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Hi back again for a small question. How can I get a link button at icon boxes module.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mrkapoor,

sorry for the late response. I am afraid it’s not possible, but you can always place a link in the description text. You could also place HTML code there, so it can be achieved, even not the most easiest way.


how can I make a Menu item link (in Menu settings) different for each language? Now, it’s one link for all languages…

Thank you

Hello tomaskukucka,

I am afraid this is not possible for metropoliten theme. Multilingual custom menus are only available in Ultimatum Theme.

hi can you give ETA for metropoliten opencart v2 version?

No, it is not yet ready.

ok can you tell me when it’s gonna be ready? I will start a new e commerce website and I am waiting your theme. If delay will be continue next 5 days I will pick another theme for OC 2.0. what are you recommend ? should I wait 5 more days or It should take more than 5 day and I pick another? If you can give to me ETA I will be glad

It would take more than 5 days. You should probably pick another theme if OC 2 features are important for your project.


how can I place a picture into Pop up info module? When I do place it there it does not show up on the front end….


Hello Tomas,

most probably your image file name (or the folder name where it is stored on the server) contains spaces. Anyways, I can’t be sure before I see the problem “live”.


I’m not sure if this is a question for here or the Opencart forums.

I updated Opencart and everything seemed to go fine, the only problem I have is when I go to my website I now get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function load() on a non-object in /home/lindseyj/public_html/athenasbox.co.uk/catalog/view/theme/METROPOLITEN/template/common/footer.tpl on line 2

I’ve searched and can’t seem to find any answers, any ideas?


Hello lindseya7,

it looks like you have upgraded your store to OpenCart 2+, which is still not supported for this theme. Your only option would be to revert your installation to a previous backup.

Thankyou. Will it be available in the future? I was told to update due someone hacking into my website.

Hello Lindsea,

yes, it would be updated soon. Anyways, if a hacker wants to put your site down, OC 2.0 isn’t any better than OC

There are other ways to protect your website.

I have a problem with create new sub-categories. I can create categories but canĀ“t put a sub-categories inside more than 2 times….anyone can help me?

Hello jufalcucci,

it looks like you never purchased this theme.


How do i change the add to cart hover color?

Is it from the Buttons hover color: From Common Colors? If yes it doesnt look to work…. instead it changes all my color settings from Product Settings to default.

I hope its somewhere else…

Thanks in advance!

Hello Evangelia,

the hover background color of add to cart button is set in stylesheet.css for every skind and uses the default accent color for that skin. It can only be changed manually in the css or by adding a rule in Theme Options>Custom CSS field.

Nice work! : )

Thanks, Sotions. :)


rezarss Purchased

hi i need demo with sql backup. could you please mail me the demo backup?

Hello rezarss,

Demo SQL files and instructions are available in our support forum.


xsolar Purchased

Hello, I have a small problem with iLIGHTBOX for products. I use various modules that do not work with iLIGHTBOX. How can I turn off iLIGHTBOX and use the default OpenCart popup? Thank you for your advice. Xsolar

Unfortunately that wouldn’t be possible. I am currently not available for custom work and also I don’t know how is this extension built. It could take days just to study it’s code so I would know which function get’s what and do what.

Best option for you would be to ask him for a paid customization if he don’t want to adapt it for free (which would be the normal thing) OR alternatively you can find someone to adapt it for for you on Envato Studio.


xsolar Purchased

OK thank you. Can you advise me how to change the language in the administration menu …. easyblog settings to a different language?

The blog system have its own language files located in admin/language/english/blog. You would nees to copy those files to your additional language folder and translate them to your language

Hi Do you have a frontend demo in the blue version please so I can see how it looks before buying?

Hello thecasec,

I am afraid no, but the difference is just that all red elements in the main demo are light blue.

1- at the responsive mode , we are not able to see menu in the mobile 2-the paralex background isnot working ..???

It looks like you never purchased this theme. At least not with this account. Also support is only given in our dedicated support forum. If you did purchased the theme – sign-up there and open a topic.

my partner (rezarss )purchased last week . i ask him to post comment .


rezarss Purchased

theAlThemist AUTHOR Kakolak90 is my partner. please visit www.sylviajangjoo.com on your mobile and pc .. thank you 1. header menu not works in responsive mode. 2. paralex bg not working.

Hello rezarss,

please kindly sign-up for our support forum and place your request there so our developers could help you faster. This are is only used for general questions and pre-sale questions.