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Hi. I purchased your template but I keep getting this error when I try to resize IE8 browser:

Line: 13 Error: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object

jquery.isotope.min.js,line 13 character 10176.

Any ideas?

Hi kouts1, unfortunately I cannot help you with this error since I’m not the author of the Isotope plugin. However, you can ask David DeSandro, the author, about it here: http://metafizzy.co/index.html

I downloaded Isotope v2 beta from the site and that fixed the errors!

I’ll update Isotope to v2 as well once it’s out of the beta. Thank you for the heads up! :)

Hi! I can only say “whooooa!”

Thank you!

Really happy to know you like it, bebbolus! :)


How add many photos on the same mlightboximage (like a image gallery)?


Hi c3conseils,

Unfortunately the mlightbox allows only one image per link. However, you can implement and external plugin (free) to have Gallery LightBox functionality.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ok, do you have exemples of these free plugins?

and the right black column will always be here?

Some of the Lightboxes I’ve worked with are: http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/ and http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/ .

Unfortunately you’ll lose the Right Column from mLightBox.

Awesome theme. Im at the fence on buying the theme but I dont use PHP. Will the effects and the theme work just fine even if i dont use the PHP parts of the theme? For example if I dont deploy it to an apache server but just a normal web server which doesnt support PHP.

Hi kingwestwind!

The only PHP the theme contains is the contact form script. The theme itself doesn’t contain any PHP, only HTML5.

Thank you in advance for buying. Enjoy your new website!

Welcome coz I just bought your theme yesterday, its so worth the price and very well documented! I was so happy to find that you added a bonus vertical option for FREE.

Just a few comments to help you improve the product.
  • The filtering of the photos on the Portfolio doesnt work when using class=’vertical’
  • Sometimes when you manually resize the window over and over from small to big to emulate different device sizes, sometimes the background gets stuck on its real size/resolution and stops adjusting itself to the page size. Its only the background picture though and only happens from every now and then but is not a deal breaker for me.
  • I’m confused because the description on themeforest says you used bootstrap 2.3.x but on the code its 3.0.3 The only thing that made me think twice to buy this was because on the description it says 2.3 bootstrap and I prefer 3.0.x I bet youll get more sales if the description is updated.
  • This is my first purchase ever in themeforest. If ever you have a fix or update to this theme will I be eligible to download the updated version?

Overall amazing theme hope you come up with more amazing and beautiful well made themes like this.

Hi kingwestwind,

Thank you very much for your feedback! Wish there were more people like you here.

  • The filtering is actually working. I’ve noticed now that it send you to the top of the page due to the href=”#” of the filter links. Replace the ”#” with “javascript:void(0);” and it will work fine.

  • I know about that issue, however it’s a browser “cover” background problem, which could be removed only if I’d use javascript. I’ll think about an alternative.

  • Sorry about the misleading Bootstrap 2.3 information. I have indeed forgotten to update the description. Thank you very much for letting me know!

  • You will receive a notification whenever an update is made and you’re entitled to download all the future versions.

Once again, thank you very much for your feedback. I’ll update the theme soon.

hi the template is greate and i want to buy it for my site :) :P but will it adapt with PHPmelody-the script of the website? :)


Hi haidar30,

By default, PHPmelody is not implemented. However, with a little coding you can output PHPmelody videos inside the template without problems.

Your stuff is awesome! thanks for the great work, looking forward to your new projects, will be purchasing Mint soon! Cheers

Thank you very much MrRugaru. There will be more to come in the near future, including a new metro theme.


How can i make it left to right the scrolling part

Hello, can you be a little more explicit? What do you mean?

I mean i want to make it rtl the whole scrolling and the sections

I’ve been looking for ways to make the template completely RTL. However, only the scrolling can be RTL, but not the elements, at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Great work;)

Thank you! :)

Maybe I haven’t come across it yet in the documentation but what file or where can I customize the initial load screen that has your Metromega logo while the content loads?

Also, excellent work. My first purchase on theme forest as well.

Hi cbaxterdesign,

Really glad to hear you decided to make Metromega your first themeforest purchase! Make sure to follow me since more great themes will follow.

You can edit the index.html file and change the preloader logo size.

Look for the following div and edit its contents:
<section class="mlightbox" id="lockscreen">

Also, you can change the loader background by just replacing the lockscreen.jpg image from the img folder.

how can i make data-option-value defalut hide all item ?

Hi kahnmao,

You just use a value that isn’t associated with any item class. For example .show-none or something random.

Best regards, Alex

i fixed it , another question : my contactform nerver show messagesuccess and messageload ,when i try mail the fotm only show black screen, but i can get message mail

my contactform nerver show messagesuccess and messageload ,when i try to mail myself , the div only show black screen, but i can get message mail

Hi kahnmao, This might be an AJAX problem. Are you getting any console output?

If you’ll look inside the script.js file, you’ll see the AJAX Contact Form sending at the end and you can tweak the settings there.

For example you could remove the status check and always show the message. (remove the if statement)

http://www.din-yue.com.tw/demo2/ you can try this contantme T_T

idont know how to fix it …

i use IE11 & Google Chrome

fixed change to

class=hide textcent to style=display:none class=textcenter

Really sorry for the long answering delay. I had an exam to study for. I’m glad you managed to solve the problem. Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with!


Nice Work.


Thank you very much godfather, I’m happy to know you like it!

hi there I’m hoping to make the

    list inside the lightbox have a scrollbar. I’m coming across the problem that when viewed on smaller displays, the end of the list drops out of view and aren’t accessible.

    I’ve tried using the “pre-scrollable” class but this limits the height to 350 which is too small for larger displays. So perhaps is it setting somekind of overflow?

    Anyway if you can talk it through that’d be great, I’m sure others will find it useful to know.

    Thanks & great theme btw :)

Hi Fortesounds,

One way to achieve a scrollable view would be by modifying the responsive (mobile) part of the mlightbox class. You could set both the content and the details part to have relative position, which would cause the view to scroll on overflow.

I hope this helps. Thank you for your kind words!

An absolutely amazing theme – and real first class support, can’t express how happy I am.

Thank you very much! I’m happy to help.

Hi. I purchased your template and WOW, I am very satisfied with your work! Keep up the great work and hope there is more to come?

Just amazing..

Regards SAP

One question that I have is how do I get the blogpost details area to stay in a fixed position? when I scroll down I would like that section to stay exactly were it is without moving alongside the content area. Any suggestions?

Hi IsildurBoom,

Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m happy to hear you like Metromega.

You could go about it the following way:
  1. First, make a section and set it to a fixed position using CSS:
       position: fixed; 
       top: 50%; 
       translate-y: -50%; 
       left: 0;
       background: black;
  2. We need to set the background of the section in order to make it remain on top of the other sections at all times during scrolling
  3. We set a larger margin to our first child element in order to be sure it shows.
    .section:first-child {
      margin-left: 800px;

I hope I managed to point you in the right direction. Doing this should work, although I have not tested it.

Best of luck with your project!

Nice work. Super clean and easy to use. I’m trying to have the side bar open up a little further out, as I’d like to add in some search options; can’t seem to locate it within the css but know it’s probably in their. Is this an easy change?

Hi bmilovich,

Thank you! I’m happy to hear you enjoy using Metromega.

You can find the sidebar CSS in the style.css file at line 1408. Make sure to change both the width and right properties to change the width of the sidebar and how much it stands out.

Also, make sure to change the negative right position inside the script.js JS file as well, at line 233.