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Simple. Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Thanks ! :)


Just downloaded the template. I am not sure how to use this to modify my content. Is there an editor or exe file to open this. Please advise any tools so that I can modify my content accordingly.

Thanks Prasad

Thank you ! I have replied to your message. Enjoy adding your content ! :)

My AntiVirussoftware stopped your Preview webseite because of an trojan horse.

Interesting….Doesn’t happen to me….I’m using avast and it updates daily. I am hosting the site on a free hosting service. Maybe that’s the reason. Did anyone else bump into this with the prieview?

The live preview is on premium hosting now. So no more antivirus alerts…

Blocked the site here as well…

It must be because of the hosting. It’s a free hosting service and I am probably sharing the server with dubious folks.

But it’s ok, I haven’t piked up any web transmitted diseases so far :)

The live preview is on premium hosting now. So no more antivirus alerts…

Awesome! Seems pretty easy to modify. Thank you!

I’m happy you like it. Thanks for the feedback !

is this one also for Concrete 5 ?

No…this is the simple html+css+js version.

so, to change the content on the website you have the change the code ?

But the big one is for concrete5 right?

Correct. To change the content of this version you need to know some HTML.

Everything about this is awesome! And the support is great! I highly recommend this!

Thank you ! Your positive feedback is more than welcome.

Finally a template which is easy-to-use, and perfect for my portfolio. Looks great, professional and very friendly at the same time. My request for help was answered within an hour. And the best: all this for only $8,-!

I really enjoy receiving such a positive feedback… Thank you !

Congratulations for this work!! I’m very interested in the template , but before I buy I’d like to know if I can add more pages . thanks :)


Thank you ! Good to hear that :) . It is a one page template but you can add more “pages” (tabs actually). Send me a message through the contact form on my profile ( http://themeforest.net/user/tudor_sv ) and let’s talk more before you buy.

I’ve set this theme up as my personal homepage and I’m very happy with it. I did run into a couple of small issues with the implementation but the author was incredibly helpful in getting them resolved – much better customer support than I expected!

Thank you ! I’m happy we managed to get everything to work as desired in the end. Enjoy your site ! :)

Clean, nice and smooth! Congrats!

Thank you CodrinFechete :)

Everything I was looking for and after four days of trying to get it uploaded myself (due to lack of web development knowledge on my part), I emailed him to ask if he could lead me in the right direction. Even though he didn’t need to, he mentioned File Zilla and my site is now live. Best purchase I’ve made and I look forward to future templates. 5 stars.

Thank you ! It makes me truly happy to receive such feedback :) and if buyers could be rated, you would have my 5 stars also.

Hello I try to download you zip folder but you are missing files from zip folder there is only one file index.php

Hello. I’ve downloaded and extracted the archive and it works perfectly. My archive has 3 folders in it: 1)Documentation 2)MM-Generator 3)My-MetroMe And there is no index.php file. Just index.html in My-MetroMe folder. You are probably confusing this with another themeforest item you bought. If you haven’t confused items, send me a screenshot of the error.

is this template also for blogger?

No. This is a simple HTML5/CSS3/jQuery one-page template designed to be used as a vCard.

OMG. Do you plan a wordpress version?

Thanks ! Don’t think so… :) But there is the Concrete5 version, if you want a CMS version…

Sad, a demand would be there :)

I’ll think about it, when I have time. Cheers :)

very nice good luck;

Thanks !