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what plugin it is used for multi language support?

To globalize the theme you edit .po .mo files in the theme folder. Its built into the theme.

I have to say that I really like the design. It really stands out from the majority. Good luck with sales!

Can’t get the icons to the Menu-Items :-(


The icons are packed with the theme. tutorials on www.seekerlabs.com

Ok, i found the problem out! Thank you very mich!

moab1 Purchased


moab1 Purchased

hello i just bought the theme today from http://themeforest.net

and after installation

see the live preview http://www.metro-interface.com

please help

hello, how are you, I installed the theme metro.press, but I get the data as in the demo examples, I should do?


Please visit the documentation on http://seekerlabs.com/


I must say I am higly disappointed about the non-existent speciffic documentation to this theme, except a very few walk-throughs on the so-called website this developer has. I emailed the developer three times already for support and I only got an evasive answer from their mobile phone, saying “send me a screenshot so I can help trooubleshooting.” Which I did, however there was no answer. There is no walk-through on how to make the search-menu item to work as in the demo, and also uploading Warp 6 over the theme folder appears to break the theme, meaning (most likely) that it comes with an older version of the framework. There are other glitches with this theme such as the one caused by creating an image logo in a text widget and posting it into the logo widget position. This sends the menu line below the logo box. I am very sorry about buying this theme, which I liked a lot from the demo, I did not expect such bad support. I understand that it’s only 30 dollars, however I work hard for the buck, like everybody else.

I must admit that the developer has shown best intentions and offered to help, which he did. Even about the new framework-caused issues. Eventually I will be able to relaunch my blog soon enough. Thank you.

Do you also supply a demo content?
Is this (nice) template WP 3.5 ready?
BTW: it looks like the developers site does not exists anymore!


Hi, yes it is 3.5 ready, im having some issues with the domain and hosting, should be sorted out soon.

Incoredk Purchased

Hi (Darko)

You told me to write you in here to verify my purchase, so that I could get the update to WidgetKit.

- Mathias

where is the slider ??