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Welcome on board :) .
It looks great.
Well, a perfect framework. I work with Gantry, but the publication of WARP as open source, leads me to think.
Sincere wishes for the success in sales.




Yep, its preety good, but not perfect ;)

Super wordpress theme!

It looks different and great! I will be back :)

Thanks all. Yes its preety different. :D

So you buy the framework for €249, re-skin it and sell it? Just curious…

Seems almost too good to be true 8-) The framework looks awesome.

Very nice looking site. Good luck with sales

@WPExplorer – It may indeed be too good to be true. One major downside to me (which should only get bigger as time goes on) is that it has a potentially big weakness in common with themes based on the RT’s Gantry framework, they’re both only capable of creating fixed sites for non-mobile computing devices.

Even with what is offered by the framework, it’s not worth the asking price is mobile devices aren’t supported responsively out of the box. The free frameworks like roots and skeleton seem like a better deal from my perspective. Warp v7 is rumored to be coming next year and hopefully that will support responsive design among other missing technologies.

Creating a “responsive design” is either not possible out of the box with this framework. There are still plenty of folks that don’t care about such things, don’t know about them, etc. These kind of themes are fine for that ever shrinking market as long as they know what they’re buying into. Soon enough it’ll be a small niche market, right? LOL .


Nothing is impossible! :) please test the prototype version, details on the main page.

The fact that this has no purchases is a travesty. I will be purchasing it immediately to fix that issue – the design is absolutely INCREDIBLE . The best job I have ever seen in recent memory. WOW .

I see…the reason I ask though is because I checked out their site and their terms state:

Can I resell your themes?
It is not allowed to resell our themes. Please take a look at our Terms of Use.

You might want to double check with them. If you haven’t already.

Not trolling…just don’t want you getting into trouble later on. 8-)


The Warp Master theme is the only theme that is GPL and free to modify and resell, as stated here http://www.yootheme.com/blog/2012/02/13/master-theme

@WPExplorer – I specially asked YOOtheme if I really could use a WARP framework for the themes sold on TF. The answer is YES . I have it in writing :).
You can also attach to them Widgetkit (free version). Unfortunately not provide any form of licensing the full version of Widgetkit.


@dynamicpress – oh sweet ;)

At this point right now I am going to say, don’t waste your money on this theme. I installed it on a fresh install of Wordpress, and this is what it looks like. Also, it says that it is “Well Documented”; well I guess this must be what he considers well documented. I will update this later if my email is responded to in any sort of fashion that makes this theme worthwhile. If not, I’d suggest not buying it.



Extensive documentation on Warp is available here http://www.yootheme.com/themes/documentation

I will also be providing a step-by-step quickstarts to get your content going as it is on the preview theme, along with other goodies like a pack of 100+ white icons for the Main Menu.

More info will soon be available at http://www.seekerlabs.com


Documentation on Warp is not what I am after, and I certainly don’t think you should call your theme “Well Documented” simply because there is extensive documentation on Warp. What I was looking for was documentation on the theme itself. Had there been documentation to assist me in setting up the theme, I would have consulted it, done it myself, and not left the review I did. I understand you will be providing this, but I personally don’t think that you should call this theme “Well Documented” until that is actually provided. Many people buy themes because they don’t know a lot about designing them themselves, and the documentation is their guide on how to get it setup. As well, not having the icons was a big deal (at least for me), but I am glad to say that you were able to provide them.

I should also add that this theme does not include any PSD files, nor does it include any of the icons shown in the preview. I have purchased a few other themes from this site, and never have I had the problems I am having with this one.


It does not state anywhere that i will be providing a PSD file.

ThemeForest Files Included: JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files

very impressive, gonna grab this soon ;)

I’d like to update my initial review, as I said that I would do. As said before, I have purchased other themes, and they looked decent “out of the box,” we relatively easy to setup, and we’re actually well documented. My main problem with this theme was that it looked terrible after an install, and had absolutely no documentation, though it said “Well Documented.” However, Se3ker was patient and assisted me with setting the theme up. With his help I am getting the theme to look similar to what I had seen in the preview. I thought the theme was broken, and wanted to inform people before they made a purchase. The theme is not broken, but it’s not easy if to use if you’re relatively new to Wordpress. With documentation (which (s)he is working on), this would be a five star theme.

I really want to purchase this theme, however I have three questions: 1) Is there anyway to make the “Blog” the homepage? My website is a blog only. ( http://teencastic.com ) 2) Can you PLEASE include the .PSD for the logo? Otherwise modifying it from scratch will be a pain?

Please answer as soon as possible. Thanks.


Hello, the blog is essentially the homepage if you dont include extra widgets. The logo is text based, there is a quickstart on the support site on how to set it up. What is the third question?

cuarge Purchased

hi, ? buy this template and setup but ? dont see pagination homepage and category page please help :(


Hello, please email me at se3ker@live.com

hopfi2k Purchased

The theme is great, but the support Se3ker provides is absolutely outstanding! Speedy, very kind and professional. Highly recommended!

I’m having issues understanding how to handle placement of icons in the menu bar, have you completed a walkthrough for this yet?


Yes, the walkthrough is located here http://seekerlabs.com/walkthrough-menu/


Thanks, that helps, almost there, but for some reason WP won’t save my image value, the field remains blank after I select “Save Menu”, currently on v3.4?

The menu has now been fixed to support v3.4.