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I find this theme to be slightly different. Great header aspect with the different kind of slider. Very creative. Any hopes of making a magazine layout with a similar sort of header? Would definitely purchase in no time.


Hi TerrenceTEdwards,

Thanks for your great comments! About magazine layout—we are definitely will make our magazine-style theme someday. And.. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to add such slider solution to that theme. So please follow us and thanks again for your suggestions and comments!

Great work. Think I will buy it soon. Befora some questions :D


Virplay, thanks for you kind words! Of course, ask your questions.

Hello, really nice theme! Original layout! I noticed that you include the .xml file.

Key thing before I would buy your theme …

I’m not a tech person and I have tried and tried and tried to find a creative theme that I like and can load up the first time to look exactly like the demo—nothing to do but just download the .xml file and then the demo theme – exactly the way it looks here – is up on my site.

That way I can see how things were set up and learn to make my own changes to content and images so much more easily. I just bought a theme here where the promise was made to me that “Yes, you can load up the .xml file and have the EXACT demo look that you see – images and all …” But, to my dismay, there were lots of complicated things to do and coding to add … and I was just frustrated because I can’t figure it out.

Anyway, so, is this possible with your theme – i.e., to just load up the .xml file and then the exact demo would be on my site? (I’ve only found one designer here that I can do this with – but he doesn’t make creative designs that I need for this new website.)

I’m sure that most people who download themes here are much more adept than I am at building a site but it would be great to have this site—and be able to get the demo look.



Hi dan242,

this theme pack contains xml file (pages dump) and theme options dump. After importing XML file, Theme options and making few settings, that described in theme documentation you will get nearly the same as in demo (but not exactly). It means that you will get all pages with content and shortcodes as in demo. But sidebars and footers will be empty, so you will have to fill it with widgets as you desire. Also, when you will import demo content you can check option “Download images and attachments” – it will make wordpress download all images from preview site, but sometimes it doesn’t work and you can get theme without demo images, just content. I don’t know is it enought to you or it still will be big deal for you, the decision is up to you. I’ve tried to describe as complete as I can what you will get after importing demo.


Thanks for your detailed explanation. I just sent a note to the Themeforest support (I guess that’s Envato) to ask them about this dilemma. I mean, what a bummer it is to come here and see a demo that looks awesome and then when you get it and load it up (NOT YOUR THEME – I HAVEN ’T BOUGHT YOURS YET ) and it’s not like the demo and then you have to be a tech person to get it to work right. Or, I have to go out and pay someone to help.

Oh well, == but thanks for your note. At least you’re giving me details on what to expect. I just wonder if you have to be a tech person to make the templates on this site look like the demos.

I’ll take what you said and see if it’s possible for me to do.

What is I buy the template and can’t get it to look as good as the demo - is there a money back guarantee? For instance, your main portfolio area is really nice and original looking – but if I can’t get it to look like that -- it wouldn’t be worth it to me to have the template.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

tomdekok Purchased


If the theme doesn’t work then you can get a refund from Envato, no problem. But you also need to understand that if you hardly know anything about Wordpress, you’ll have to learn to use it right, not ask for refunds because you simply haven’t learned what you need. This is not difficult, really, but you’ll need to learn, like anything else.

For example, why not start with free theme installations and get used to the different things that can happen, so you start to understand how to solve them?

This really is like driving a car. I can give you a car to drive in, but if you have never driven a car, you’ll have to figure most out yourself. If you doubt that much if you can handle it, perhaps you should first play around some more with free themes and then purchase this one. Just a suggestion.

Thanks, Tom

Nice theme. One question: Can the homepage slider be dynamic and move? Or is it static? On the demo is static… would be cool if it could move – would give the theme a bit more life… otherwise a great and original theme.


Hi enenzo, thanks for your kind words and idea. Right now it is static. We’ll think about autoplay option.

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Great to use: all going well after only a few hours of playing on my test site.

Quick question 1: The order of Gallery images in a Portfolio post don’t appear in the order I upload them. Any ideas why not? Tried changing the order but nothing happens. Looks random.


Quick question 2: How do you place the Random Posts at the bottom of each Portfolio item? Like on your post here:


Thanks; this theme is fantastic!!!!

Just playing with layouts but I love it so far. For a visual artist the presentation of the photos is awesome!


Thanks Ed


Hi, thank you for feedback!

1) Just checked this – it works for me – I’m changing the order, clicking “save all changes” and the changes applies to the page. Please, contact us via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ), provide your site URL , temporary username/password and we will help you.

2) There is an option: Appearance – Theme Options – Portfolio options – Checkbox “Show random portfolio items on single portfolio page”.

Thank you for positive feedback, we are really appreciate it!

hello there just purchased this themes, missing support forum. what is support forum wrl?


Hello, thank you for purchase!

Currently we have no own support forum, all the questions are handled via comments here or via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ).

dedus Purchased

HI ! i have a problem with IE , the logos doesn´t apperas. In mozilla or Chrome are ok, it´s possible to fix this problem with IE?

Thanks ! and sorry for my english :)



Hi Nelson!

Thank you for notice, we’ve fixed it and it will be added with the next update.

Just not to wait update, open file css/ie8.css and add and the end of the file lines
.logos .item,
.logos .item img
    margin:20px 0;

mopc76, great looking theme something I have been looking for few weeks now. My main concern is – tablets and mobile devices. I mainly tested on the acer 10” tablet and it works great.

Just before purchasing, I have few pre-sale questions:

1] Your Portfolio page displaying 3 columns does not have pagination, and I read comments that it is not possible, probably because of the script. That is fair. So in order to avoid over-flowing page with a large number of items to display – is it possible with your theme to create many portfolios, let say one for photos only and other for vidoes only and than tag them accordingly within?

