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Is this a wordpress theme?

No, this is a HTML/CSS template and you can not install is this on wordpress!

There are some extra icons I would like to use. How do I add them?

For the icons, we used Fontello. So for adding new icons, you need old icons too! To do this:
  • Go to
  • Download Config.Json.
  • Import downloaded json file into fontello (beside red download button click on setting button and import it)
  • Select what you want from icons.
  • Edit names (optional)
  • Click on red download button in top of website to get files.
  • Replace downloaded files (css and fonts folder) with our files in this path:
    [fontello] css—> [metro] css/fontello
    [fontello] font—> [metro] css/font
  • Use new icons in everywhere you want!

My contact form does not work!

Maybe your host blocked mail() function, if you tried it on live preview, you will not receive email. Please be sure to use latest version of our product, If problem not solved yet, let us know.