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Cool looking theme! Good luck guys

Thanks mate

VERY interested in this theme, however, if I was to purchase this, how would I go about including a Video section in the Portfolio??

Thanks in advance for answering my question.

hi Braden and thanks for interesting in my work :)

All you have to do is to duplicate the “portfolio.html” and then replace the images with videos.

adding videos instead of images is very simple.

Check this screenshot to see how video looks in portfolio page :

Um, okay. You make it sound easy….but I’m on here looking at Templates because I Don’t know how to do the coding….to include the code to place videos in the portfolio area instead of images. I’m a designer (Graphics – Still and Motion)...Not a coder. :-(

Thank you for your fast response though!

Maybe you could drop a few words of advice for how to do this thing you make sound simple? :-)

Ok, let me explain it to you.

After you download the template you have a file named “portfolio.html”.

you must open that file with any text-editor like notepad etc and find the image which you want to replace it with video.

This is how image code looks :
<img alt="" src="" />

You have to replace that image code with this one (for video)

<iframe width="324" height="180" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is it. if you don’t know how to do this i can do it for you ;)

nice theme,good luck…

Hi just missing a Photo Gallery, Portfolio ok but you must close single pic and thene go to the next pic, Gallery with pretyphoto would do the trick.Also some more pages with left or right sidebars.sorry for my bad English.

Any Chance for a Joomla 3 version? – GLWS, simple and yet nice!


I Like the template. It is a nice theme.

In my tablet, when i view the template (>1024 resolution my tablet, 10”), I see very good it horizontal at first time. Now, i rotate vertical (run perfect), and I rotate horizontal again. The menu has an error. Contact is down.



Nice template! Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

hi , is the template contains html + js files?

Yes of course :)

Nice job, i have bought it but i have some troubles with the installation. The template requires a “style.css” in the root of the website and a “index.php” file in the root too. That’s not really the problem because I have fixed it but it doesn’t find the css files in the css folder. Could you do a tutorial on how to use this theme ?

I’m sorry for my english, i’m french :)

Hi Gaetan and thanks for purchasing. U cant install it cuz this is not a wordpress theme.

Hey, thank you ! I figured it after my comment. Still a great theme !

Thank u very much :)

Nice one.
May be this 85 e-Commerce Icons will be interesting for your buyers.
Good luck with sales.

Very nice template. Just bought it, and left you a review. Thanks.

Hello and thank you so much for purchasing our work. Thanks for the 5-stars and for the kind words too. i’m really happy that you like my work this much.

Thanks a bunch!