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how can i add anoter Rox Scroller Module to the home page ?

when i do that, ist not look good… i get to line of scroll bar.

1.what can i do? 2. how can i contat you for support becouse the suport link doesnt work.

Replied. Seems same question twice . Thanks

I have your Rox Metro Metro Style Theme in a Joomla Platform.

I have a simple question. In the Rox Scroller Module, is there a way the Links in the images, large or small, will open in a new page or elsewhere? They are opening in the same page and thats not what I was trying to do. I am trying to have the link open in a new page.

Thanks for your help

Danny Davis

Hi, Yes it is. Replied file path in mail. Thanks

Hi I love the the template I have two fast questions before buying: 1. Is it a Standard Joomla template? 2. There are only 7 color templates, can I change the color to another shade of blue?


1. Yes its standard joomla template based on Gantry framework. 2. You can make preset as much as you want. There in documentation you will find the guideline. Thanks

Question: How do I make the “gallery” box function as a big button for a page?

Example: My menu has five items and a same in the tiles/boxes below – I had another with link to same as item in menu and when I disactivated the menu item also the link on the box below got disactivated.


You can put box variation from custom widget option. Thanks

I am having difficulty to change the metro icon on the blog titles, where do I go to change that? – Second problem, the tiny icons on the blog pages: Sample Content 6 – there is the printer and email icons that are dark, how do i change the color? Where do I go to do that? Thank you so much! I love this template!! Great work!

Thank you for your query. You are requesting for customized work. But don’t worry we will support it but send us mail from item support tab with screenshot so we can be more clear about your issue. Thanks

Hallo ThemeRox,

i cant set the bg color and bg image in Templates Manager / Edit Style wrapper color. its not working when i change the color. Where is the css file for bg color and image to set up manuel.

best regards alex

found it in present.less


I would like to assign different template overwrite to different Joomla user group. I have duplicated Master template and changed some parameters on three different templates overrides. I would like now to assign user group A to preset1, user group B to preset2 and user group C to preset3 as an example. How can I do it?

I think we had discuss on mail :) Thanks you

Hey there, amazing template! Do you know how to get this page responsive? http://bekroond.nl/portfolio


Hi, For support related issue can you please post your question here http://support.cloudsoftwaresolution.com ? So our support staff can take care it? Thanks


I have the Metro_Rox template for Joomla 3.

I have an informational part of the website with the template installed and working. I also have a members area. I would like to still use the same template for this area but the top menu should be different. How can I accomplish that?


Hi, It will be great to post your support and help related question on our dedicated support forum http://support.cloudsoftwaresolution.com. Our support staff will help you to get faster solution. Thanks

Hi There,

I have a question, you use in your template css-compiled, when I change something in file 199 (fox example) an half hour later the website use file 200, then I change file 200 an half hour later the website use file 201.

How can I solve this or un-compile?


Hi, We had used less for the template so for site load its compiling css file and your changes not working. Just go to template manager and then check advance tab from template settings and disable less compiler. After that you can change from css and it will be sustain no override will happen. If still problem then open a support ticket on our support portal so our support staff can help you. Check support portal here http://support.cloudsoftwaresolution.com . Thanks

Hello, I have problem in my template. I’m not sure what problem. At the Admin site when i select the rox_metro template, an error comes out showing “An error has occured. No content in response.” Urgent.

Open a support ticket on our support forum http://support.cloudsoftwaresolution.com Thanks


Is there possible to set my webpage to Chinese & Malay language?

Yes its possible if joomla have language support for your language. Thanks


teopro Purchased

Hi. I have the J2.5 version installed. Can you please tell me how can I migrate to J3.4? Thanks in advance.

Hi, You can follow this tutorial https://docs.joomla.org/Joomla_2.5_to_3.x_Step_by_Step_Migration. After successfull migration just install our latest template. Thanks


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Hello ThemeRox, is it compatible with Joomla 3.4.8 and higher? I need to use Joomla 3.4.8 and over version (because it resolves vulnerabilities like security/protection, SQL Injection and other two) – thanks


uesse Purchased

Hi again ThemeRox, why is CONTACT FORM missing CAPTCHA ?

For captcha you have to use additional plugin. About version It should work on latest version. But I strongly recommend to keep original site backup. Thanks