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Excellent theme. One question though, I’ve added subtitles to my pages but they don’t show up on the main navigation bar. How do I make them show up?



The main navigation bar subtext is inserted in the manu manager description field and not in the page subtitle field.

I posted on the forum please check. I am awaiting a reply.



I just responded to the forum post as well.

- Cheers

keitai Purchased


I just purchased your theme and while testing playing with it i came across a view issues

1 with the follow plugins active (contact form 7, contact form to DB Extension, qTranslate, wordpress seo) live previewing your theme gives a blank page.

2a the child theme (bbpress) isn’t working correctly the



Would you mind posting in our forum here http://support.radiumthemes.com/ I think its the best place to discuss all this. If you could post any php errors, (turn on WP_DEBUG) that would be great. It’s very difficult (almost impossible) to test themes with all the plugins out there but I’ll try to test some of these.


Hi guys,

The theme is great, congratulations.

I need to upgrade the engine, can I ask you if at this time Metrocorp is 100% compliant with WP 3.5?

Thanks a lot,

best regards and Merry Xmas.


Thanks for the compliments purplefilm77,

The engine is 3,5 compatible so you can safely upgrade.

Merry Christmas too :)

Hi Frank I have been tryng to embed video using the JW PLayer plug in. After a lot of toing and froing with them we realise it is the theme that is stopping it working. Can you recommend a .flv player that will work with metrocorp and embed a .flv from our own server? NB I don’t mean just having a clickable link but an embedded video player.

It was a big reason we bought the theme, ie that we thought it could do this…..

Or could we try and get JW Player working with Metrocorp?


Tommy Banana


Hi Tommy,

I replied to your email as well. Hopefully we will be able to resolve this :)


thankyou Franklin now resolved. Still issue with switching off slider autoplay though…

I can’t activate my slider, where’s the contact page? home builder? I’m having issues on pages. Could you please send me an xml file like the one you did in the demo? Please I really like your theme but I don’t get exactly what is in the demo.

vc2plus Purchased


1. How do I enable Author option within posts? 2. How can I make the post archives show excepts instead of the full post?

Also posted on your forum – thanks :)

Hi again, I installed the theme, imported the .xml file, there’s no error and it says “Have fun!”. But the metroslider is not working. Kindly send me the update XML file at support@jingajuice.net. This theme is really great I love that metroslider and set it up as a homepage but its not working nor formatted. Please help.

This is what I saw after installing the theme and demo .xml file http://jingajuice.net/ariva/

Hi Franklin, the only way I can seem to deal with slider autoplay still running when playing a video embedded on the slider (ie slider moves to different slide with video still playing on now hidden slide) is to turn off slider autoplay. I have done this in the control panel for the slider and it hasn’t made any difference. Please help.

Best Tommy B.

Hi guys.

I send you a message in the forum a week ago, probably something went wrong and you didn’t notice it.

I’ve installed WPML (CMS complete package) and I’ve customized all settings and translations.

Now I’ve to add WPML php code (<?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?> ) in order to have the languages selector in place of the search box in the header (which, unfortunately, is not a widget, so I have to rewrite something in the template engine).

How can I do this change?

Thanks a lot, best regards.


Hey there, I have been away this past week, sorry about that. You can put that code in header.php line 99 thereabout. You can delete the search form code if you wish.


How can I change the height of the slider carousel-content? THX

irwadi Purchased

poor theme, poor guide on slider, poor support.


HI, am sorry you feel that way. What issues are you having?

vc2plus Purchased

Hi Franklin, i messaged you on the forum and here but you have not responded. Can you please really help.

Your metrocorp theme doesn’t support captions. See http://wpguru.co.uk/2012/06/how-to-fix-broken-image-captions-in-wordpress-3-4/

Your theme doesn’t support the caption format that is in the new wordpress. Please urgently assist. I have emailed you this issue too.


Hi there! So for each page, I’ve uploaded my own background image above the breadcrumbs. I’m using the same image for every page.

However, the blog page doesn’t seem to accept the image I upload. I’ll update the page, and the image remains the default blue that comes with the theme.

This is also the same with the FAQ page. It won’t take the image I use for the background… but it’s the same image I use throughout the website. How do I fix this?

We resolved the FAQ page.. but the blog image background is difficult to resolve. Looking forward to your insight.

tincito Purchased

Hi, i bought this theme, then i’ve tried to register to the support forum, but i don’t receive the mail with my password account. I’ve checked in my spam folder but nothing.

abdmelo Purchased

Hello FranklinM2,

Buy (as well as the user tincito) the thema MetroCorp, but we are not able to register on the site (support.radiumthemes.com /register/). Even after placing the order (multiple times | different emails) have not received the email with the password to access the site and download the demo MetroCorp XML file.

This file (xml metrocorp demo) is available for download somewhere?

Can you please help us solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for return

Anaxi Melo abdmelo@gmail.com


Great theme! I do have a question related to the portfolio page. Would it be possible to define how many items to show there? And use a pagination function or Infinite Scroll? I’m asking as I do want to show quite a lot of portfolio items there.

Thanks. Tobias

Franklin seems to have dissappeared, where previously he offered great support. I had the same problem with registering for the support site – he had to send me the password as the registration email just never arrived. But he has been very thin on the ground here since the New Year. There are loads of questions now unanswered on the support forum.