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I have updated the theme and under Theme options- Icons customization I have removed all the icon items from every one of them. Despite this I have these blue star icons all over my web-page. Cant seem to get rid of them. Any advice? Also the color on the items in the widgetised menus, not the hover but the active one has gone light blue, (original theme options), and I have chosen a red color for both choices. How can I get rid of the icons and also change the menu color from blue to red? You will find an example of this under:

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

This is the site Im working on

Ruth =)


obviously you confused an item page. It’s not MetroStyle theme installed on your website.


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Hi guys, we’re loving your template! It’s and amazing product and we created couple cool wordpress websites with it. Would it be possible to add this one somewhere into the showcase? In case you have one on your website. Thanks! Let me know.


thank you for sharing it with us!


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after last wordpress 4.4 update the page ist suddenly “Homepage – Pagetitle”. How do I get rid of the “Homepage”?

thanks conte


do you mean you see ‘Homepage – Pagetitle’ in the <title> tag of the home page (also browser tab name)? If you mean this – the theme doesn’t control it, page title tag is generated by WordPress core. If you want to change it you should change the name of the page and option “Settings – General – Site Title” or install some plugin, which will allow you to control page titles more flexibly.


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Hi, Is the theme ready for WP 4.4 update ? Thank you in advance for your reply.


yes, the latest version (1.5.1) is compatible with WP4.4, so, you can update.

Amazing theme! One of the very few I have used that don’t require a lot of customising. This one works straight out the box.

Just no author page? Pity.

Thank you for feedback!


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Although you say it it compatible with WP4.4 it doesn’t seem to work with their new responsive images. I’ve had to install to make it work temporarily. Tested with no plugins enabled to confirm it was not a plugin related issue.


could you please write us via contact form ( ) and provide a link to the page with issue (you will need to deactivate ‘disable responsive images’ for a while). I’ll try to figure out the problem.


I use the bbPress plugin for forums.

Metro theme does not seem to be responsive in displaying forums.

Any idea on theme extension or subtheme?

Best regards Bernard

Hi Bernard,

the theme does not contain custom styling for bbPress forums (and it’s not marked as compatible with this plugin), so, the default styling of bbPress is applied. At the moment unfortunately we cannot provide any custom styling for bbPress forums.

Hello, can you please help me? Why many images are displayed Double in Media folder? Thanks for info!


could it be that you ran demo content import twice?

demo is not installed

Please, write us via contact form ( ) and provide temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

Hi, is this version is ok with WP 4.5 ? Thank you in advance for your reply.


yes, it works fine with WP4.5, we didn’t notice any issues so far.

Thank you for your quick answer !