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I work for a university and I am interested in purchasing this theme for our departmental website. Having inherited our previous website, and having no prior experience changing from one theme to the next, I just have a couple questions.

First, there is a huge amount of content in many pages on our site with important information on various programs. Would all of our existing pages be carried over to the new theme?

Second, a certain amount of our content is only made available to faculty members. Is the option to password protect certain pages still available in this theme?

Lastly, are images easily assigned to certain tiles? And would it be possible to add a widget as one of the tiles?

My apologies for such novice questions. Just making sure that this design will serve our needs without creating too much trouble in getting it set up.

Thanks so much for your time, Allen


Can I see the previous website?

If it is already on WordPress then yes the pages and all the content can be re-used with few changes in settings for getting the look and feel correct.

Yes, content can be password protected using default WordPress ‘Visibility’ option. This theme supports it.

It is easy to add images to tiles.

Setting widget as a tile is not supported out-of-box.