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i just purchased this theme and wondering how to get slider to appear properly. notsure where to add this

Hi js7492,

Our support policy is via the support forum only, not via email, telephone or ThemeForest comments as this isn’t the right place to be discussing technical issues, and also the fact that our support forum enables us to provide a better support experience and builds on a knowledge base for other users to access.

I’d like to make you aware that your $45.00 purchase was for a single license to use Metrolium, support is actually provided as a gesture of good will by authors and free of charge. It is not a requirement of Envato marketplaces for us to support our products.

I’d ask that you extend us the same courtesy and respect as we show you and work with us so that we can help to resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Refusing to work inline with our policies and being demanding/rude isn’t going to help resolve matters. With that said, we do reserve the right to refuse support.

first off that wasnt being rude, second i did message on the support ticket area and havent heard any response

Replied to your response.

Hi, quick question, is the Theme compatible with the latest update to WordPress 4.0?

Thank you!

Hi dianatrujillo,

Whilst we haven’t yet tested it with 4.0, I don’t expect there will be any issues. As is always the recommendation, do make a backup of files and database before upgrading, particularly to a major version, so that you can roll back should something not be right, but give it a try, If you do find any issues, let me know and we’ll give them resolved for you quickly.

There is a security issue with Shobiz Pro and Revolution Slider

Metrolium has both.

Will there be an update regarding this?


Apologies for the delay in reply guys. Unfortunately for reasons we can’t divulge, our priorities have had to be changed right now and Metrolium v2 has been pushed back. I don’t want to make any promises at this stage as to when it will be ready because we have no date and therefore it would be an empty promise.

Please continue to use the current version for the time being, we will get back to v2 as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay.

Hi Eski, any update for 2.0 I know the last was 5 months ago? I have a website on this on an older version of wordpress (3.6) and with all the security updates (4.2.2 + other plugin updates required) this theme might be a dud with vulnerabilities it currently has on the market. Any advise?

Hi persiusx,

We currently have no ETA for v2.0, however we will soon push an update with updated bundled plugins. Metrolium is not a dud, but if you do have any concerns, comments or questions around security etc, please email us at Thanks.

Also wondering the same thing. I got an email from Envato with a link to download the theme, but it’s the same version as the last update, i.e. v1.2.

Hi gordonblackler,

My apologies for the delay in reply, I have been off sick.

Also wondering what? I assume you mean about an update? If so, there’s an update pending which will be available for download via ThemeForest shortly.

Hi, I just downloaded the theme to make sure I have the Revolution Slider bug fix. I replaced the theme and child theme via ftp and then deleted the revslider plugin, but when I log back in there is no option to download/install it. Instead I get the following error:

The plugin revslider/revslider.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.

Did I do something wrong? Thanks.


Have you looked in wp-content/plugins to see if the revolution slider plugin is actually there? If it’s not, the error is reporting correctly, that it does not exist. You can reinstall plugins via WP admin by going to Appearance > Install Plugins.

If you need further assistance, please create a support request over on our support forum and we’ll help you out.

Hi, I had deleted the plugin manually from the Plugins folder. I didn’t see the Install plugins link in the Appearance tab. It’s done now. Thanks for the help and quick response.


I’ve bought this theme few weeks ago. I’ve got problems to customize the colors of my page. I tried to change permissions, as installation guide explains, but It had non results.

When I’m changing the colors on customize page I can see the changes in the right side but, when I push Save, nothing happens and then my page comes again with the default colors… What can I do?

Please help me I need to customize as soon as possible.

Hi myzerostudio,

My apologies for the delay in reply, I’m not sure how I missed your message but I did. Have you resolved your issue now? If not, please post on our support forum.

It certainly sounds like a permissions issue, and we get this a lot, one of our most frequently asked questions. The reason being is that if the changes don’t persist, it’s likely the CSS file with the style overrides couldn’t be written.

Hi, I am using Metrolium and I have an inquiry regarding the backend. In the Catalogue list view I do not get any filter by category, which is a bit annoying since I have a great number of items. Is it normal or did I set something wrong? If it’s the default theme behaviour, could you recommend any hook that could be used to put it up?

Hi salomone,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “Catalogue”, Metrolium doesn’t have a catalogue? If you could please re-post your issue with as much detail as possible on our support forum, including a screenshot or link to the page in question might help to provide greater context.

Hi, I actually meant Portfolio and the list view of all projects in the backend. I would like to be able to filter by categories in that screen… I’ll re-post the issue on support forum as you suggested.


Hi salomone,

Have you added any categories in WP admin and assigned projects to categories? If not, you won’t get a filter.

If you require further help/instruction, please post your question on our support forum and we’ll then provide screenshots to provide more context.

i have a quick question, I would like to have a clean look and want to get rid of the boarders around the site. I looked for the CSS for this and cant find it anywhere, can you please help.

Right now they are all grey with a box shadow look.

Thanks Caroline

this is for the narrow (not wide) option for site

Hi caroline1,

Apologies for the delay in reply. For future reference, support requests should be posted on our support forum, where you’ll receive a far faster response.

