under Menus >> Your menu >> Home

Looking forward to help you, regards

Can it support Arabic language , not the Arabic is right to left , not like the English

Hi Yemeni1,

Works as regular Joomla. So, yes, be aware some text from template will need to be translated manually by doing Language overrides inside Extensions > Language manager > Overrides

Hopes this helps, regards

thanks for your reply the problem is in the direction , like I said , Arabic is right to left English is left to right can you make it compatible with Arabic joomla 2.5

I see. Unfortunately RTL is not supported by option but you add Custom CSS in template params to aling your text in the way you need.

Hopes this helps, regards