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Awesome Work :D GLWS

thanks metrothemes

Stunning work! Good luck :)

thanks louieje

takes a very long to load up – is that because of the background image?

yes because of Background image

can that be removed to be plain and therefore increases speeds?

I just tried it on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it doesnt seem to take advantage of the screen size – it seems to be smaller than it could be

Hi Suresh,

I recently purchased your metro ui theme that I thought looked very excellent. Unfortunately I’m having some issues with uploading the theme to wordpress. I tried uploading it. I keep on getting the same error that the stylesheet is missing. However when looking into the files I can see the css file and I can’t understand why it would have an issue. I’m sure that I haven’t made the rookie mistake of uploading the wrong zip file. I also uploaded it via ftp on my own and had the same issue! I’m super frustrated because I was so excited to use it!

Please help me out!

this is html version, wp version coming soon

Hi, a very nice template, thank you. However, I currently have a problem. I can’t insert links and forms inside the hidden blocks. The ‘hover’ works but not the click. Is that possible or not ? Thanks.

give me your URL we will check

Hi, here is my website url: Ultimately, I replaced “return false;” by “e.stopPropagation();” in debouncedresize.js and now, links / forms work fine. Anyway, thank you for your time

Hi, great template! It works brilliantly resizing to fit your desktop browser window, however I can’t seem to get this to work properly on any mobile devise? The template is responsive to desktop browser window size but this does not carry through to mobile/tablet as in the description screen shots, anything you could do to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks

It was working good in iphone .. what mobile are you using it

still waiting for the WordPress version… any news about that?

Thanks in advance

WP version coming soon

Hi , contact form to this template??? some description?

please send answer asap

contact form is not available at this template we will add it, next updation

1month ago “WP version coming soon”… What is the definition of “soon”? ;)

Sorry Mr svenc, it will take time… once its ready we will contact you …

for some reason it takes my site built on this template to load in about 45secs :(

so i removed the annoying preloader.. the scroll bar is what delays the whole thing :(

google analitics was the killer.. pls ignore

thanks qasidm

Love the template! Any idea when a wp version will be available?

at present, we just started the WP version ..

Do you have an ETA on the WP version? Cheers.

at present we are not able to give ETA.

looks good. i like to purchase the theme. Prior to purchase i would like to know why the theme is showing issues in Chrome. When we scroll the page and click on services link, the popup is not showing full data.

its a new issue right now … we will correct it asap.

any update?? actually there is no issues so, please remove the remove frame on the top bar and look the demo


Looks like your domain has expired. Can you please resolve this so that I can play with the live preview.

thanks we are working on it

i want to purchase this, is it possible to insert form like contact and career.

no its not possible