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Can you add a sitemap and archive page?

Like this
or this

i love the theme more an more.



thank you for purchase and feedback. We will think about it with next updates!

Thanks a lot for the codes!

Works great!


PixelPascal, thank you for positive feedback!

Is there anyway we can make the homepage more blog-like? Something like The Verge? (http://theverge.com)

Also, is there any-way we can make specific blog posts full-width? An example again of something like this shown here: http://www.theverge.com/apple/2011/10/12/2484524/iphone-4s-review .


Hi, thank you for your questions! 1) we have in our plan to do magazine-style homepage as an option of the MetroStyle 2) this option is in our ToDo list. Please follow us to see new updates.


I imported the demo but I can only see a “sample page” in the pages.




have you done all the steps after import, that described in the Documentation? If yes, and something wrong, please, contact us via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ) and provide us you website url and temporary username and password.

does the theme allow you to add social media buttons to blog posts, or do I have to add that code manually?

Also, can the slider on the homepage be set to rotate automatically or does it have to be manually moved? Thanks!



there is no built in social buttons right after posts, but you can use special custom code block after posts to insert the social media codes easily. See the theme options sreen http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/features-theme-options/ section “Extra Code Blocks”.

At this point there is no auto-rotate option for homepage slider in this theme.

+ How to make like this

Why Use Templates – Easy To Work With – Customer Support

I want the same exactly. What is the code? title – logo and read more after a small description.

Hi, you can import demo content and look how it was made or follow this: you need to add 3 blocks under section “Homepage” in WP-admin menu. Each block should have “Box size” attribute set to “3x”. The html code inside these blocks looks like:
<h2><img class="alignright" src="..." alt="" />Why Use Templates</h2>
Templates are for people who don’t want ...

[button href="" size="small" textcolor="#ffffff"]Read more[/button]

how is it possible to remove the prettyphoto plugin, or remove the twitter and facebook share inside the frame?



to deactivate pretyPhoto plugin open file js/custom.js, line 41, comment it out
to remove social icons from plugin – same file, line 539, change line
and line 545

Ok, i try it. Thank you.

Okay, am I the only one who can’t actually get to the preview?


Hi bmacstudio, please try direct link: www.olevmedia.com/themes/metro


It’s the only site I can’t get to….Noticed it yesterday.

Unable to connect Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at www.olevmedia.com.

Unable to access the network Google Chrome is having trouble accessing the network.


Hmm… not good. It looks like IP block issue. I can see only one way to take a look to the MetroStyle: try to open it from different connection point. Alternatively you can watch demo video on the theme’s homepage.

Very nice theme :)

Just wondering if the theme is compatible, or if it has been tested, with the bbpress forum plugin.


Hi CelsiusPT,

not tested yet, but we’ll put this to our ToDo list. Thank you for your kind words! Please follow us to receive updates.

wxa Purchased


I love your theme! I have install it with demo content but the slider is not appearing! I have to do some modifications beside the demo content?

Thank you!


Hi wxa, send a link to your website and temporary login-password via author’s form http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 we’ll help you.

smcd Purchased

Hello - just purchased your theme - I’m really looking forward to working with it! I’ve successfully installed it, but I always seem to have trouble importing the demo content. It seems that I have partially installed content, but not all of it. Can you help? Many thanks!


Hi smcd,

thank you for purchasing! This theme pack contains xml file (pages dump) and theme options dump. After importing XML file, Theme options and making few settings, that described in theme documentation you will get nearly the same as in demo (but not exactly). It means that you will get all pages with content and shortcodes as in demo. But sidebars and footers will be empty, so you will have to fill it with widgets as you desire. Also, when you will import demo content you can check option “Download images and attachments” – it will make wordpress download all images from preview site, but sometimes it doesn’t work and you can get theme without demo images, just content.

If this will not help, please write us via author’s form http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 and provide temporary login and password for your website.

I noticed that if I access the preview or www.olevmedia.com/themes/metro, I am unable to access the sites as malwarebytes seems to block it and giving a “potentially malicious website”. I f I temporary disable MalWareBytes, I can access the preview and through the link.


Thanks, abbasmuraj! I’ve just send them a letter and asked to check and put us in a white list.

wxa Purchased


Please never mind my last post! All is working great! If i would read first the documentation(wich is great!) I’d know what to do.

Thank you again for this great theme! For me 5 stars are not enough!

wxa Purchased

Thank you very much for your help! It works but what i can’t change is www.website.com/”portfolio”/. Can this be changed?

Thank you!


If you mean the root portfolio page – “portfolio” is just a page name (which have the “Portfolio” template chosen). So you need just to change name (slug) of the page.

wxa Purchased

Hi mopc76,

Thank you very much! Sorry it was my fault again! I will pay more attention before posting stupid questions!:)

The theme is working great!

lookat Purchased

Hi mopc76,

thanks for your reply. Just rated your theme 5 stars, very nice work! Hope you are going to keep up the great support and the frequent updates.

I got the following issue:

When I use the “recent posts” shortcode on a page via shortcode generator, following code is generated:

[recent_posts count=”3” thumbnails=”true”]

Although I`m choosing a category which posts to show, the code remains always the same and all posts are shown on page. Can you please advise the right shortcode for showing only posts from one category?

Thank you!

lookat Purchased

Hi, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately does not work for me. Not sure where the problem is. Can I send you my login and you try to sort it out?

