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LOVE IT! any plans for a Wordpress version?

Hi ridgecity,

We’re glad you like it. We haven’t thought doing a WordPress version so far, but as it seems, it’s quite a popular unexpected demand for this item, considering the intended use of this item is to help build custom management apps. We’ll think about it.

Thank you.

Please fix the live preview.

Hi datzent83,

Working fine here ..

< Hi, MosaicPro..

From here the demo pages keep asking us to login again and again..

a script keep loading.. and guess there are some elements’ animations that don’t work..


At a glance, this admin theme has nice layout and nice interface elements, but don’t you think that those colorful body colors is “too strong”?

Hi candeed,

The demo/preview working fine here, I have no ideea why didn’t work for you.

Colors are exactly the point of this template. There are plenty of clean templates out there, so while clean it’s nice and we already have that, we should do something different. Also, the colors are completely customizable, so one could change them to softer colors.

Thank you.

Oh I see.. I got your point… ;)

Wow you create themes pretty quick ;)

We’re a dedicated strong team.

very nice man, and I also liked auto updating chart, good luck :)

Thank you AkinGn.

Problem is with all of these colours that they are not belonged to the Metro UI style – the colors have to fit one with each other and create a pleasant color scheme. But with this freedom a lot of developers will screw it. Sorry to say that – otherwise it`s a nice template!

Hi pixelgrade,

Thank you for your feedback. We’re actually fans of yours. Great work! The truth is it started as a metro UI, but ended up something else. As we try think out of the box as much as we can, we may have pushed it too far this time. While you’re right from one point of view, we believe this freedom can also prove to be benefic and have great potential. With a little imagination, one could use this template in more than just one way, or the way it was intended. For instance, it’s not mandatory to have a full color scheme, it could be used with just one primary color, on the active page, and keep everything else dark greys like the calendar page. It’s really up to the buyers.

Thank you.

Am interested, is there any way to have the colored tab menu hided/removed?

Thank you and great job.

Hi djordjevick,

Could you please tell us for what type of project you want to use it for without a menu? We’re asking because we’d like to understand why you or anyone would want to remove the menu.

Thank you.

It’s great when have wordpress version. Really cool work! :D

Hi vennerconcept,

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you like it. Honestly, we haven’t thought doing a WordPress version so far, but as it seems, it’s quite a popular unexpected demand for this item, so we’ll think about it.

Thank you.

olĂ ,

Crazy dev !, about 5000 lignes of css (more ?) ... I’m disapointed, i just wanted h1 h2 h3 h5 p , and some little things .. I don’t know how to customise this ..

i just wanted to say : how work with this !!? and then at least, why use zend ? this is not readable ! why use some “min.css” !!! with no space ?

this is not a website but a framework !! :) (with no api !!) Have you think about write a book (500 pages minimum ?) to explain this crazy dev ?

look, i have see :

body : 13px and after one other body with 14 px … (two body tag in the same page ?) one in style.min.css and bootstrat.css

sorry .. i’m just upset .. i don’t know maybe it’s me ?

Hi samsam69007,

Thank you for your feedback. Let us try and clarify few things for you.

1. It was built on multiple frameworks, including and not only jQuery / Twitter’s Bootstrap & Zend. The items comes as a package of two versions: – a PHP version, that offers a base for implementation with basic templating, header, footer, pages, reusable functions and it uses a Zend component for the translations AND one version that is simple HTML for non-PHP implementations – in which you don’t have to use PHP at all if that’s what you want.

2. The minified versions are generaly used in production only, not developement, which is why we’ve included non-minified versions and even a LESS version, to ease development.

3. We haven’t considered writing a book explaining the development, because this item like most of the items in this category are meant to be a solid base (not minimal) for custom management apps – it’s not meant to be easy, but provide fast development for professionals, thats why we use popular & really well documented frameworks like Bootstrap – feel free to check out it’s awesome documentation here.

We’re really sorry you feel that way.

If we can be of any further assistance, or have any other questions and/or suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you.

P.S. You should not modify the bootstrap.css at all as if you want to update bootstrap it will mess up your code (style)... that is why style.css exists ;)

Thank you for your answer ,

I didn’t know bootstrap, i will follow your advice about css files . that should be better now, i know where to look at ..

