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Hello theAlThemist, Having a slight issue with my layer slider. On the first slider I have a video which is meant to start automatically but its rather temperamental. It takes multiple refreshes to get the video to play by itself. if you have earlier emails from , i have reactivated your admin to the back in case you want to have a look. Thanks Dan


ok thanks :)


sorry to bother you again, having an issue with the SEO URL option. The URLs come out like this so clicked the SEO URL option now they look better but dont seem to work, . I spoke to HostGator and the guy said it seems to be a developer coding issue. Thanks Dan


There is no “developer coding issue”. :)

Apart from enabling SEO URLs option in System>Settings>Server tab, you would also need to enable the htaccess file of the store. This is not even theme related. It’s a general Opencart usage question.

please can i remove or shift the MY ACCOUNT and CONTACT US link the top top left to the right hand side?


Both links can be disabled in Theme Options Module>Header area>Menu settings.

Moving to the right side is not possible because the cart is there. Also it could create problems on mobile devices.


thanks done

The “Click To Start” in the full welcome screen, can the word be change to something else may be “Click to Continue” or “Enter Site” ?


Yes. the text string is located in catalog\language\english\METROPOLITEN_custom\METROPOLITEN.php line 47

i see the theme has instagram module but no twitter or facebook module, any means to add this?


Hello emmydirect,

no such plans for now. Both facebook and twitter could be easily added as an embed code in some of the custom HTML areas OR the Custom Content Module.

Hi, on the Deals of the day can i edit the “Days” “Hours” “Minutes” “Seconds” with my language? Im working on a friend site and i cant find this anywhere. I can provide item purchase code if you want…but on private message. Thank you.


Hello onlinepixel,

you would need to login and re-send your questions with the account used to purchase the theme.

TWO question please;

1. ULTIMATUM POP UP INFO MODULE: please can the pop be delay for some seconds or minute before it pop up? i dont like the way it pop up immediately pageload.

2. METROPOLITEN FLEX SLIDESHOW MODULE: even after setting the height dimension to 204, the slide on homepage still display height higher than 360 px


Hello emmydirect,

1. I am afraid it can’t be delayed. You can only control the fading speed.

2. I would need to see the problem “live”.


see it here i dont want the height that much, i need it not more than 200 px


This is not my theme on the given URL

Hi, please have a look at this screenshot:

It does not look good if the link to the manufacturer is visible above the button. How make this link invisible?


Just disable the logo in product page. it’s an option in Theme Options Module>Product settings

Any news about updating Opencart 2?


It would take some time. The theme have more than 1200 custom options and more than 30 custom modules which must be rewritten from scratch for OC 2.0+

aevtimov Purchased

Hi, i set up the theme but when i click the link the products give me Fatal error :( Please help, me


Hi Alexander,

it looks like you didn’t finished ALL STEPS in Activating and settings chapter of the theme documentation. Especially the Extra Product Tabs installation process.

Hello I need sample data. Could you send me?


Send me an e-mail using the contact form in my profile page and I would give you an SQL file from the demo.


You are perfect. Thanks.

Megazon Purchased

Russian localization is not?


I am afraid no.


where can i edit labels in php files?

- New arrivals - Season Sale - New

Also in products tabs:

- Our special selection



Hello biramilho3d,

where are those labels? – New arrivals – Season Sale – New???

As for – Our special selection – it’s located in catalog/language/english/module/Metropoliten_prods.php

jacky_pi Purchased

hey theAlThemist. i have just paid for the regular licences. may i ask for all the demo data? those data can help me build up quickly. my email address is


Hello jacky_pi,

send me an e-mail using the contact form in my profile page and I would give you the database file. Keep in mind images would not be included as they are all licensed images and only used for demonstration


i am using a polytonic system, so having capital letters in menus and everywhere else is not suitable.

I tried adding in Custom Css (at theme options) this: { text-transform: none; }

but didnt help.

What do i have to add at customm css to get rid of capital letters everywhere on the site?

Best Regards!


I dont want to edit stylesheet_red.css in case i do something wrong there, plus when theme is updated it wont work…


.... so i changed the stylesheet.css and I am ok for moment because i see you are out for 7 days more, but this will not work in future theme updates.

After Xmas holidays please give me info on how to change the Custom Css (at theme options)

Wish you happy New Year!!!

Currently the product description is written in a light grey colour. How can I change the font colour into black?

@theAlThemist, I like your theme and would like to purchase it but I prefer it for Opencart 2.0.x.

Will you be adding support for Opencart 2.0.x anytime soon? I believe many of us will be waiting for you to release an update.

Please reply and confirm.

Regards, Divyesh