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Loving it! GLWS!

Very clean design. Congrats and GLWS!

Good luck with sales :)

Very good, will have some version for Wordpress? :bigsmile:

Thanks, yes, we will release wordpress version A.S.A.P :)

I wish the WP version was responsive. Such a great design.

It’s responsive now :)

OK, thanks! Do ypu plan to release a WP version sooner or later?

Just bought it and loving it! Keep up the good work

Glad to hear this :) Thanks.

if this was responsive, I would be all over it.

It’s responsive now :)

Dostum süper olmu? tebrik ederim :)

Great! One more vote for WP Version +1 :)

Very nice! Wish I had a use for it! :P

Great work, dostum ;) But make it responsive, so many people including me will buy it. Everything is responsive now!

It’s responsive now :)

Thanks, I will buy it soon :)

Good design. Cong!

Thank you :)

Wonderful, nice work.

Hello. I think you are the same maker. I have bought the original vcard template and i was wondering if we bought it before, do we have to buy the the new version too? Thanks.

Hi, If you buy it from themeforest, you can download it each time any update releases.

Great idea :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

I really like this. Very clean, you’ve captured the “Metro” look fantastically. I do have one nit pick. The Portfolio tile is not pixel perfect. It has a slight overhang (from what I can tell) of about 1 or 2 pixels, more than the bottom of the Tweets, Blog and Contact tiles. I’ll probably be buying it anyway just wanted to let you know.

How do I make the tiles smaller? Not sure where to start modifying? thanks!

find promo-metro file and edit the promo-block-1×1 2×1 and 2×2 class. if you had any problem contact us to solve that.

What is the best way to edit this theme? Dreamweaver?

There are many programs to do that, We use Netbeans, but if you need a lite program, try topstyle.


Is it possible to make own fields or change the size of them? Or do I have to use the same fields that are in the demo?

Thanks for your support.


You have 3 predefined sizes that can see in demo. but if you want, you can change structure from css and html file to change size and display blocks in a good way.

ISs this a WP template ?

No, this is HTML/CSS version.