To answer your question, add the following CSS to your child theme’s stylesheet or in the custom CSS box in theme options which you’ll find at `Appearance > Theme Options` in WP admin.

#site.narrow {
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;
    -moz-box-shadow: none;
    box-shadow: none;


Is it possible to get 1.1.1 version of the theme?


D @ G


Version 1.1.1 was released in July 2013 which we don’t have archived. We are now archiving older versions but this will only be of benefit going forward I’m afraid.


Will this theme benefit the upgrade to a newer version of Visual Composer ?



Metrolium has never supported Visual Composer and we have no plans to add it at this stage.


It’s been three weeks and I still haven’t heard back from anyone about being able to login to the support forum for help. Can you please respond?



Could you please email us at, thanks!

Hi guys i’m trying to acess the forum for support but it says my password is wrong, i click in “forget my password” but the email comes very late and when i click and fill the form it says the code to reset expired or something like this. I really need to get in the support to try to find some solutions. Thank you

Hi millenabs,

Apologies for the delay in reply, it seems we somehow missed the notification of your comment.

Could you please email us at with the email you’re trying to use and we’ll be happy to help you get things resolved.

Hello, I would like to know how I can put in bigger size the logo of the web as it is very small.

Thank You

It’s a shame theme for wordpress. I feel cheated, the documentation is worthless. I’ve been trying to set hours and no way. No one knows that better change because each color is not specified in any way, you change colors to things and do not know what you’re changing. The section of the blog is worthless is painful, also can not add a slide of images as it always comes out the option of “default” unable to select a previously created slide. It is not known as the homepage by making it a shit theme is set.

I feel cheated, I can do nothing and now I have spend my money on buying another template because this is the worst I’ve ever seen in wordpress and have many years working with this CMS.

My recommendation to everyone is do not buy it. I bought it thinking I could do many things and after take many hours trying to do something interesting with the squad I could not do anything decent.

I feel ripped off and want my money back.

Es una vergüenza de tema para wordpress. Me siento estafado, la documentacion no vale para nada. Llevo horas intentando configurarlo y no hay manera. No hay quien sepa para que vale el cambio de cada color porque no viene especificado de ningun modo, cambias colores a cosas y no sabes lo que estas cambiando. La seccion del blog no vale para nada es penosa, ademas no se puede añadir un slide de imagenes ya que siempre sale la opcion de “default” sin poder seleccionar un slide previamente creado. No se sabe como se configura la pagina principal por lo que es una puta mierda de tema.

Me siento estafado, no puedo hacer nada y ahora tengo gastarme el dinero en comprar otra plantilla porque esta es la peor que he visto nunca en wordpress y llevo muchos años trabajando con este cms.

Mi recomendacion a todo el mundo es que no la compres. Yo la compre pensando que podria hacer muchas cosas y despues de llevar muchas horas intentando hacer algo interesante con la plantilla no he podido hacer nada decente.

Me siento estafado y quiero que me devuelvan el dinero.

Hi rubensc79,

I’m not entirely sure why you’ve had problems. You can change pretty much anything in the WP customizer (WP Admin > Appearance > Customize) with a real time preview on the right hand side which will show you changes as you make them and without page reload.

Also, our documentation is thorough and available online for anyone who might like to preview it before purchasing ( As well as thorough documentation, we also provide support via our support forum, which you have chosen not to post your questions so leaving us no opportunity to help you.

Hey, When viewing the theme on a mobile device (responsive mode) the menu items do not work if you have sub menus. Such as I have a about page that has 4 sub pages. The sub pages work perfectly however when clicking the about page link it does not. Any ideas?

Link is here:

Cheers, Giles

Hi Giles,

We have an issue about this on our support forums, I’d suggest you to take a look there and post any other questions/issues you may have there also as we don’t provide support via item comments.

Hi, I have tried accessing your support forums however when i try to get in after adding my purchase code i get this message. “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” Giles

Hi, just wondering if the theme supports paging for portfolio view? Thanks.


MockyJnr Purchased

hi, I upgraded to the latest version and the mobile site does not work, it shows all the shortcode CSS in the front view, can you take a look, i sent a message through support, Thanks


wadja Purchased

Hi…the social icons on the pre footer do not show. I added the social icons widget to the pre footer and placed my social media URLs but the icons do not display…all it shows is an empty square box.

wadja Purchased

Any chance to get some help…

the social icons on the pre footer do not show. I added the social icons widget to the pre footer and placed my social media URLs but the icons do not display…all it shows is an empty square box.

Hi I have a client who has come to me, they are using your template and have the same problem mentioned above by ‘MockyJnr’.

All the shortcodes have stopped working on mobile devices and are being displayed on screen in the front end. This happened recently in the last month or so.

Is there a fix for this, it is quite urgent I fix this for my client. I did not set up this website for them so I don’t have access to support etc.

many thanks Lee


MockyJnr Purchased

Hi, I posted a question on the dedicated support forum 6 days ago and have not heard anything, my client is very concerned her mobile site does not function and the shortcodes are showing on the front end. Can you help??