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What about IE? Is there anyway to fix the clicks?


Yes, but i need to make it clicable for IE9.

Any light of code would be apreaciate it. ^^

I solved it!

First i repeat the link in the icon and in the title inside the promo block.

Then i added this css class:

a.nav-link:hover {text-decoration:none;cursor:pointer;} a.normal-link:hover {text-decoration:none;cursor:pointer;}

Good! I will add this one to new update :) thanks.

Hi there, the live preview doesn’t work. In fact, your whole website seems to be offline… I would love to see it before I decide whether or not to buy it.

We have a little problem with our server, but you can view the preview from Here now until we fix our problems. Thanks.

How approaching the footer menu with the site, bringing it more up?

Edit line 386 of normal.css to something like: footer-holder { bottom: 60px; opacity: 0; position: absolute; }

Your contact form does not work. I have tried sending myself a test email and I don’t receive one?

Maybe your host blocked mail() function, if you tried it on live preview, you will not receive email. Please be sure to use latest update Version 1.2. If problem not solved yet, let me know.

I also can not send email, my website is hosted on a site that allows the mail () function.

Make sure you have latest version (1.2) and have phpmailer folder.

Theme install failed ! “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” How do i install this ? Cant find any documentation about it !

It seems that you tried to install it in wordpress! it’s not a wordpress theme! we made the wordpress version but envato does not accepted that. anyway, this product is a HTML/CSS Theme.

Thanks, i’ve noticed that. Now it works just great. Thanks!

Maybe u can change tweets on the Index page with facebook stream :)

Maybe in next updates :)

& will you update it ? Will buy it than.

The volume of works is too high and I think in next week we can update this. anyway, you can buy it and after release the update download it without pay any extra fee!

Great creative & unique vCard theme. :) Well Done. Keep it up !

Thank you :)

Hey, I’d like to add the social Network “Xing” to the Social site. How can I create the Xing-icon? ==>

By the way, what’s the current status regarding the WP Template launch?

Hi, Thanks for purchase, for icons, we uses fontello that contains xing, If you know a little css, you can generate a new font that contains xing, but for previous icons that we used you need a config.json file that will send to your email (contact us via our contact form in themeforest profile), Also we will add this icon to next update. About WP template: we made that but unfortunately envato did not accepted it.

Great theme. Very cool it’s hard to find a good metro style theme.

My question is how do I customize where the social links go?

Thank you

Thanks for purchase, In document (included in purchased package) we wrote how do that, Navigation section: “If you want a normal link (normal tag), set the class as normal-link (same markup with nav-link, but data-opening-page-id does not need.)” If have any problem feel free to ask.

I appreciate the awesome reply!

how to show more than two posts on twitter? is how to do this?

Our code just support two recent tweets now, but in next update we will add this option.



Great template :-)

There are some extra icons I would like to use. How do I add them please?

I have not used fontello before so any help is much appreciated.



Hi, Thanks. I made a FAQ secion for this, take a look at HERE

Hi, Ive actually manage to add the icon but its showing in full colour instead of just white. Can you advise please? Here is a link:

Did you download the new generated font and css files and replace them?

Ahh thats probably where I went wrong. I added the individual pieces of code to the existing files. Ill replace all the files :-)

Thanks for your help.


Sorry I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but they’re showing in colour. What have I missed?

I will check it today.

Thank you but I’ve fixed that part. I’ve sent you a private message, just need further instructions on how to create new pages.

want to buy this, can tell me does it comes with admin panel ?

Unfortunately it has not admin panel.

Hello! how do I set the initial zoom level of the map? I tried to change the file gmap3.min.js but not getting success

thank you

Hi, Open js/script.js and find “zoom:6” (line 313) and change it.

very thanks , it’s worked!

hi , how do i change the txt after press class= normal-link//

tank you , great template

Hi, it seems you does not bought the template from themeforest, because it does not show a “Purchased” label! and we can’t support you in this situation! sorry!

On the contact form? Where does the “This Field Requid” text comes from? And what about “Thank you”

I need to translate those

Fot “Thank You” open js/script.js and find “Thank You” (line 393)

for “This Field Required”, open the js/jquery.validate.js and edit the 266 line.

Do you offer customizing?

Yes we do! :)

How much is it? How is it possible to discuss it?

Emailing/Contact form dosent work. Im not getting any emails