! SOLVED ! (I used the wrong page template (blog lite), shortcode did not work because of that, sorry my fault)


Of course, please send login/pass and URL via author’s form.

lookat Purchased

Thanks for your lightspeed response :-)


Love the theme!

I’m having a small issue- I can’t seem to get the portfolio to transition in the same way as your demo…when I click on a category, it reloads the page (see:http://offthepageemarketing.com.au/costumes/portfolio-type/farm-animals/) . Rather than shuffling the portfolio items around (like in your demo here: http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/portfolio-masonry/)

Is there something I should activate or a plugin I need to install to get this to function correctly?

Thanks, Kate


Hi Kate,

the link http://offthepageemarketing.com.au/costumes/portfolio-type/farm-animals/ is the link not to the portfolio page, but to the portfolio category (like in demo http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/portfolio-type/development/ ). On such a pages displays only the items from one category and when you clicks on another page is reloaded. All items displays and sorts without reload only on root portfolio page like here http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/portfolio-masonry/ .

Nevertheless, I don’t see link to “All” items on page http://offthepageemarketing.com.au/costumes/portfolio-type/farm-animals/ and it seems I’ve found small bug. Could you write us via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ) provide us temporary username/password to WP-admin and we will help you!


Hi – I used the contact form to send you the login details to the site yesterday. Have you had any luck? Thanks :) K

Great stuff! Just purchased! How do I get the drop-down menus like in your demo? Is that a plug-in?

Thanks! Eric


Hi Eric,

no, you just need to create multi level menu in wordpress and that’s all. (“Appearance > Menus” and just drag items to place child items under and “right shifted” to the parent item)

Is this theme compatible with woocommerce?

I love this theme and i need it for a ecommerce project



Hi neo64,

thanks for your question and for your interest in MetroStyle! We have not tested it yet, I know some customers of MetroStyle already integrated WooCommerce and it seems they have no problems with it (write us via author’s contact form and I’ll send you a link to the website with WooCommerce).

We have plan to do a special layouts for the WooCommerce but we don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to do this.

jliikala Purchased

This has got to be one of the most exciting themes I’ve seen in ThemeForest this whole year. Congrats and big thanks for making this! I just started building my latest project on top of it and absolutely love it.

One hugely helpful feature I’d like to see implemented in the future: Creating multiple page layouts with the same idea, used now in the Homepage template. For example: I’d love to create a resource page on my site, utilizing the blocks concept.

I’d create a new block page template “Resources”, then I’d create a new page and connect that to my Resources block page layout. Or something like that. I’m sure you get what I’m talking about here. This would be HUGE and it would actually take the theme closer to some WP theme frameworks like Headway, Thesis and others.

Another big one: Could one of those blocks be “a code block”. Meaning, I could write PHP code that fetch some information and then output it through my code block?

I know these are probably big implementations, but oh man.. would they be insanely useful! :-P

Thanks again and the best of luck with the future developments!


Hi jliikala,

thank you very much for such a feedback!

we will definitely think how to implement “blocks” feature as on the Homepage for other pages.

As for the PHP code blocks – also thanks, written down in ToDo list :)

Hi mopc76

Thanks for the breadcrumbs update, spot on! Looks like you’re doing a great job with support so far, have rated the theme 5 stars

Few essential features I think you should consider for the next version:

1. Sitemap functionality & sitemap page template

2. Posts / Category / Tag archives with RSS feed functionality

3. The option for an animated ‘Scroll to top’ link in the footer beside the social icons

4. I’ve noticed the field labels for the contact form disappear in IE9 so people can’t tell which field is which

Also a couple of suggestions which would be rather usefull:

1. An option to set the sidebar scroll delay. Have noticed theres a slight delay before it scrolls up / down. Would be handy to control it

2. When using a fullscreen background image as I am, I’ve noticed the page scrolls slower on mobile platforms. An option which turns off the full screen background for mobile platforms or specific viewport widths would be great

Let me know what you think. Keep up the good work

Cheers Craig


Hi Craig,

thank you for suggestions, we really appreciate it! All what you’ve written is worth to be done and we will do it one by one. We are keep working on upgrades and todo list is rather vast. We are not able to do all very fast :)

Love ur theme. Pre sale questions :D

1. Home page can be a single image (blocks), or two, or three, and can we use blog post and portafolio items?

2. Social iconos can be ato top home page?

3. Can I choose differents colours and fonts

4. There is a builder for homepage?

5. Portfolio. Can we use a single image? Is it possible landscape and portrait images?

6. Porffolio gallery is it possible to open in a new link?

7. Blog. Can we use a single image? Is it possible landscape and portrait images?

8. Blog. is it possible to open in a new link?

9. What different post type are incluided? Quote? Video? Gallery?


Hi, thanks!

1. If you mean can it be the only one block under the slider on the homepage instead of five on preview – yes. It can be any number, and the only one too. Theme has a recent posts shortcode, so they can be displayed there. But there is no portfolio shortcode yet. So, the portfolio no.

2. There is no bult in option for it, only manually in theme files.

3. Sure, see theme options screen http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/features-theme-options/ section “Styling”

4. Yes, number and size of blocks under the slider may vary.

5. Yes, you can use single image. No matter landscape or portrait. The proportion in such a layout doesn’t change http://olevmedia.com/themes/metro/portfolio/getxophoto/ (note: picture in preview is quite small, if it bigger it will be wider till the right edge)

6. Not sure what do you mean exactly. Nevertheless there is no such an option, only via changing theme files code.

7. Yes.

8. There is no such an option, only via changing theme files code.

9. Standard, Audio, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Video