2] Will WordPress built in gallery work with your theme along with your portfolios?

3] Social Media sharing icons for each post/page – for twitter, facebook, pinrest, linkedin etc. Do you think you will have this feature added for next update? I don’t need it right now, but I do need it eventually. Very important feature for the site I will be laying out for the customer, so if I don’t have this feature, unfortunately I will have to pass on your theme. Or may be there are other widgets that I can install.

4] Portfolios – can they be displayed by date, latest on top.

5] Random Items feature – can this be added under posts or pages.

6] Social Icons on the bottom of the page – can they be displayed on the sidebar or above the menu, if possible. I just need more visibility.

7] For logos – can they be hyper-linked to external sites.

8] For recent posts on the sidebar, any thoughts creating one with featured image? Just a friendly suggestion if possible.

9] And lastly, I don’t think it is possible here, but I wanted to ask. Can I create second page layout that looks like home page. For example I want one for photography, and second one for vidoes. No worries if not possible, but I though I ask.

I guess these are my main pre-sale questions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Anna :)


Hi Anna,

1) You can use categories for portfolio and give a links in menu straight on the portfolio category, like http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/portfolio-type/consulting/ . On such a page only portfolios assigned to the category will be displayed.

2) Yes, portfolio item uses standard built in gallery for post. Separate Gallery section in the left WP-admin menu used to create “independent” from pages/posts galleries which can be inserted via shortcodes.

3) there are special custom code blocks available for posts/pages/portfolios before and after content. Using these blocks you can add any scripts (social networks like/share buttons and etc.) you want. See the screen here http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/features-theme-options/ section “Extra Code Blocks”.

4) Yes, it can. there is an options http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/features-theme-options/ , section “Portfolio Options”

5) No, there is no such an option.

6) There is no option for it, but if you need it can be moved manually directly in theme files. We can help with it.

7) Yes.

8) There is an option to show featured image. See the demo: http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/widgets-posts/

9) No, such a layout avalable only for homepage.

I hope my answers will help you to make a decision :)

Finally! Good luck! Awesome work!


Kailoon, finally yep :) It was really interesting project for us. Thank you, we are really appreciate.

Simply amazing. Good work :)


Thanks man! :)

is it possible to have 1 or 2 products instead of the 3-product in the portfolio page?

GRRREAT theme btw.


Hi ulrikuhrebrink, this is not possible. You can display 3 images in one row or up to 9, using masonry layout. Thanks for your interest!

carlopao Purchased

Hi Mopc76, great work! But I have a problem right now: I test the template local on my nb, and it’s ok, but the theme styles don’t work online… I can do any change in the “styling” in the “theme options” but nothing happen… I also try to deactivate and cancel the theme then I upload again but it’s the same… I’m a new user of wordpress and at first purchase on themeforest and probably I’m doing some mistakes, but your documentation is so clear (and it works on local)!! Can you help me? thanks in advance

This is very cool! Good luck with sales :)


louiejie, thanks buddy! :)

carlopao Purchased

Hi again Mopc76 Finally solved… I cancelled the theme another time and I used the FTP Upload instead the wordpress upload and Firefox instead Chrome…

Now it works….



Carlopao, you’ve solved this! Great! Thanks for purchasing!

eveniat Purchased

Hello, I have one problem with images in the responsive layout:

If you place an image anywhere in a post, it’s no problem. It gets resized to max 100% width on smaller screens.

But if the picture is inserted into a table, it will stay in its original size on every screen. How can I solve this?


Hi, thank you for purchase!

This is not theme problem, it’s specific behaviour of tables and images with max-width:100% inside it. To make images resize inside table set style property “table-layout:fixed” and “width:100%” for table:
<table style="table-layout:fixed;width:100%">
<td><img src="..." /></td>
<td><img src="..." /></td>
<td><img src="..." /></td>

This should help.

Another way is to use columns shortcodes instead of tables.

eveniat Purchased

Thank you for your help on sunday!!! This works. Great theme!

Unique theme. Stands out really nicely and deserves the hot sales you are getting. Need some people to give you those 5 stars!


Hi thejapanobserver, thank you for your support and kind words — it means a lot for us!


1. just checked your demo. Could you please fix the breadcrumbs?

On all pages you will see: ‘You are here: Home/’ which seems not right.

Also the colour of the link of the ‘Home’ link seems to be wrong.

It is:

.breadcrumbs a {color: inherit;}

I think it should get the colour we choose on the page called ‘Skins’.

2. Could you please add a font resizing function so that the users can change the font size in the frontend which we could activate optionally in the backend of the theme? >>> little A / bigger A / biggest A

Right next to the breadcrumb would be a nice position I guess.

Thanks. ;)


Hi keyhanjun,

1. You see ‘Home/’ on most our pages because they are the root pages and there is no parent for them. If the tree structure more deep – it will be ok. Currently, for example page http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/dalian-library/ reflects the parent page.

As for the color – there is no mistake here, breadcrumbs are not hightlighted with color because it’s not primary information.

2. At this point we have no plans to add this feature but we will think about it with next update.

Thank you for suggestions, we really appreciate it!


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. :)

Will buy it for sure when the resizing feature is implemented!

ecoprest Purchased

Hello, I just bought this theme but the download in the dashboard is impossible. An error message tells me that the lack style.css Can you tell me what’s wrong? Thank you for your reply. Pascal Gouchault


Hi Pascal,

after downloading theme package from themeforest you have to unzip it first on your computer and upload into wordpress as a theme file metro.zip inside the package. Also inside the package you will find the documentation.