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The developer of Metrodir not working for you, Metrodir is died or other Developeur will continue development? Thanks


hello no Andrey has stopped working with us end of last year we have recently agreed on a partnwrahip for him to provide support and charging premium for faster support we’re waiting for your feedback by the end of this week as he’s been hospitalized so if things don’t progress we will need to replace Andrey with someone else. cheers uou


I wonder if I can install the multi vendor plug for woocommerce in on Metrodir. The point is that every company can sell their products on their profile and not all the products together in a single shop page.

What are your thoughts on this?


Hi Jony, hope you’re doing well, yes metrodir & glocal are compatible with multivendor woo commerce plugin and we have even created a front-end user page extension for that http://codecanyon.net/item/vendors-manager-for-woo-product-vendors/9794585?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.z_author=uouapps

hope this helps cheers UOU


Thanks so much for the quick answer. It does help in deed! Do you think you can post a working demo?

Hi I cant seem to access your support forum or get any help, so please answer.

My listing titles are being cut off when to long? ie. Tangier Road Butchers becomes just Tangier Road?

I need a way round this, why doesn’t it just go onto two lines?

Thanks in advanced


Hello Lewis the VAT MOSS rule applies when selling digital goods. when you subscribe via a membership to a site you are providing a service not selling a digital good. so please double check this from your end and confirm to us that what we’re saying is in concordance with the new VAT rules

as for issues logging into sokolby please explain better what is the problem a d your username we will reset it from the backend

cheers uou


Hi UOU We were going to offer downloads with he membership would this not be included in that?

Every username and password i try i can never log in i have tried re-setting and had the re-set email but for some reason after creating new password i have not managed to log in then either?


Hi Lewis, a membership is independant from the downloads in the sense that if you want to sell digital goods then you usually do it with woocommerce or EDD (easy digital downloads) so if you opt for any of these 2 plugins (which in our case we’re using woocommerce for the products & services you need to purchase an addon or configure the tax rate of the woocommerce based on every countries tax rate)

but the membership is independant from the digital good download feell free to read this: https://support.woothemes.com/hc/en-us/articles/202649009-2015-EU-VAT-changes-

Cheers UOU

I’m a bit confused… Does the template offer ecommerce or not ?

Because I see this post : http://codecanyon.net/item/vendors-manager-for-woo-product-vendors/9794585


Hello, yes you can use it for the products & services tab in the company profile it’s compatible with woocommerce product vendor plugin and the reference above is an extension to the multivendor facility that allows having a front-end user page for the products

you can check it out in the video tutorials: https://sokolby.com

cheers UOU

Hi How can I add recapcha and additional fields to registration form

Thanks in advanced

SokoLBY Author Team

Hello, sorry for the delay.
It’s not compatible with recapcha, but we get a lot of suggestions to add support recapcha, we’ll add it soon.
you can visit www.sokolby.com for help \\



Thank you very much for the reply. What about compatibility with “Ubermenu” menu plugin?

Thanks again


Hello, we haven’t tested it with ubermenu plugin the thing is it’s always a bit sensitive when it comes to third party plugins because if we tell you that it’s compatible then there’s an update happening on the uber menu plugin then it could have a collateral effect you understand so we prefer to be precautious


Great theme!

I was told that it is compatible with events manager, does that means that all events submitted by the users will be visible on one calendar? For example, if each company posts an event, will all events be visible on a calendar? Versus just visible in each company's profile.



Hi Cali can you please follow up at sokolby.com/questions so that others can participate in this discussion as themeforest comment system only allows the communication between user and author and everytime you write i have to inform Andrey to come and reply so it would be faster and more efficient to interact directly at sokolby.com thanks Cheers UOU


Sure, thanks=)


Hello again=)

I have no heard back from the other support. I know you guys are really busy, but I would really appreciate a response.

Thanks again!

Does this theme allows: 1 – business owners to submit listings? 2 – public reviews the business? 3 – public do any reservation/bookings on business like cafe/restaurants? Reservations can be done with reservation plugin from CodeCanyon but can it be integrated with this theme?