Except this , i like your design .. very good idea and creativity, that why i bought your product.

oh nicely done id get my designers tocome check if this will work with my website

Good work and i might be buying this but the webapp am building needs a time input (just like your date input dialog).

Any plan to add the time input dialog or can you explain how i can implement that?

Hey, looking over both this and Air Admin – gorgeous, both!

I’m primarily a Rails dev and in the past I’ve started using a premade theme only to start tearing my hair out after several hours of work to try and get something that looks marginal. It is easier (though still a pain) to get done if code from libraries/plugins is kept separate, but not everyone does that…

SO in that thread: 1. Any word on people using this with Rails? 2. Are the css/js/etc files you worked on separated from the libraries etc that you brought in, or are they all combined together?

Hi defgravdai,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, we didn’t had much feedback from Rails developers so far. We’re mostly PHP developers here, without much background with Rails. We’re trying to keep things as separate and organized as possible, but in some degree you could also find combined components.

We’re improving our products on feedback / request basis, so we’d very much like to know what makes our items difficult to use and gladly correct the issues with updates, for both existing and future buyers.

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

In that case – I just might give it a try. If I come across any issues or suggestions, any preferred method of feedback? Boards, or email, or… ?

Great! A dedicated support board is work in progress. For now, we’d like to keep it here for the record and if it might help others as well, that’s even better. However, you can also reach us by sending a private message through our profile page. Either way, we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hi Great theme

I have a side menu setup with all menu items having sub menus, I would like to have an expand all and collapse all buttons. Can you please advise how to achieve this?


Hi rgtsmartisdDesign,

Thank you for purchasing and for your appreciation.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution that we can just give you in a few lines of code for that. Sorry we can’t help you more on this.

Thank you.

Is there any PSD for this theme or it is harndcrafted?

Hi gkaratsiolis,

All our items are first created in Photoshop and then converted into HTML/CSS/LESS/PHP.

To answer your question…

We have a psd but it’s not ready to be added … as we only release well layered PSD’s.

At the end of next week we will add the PSD for this item.

Hi, I’m trying to customize the skin colors for this template. How do I create custom skin files?

I’m trying to follow this documentation you have stated:

/* Allow skin customization from the browser * Values: true/false / defined(‘SKIN_JS’) || define(‘SKIN_JS’, true);

/ If set true, loads the custom skin files * Values: false/filename without .extension / defined(‘SKIN_CUSTOM’) || define(‘SKIN_CUSTOM’, ‘brown’);

/ DO NOT EDIT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING * To load a custom skin, edit SKIN_CUSTOM above * When browser skin customization is allowed, ignore SKIN_CUSTOM */ defined(‘SKIN’) || define(‘SKIN’, SKIN_JS ? false : SKIN_CUSTOM);

Kind regards

Hi defsound,

Please accept our apologies for the late reply. Just create a new skin file (any-filename.css) and save it in the theme/skins/css folder (or just use the custom.css file already there). Then, open the Themer from your browser and customize the color on a page by page basis. When you’re done customizing the colors, hit the “Get CSS” button in the Themer panel. Copy the code, paste it in the newly created skin CSS file, save it then in index.php set it to load like this:

defined('SKIN_CUSTOM') || define('SKIN_CUSTOM', 'any-filename');
// or if you used the custom.css file
defined('SKIN_CUSTOM') || define('SKIN_CUSTOM', 'custom');

If we may be of any further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

No worries. I was actually able to figure it out. Is there any way to generally speed up the template? It seems that’s rendering a lot. Clicking through different pages respond slowly.

Hello Sir I am unable to redirect page by given Script in your Metro Theam .

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript”>“home_admin.php?act=center&smsg=<?php echo $smsg;?>&emsg=<?php echo $emsg;?>”,”_self”); </script>

I dont want to use header( ‘Location: http://localhost/ProjectName/home_admin.php?act=center&smsg='.$smsg.'&emsg='.$emsg ) ; it creates some problem in my application .

Kindly Help me ASAP.

In JavaScript, you don’t need, just use location = “url”;

Hi, i would like to know how to display the side menu closed by default, as it’s done for example in the iphone responsive view.

Thanks, Antonio

needs a better color

can this panel be used both for admin and users?

can it link to a data in MySQL?