SokoLBY Author Team

1 – business owners can submit company to listing. 2 – yes, it’s allows activate Rating System for guest. 3 – Sorry, no, Metrodir not allow reservation/bookings system. Metrodir compatible with some 3rd party plugin, but we can not guarantee proper work. \\

Before Purchasing Question:

1. What is the Difference Between Regular and Extended Licenses. I am bit confused.

2.How can i make pricing plans for certain period and how can i Allow customers to be notified of expired listing through email for renewal


Hello Sayachocoo,

regarding question 1: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/directory-listings-themes-require-an-extended-licenses-/160785

about question 2 please report your question to sokolby.com/questions so that Andrey can inform you better about the availability of notifications for the expiration plans as i’m not aware of there are any

thanks and sorry for the delay UOU

I cant view on the map category icons. Please advise what could be wrong with the web site (www.kariakooshops.com) and how resolve the problem.


hello can you please report your issue to sokolby.com/questions so that Andrey can reply to you directly i’m about to leave and will be back on Monday Cheers UOU

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Hi Where do I change the link text “subscibe” in the register form. I am using WMPL but subscribe cant be translated?


How do I hide the the admin panel with listings. I would like to create own templates with gravity forms.


Hallo Juli, hope all is well, can you please report your questions to Andrey directly at sokolby.com/questions because I’m about to leave for the w.e and he might be able to respond directly on the portal

Amrzxc Purchased


i cant get demo work right

can you please give you ftp and panel

to install it



SAlam, thanks for your purchase did you follow the instructions as explained in the video tutorial here: https://sokolby.com ?

please refer to https://sokolby.com/questions so that Andrey can help you

Cheers Raj


I tried to go to your other customer support, but it says that the page is not found.



On my pc it is working;)

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As I can make the metro box of the biggest categories, to put more text, and are in two columns. Thank You


hello hope you had a nice week end . Andrey should be back tomorrow (monday) can you please submit your query at sokolby.com/questions thanks uou

I am having trouble editing the text in the “subscribe” section. Can you point me in the right direction to edit the information in the registration block on the home page?

I’d like to remove the 2nd column, as we will only have 1 user type in which people can use to register so the “2nd step” is not needed.


Hi again, can you pleasereport your issues to Andrey here:https://www.sokolby.com/

Also, I’m having trouble locating how to edit a few other areas which seem to be hard coded. For instance:

1. In the search bar it says “select category” and I’d like to change that prompt to “select company category” where can I edit that?

2. On the company pages, there is a heading that reads “Contact Details” and I’d like it to read “Company Details” where can I edit that?

Thank you. Your forum does not seem to be working any long, and I’m not able to access.


Hello, can you please report your issues here: https://www.sokolby.com/

thanks UOU

Hi, I’d like to buy theme but I will wait till the next update as I have read it will include new feature of treating locations as categories as I would like to add ‘location’ on the menu so that user can select the differnt locations and see displayed the listings on each. Is the feature be able on the next update? when will it be the next update? thanks


Hi can you please follow up directly with Andrey at sokolby.com thanks UOU

sidhvj Purchased

I am trying to change the CSS to change the look. Even after editing the CSS it get back to pre defined CSS. New CSS get over write. Check the demo site here gswebtech. com/Metriodir/

Any suggestion.


Hello, sorry for the delay, can you please report your question to sokolby.com thanks UOU


I do understand that the theme is compatible with events calendar and events manager, but no one seems to be able to tell me if it is possible to add a calendar with all the events in the theme? I know it is possible to o this with both plugins, but I was wondering if the theme allows this particular feature. I did not see it in the demo and I noticed several people ask before, but there is not a “yes” answer. Please just answer this question, instead of telling me to wait for a response with the other support.

Thanks a million!


Hello Cali can I please ask you to follow up with Andrey on sokolby.com please because I am not able to provide you with technical details about this issue only Andrey can thanks UOU

Hello friend, why the links demo site did not open? I am very interested in buying, but no demonstration link opens.


Ola, td bem, i just checked the demo link is working if you need to see the wp version demo link just go to metrodir.uouapps.com Obg & ate mais UOU