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Hi, Great theme! For some reason I am not able to get short codes to work. I am using this code for a button and it just displays the text. Am I doing something wrong? button href=”#” text=”Book Event”

This is shortcode:

[ninzio_button text=”Button text” size=”small medium large” target=”_self _blank” icon=”icon name” back_color=”” color=”” href=”#”]

Please make sure that you placed the shortcode correctly. </pre>

ecaudy Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply!



jqc180 Purchased


Since one of the theme updates all the widebox styling I use on the home page has broken (www.enolagaye.com). Do you know why this has happen? I have selected ‘Full Width’ on the layout options on the page.

I’m stuck as to what has changed?


For rows, that you need full width to work also go row settings and from there select Full width option (set it to true)


jqc180 Purchased

Thank you for the prompt response. I have tried adding full width on the row settings and that still only displays as boxed. See example page here: http://www.enolagaye.com/3308-2/

I also want to update the WPBakery Visual Composer to the latest version

Hello again,

1. To update VC you need to Remove your VC folder (the VC you have right now in your wp-content >> plugins >> js_composer) and install js_composer.zip file to your plugins (if with ftp, unpack first, after that upload to wp-content >> plugins, if you install with wordpress, just install it as regular plugin)

2. To set full width goto page extended options, set full width checkbox to “true” and set “full width” for exact row, from editing row options.

Regards, ninzio

Alright, I’ve been at this for over an hour, trying to upload a custom font and not getting anywhere with it.. so i’m a little annoyed to say the least. I’ve been through all of the help files in the documentation.. I’ve scrolled through the comments and yet I’m still not getting the desired affect.

I’ve uploaded several fonts (.ttf format) that I want to use on my site, and NONE of them are showing up on the drop down menu.. when I attempt using the custom css section provided, I get nothing as well..

Please, help me with this issue as I’m sure it’s my own inexperience with coding that is to fault.

My site it http://survivalistusallc.com I’m trying to get the main nav links to change to a custom font.. gruntreaper.tff armystamp.tff armalite.tff

Thanks in advance for your time and I hope to receive a response from someone willing to help as fast as possible. Thanks again.

Hello, how to upload custom font you can find in help file in download pack. Then use custom css styling in cases when it will need.

But anyway the easiest way is to choose one font from already existing tons of fonts included into theme.

Regards, ninzio

Thanks for the reply. However I’ve been through the help files and I’ve tried to CSS but I can’t get any of it to work. I’ve been to the comments and copied and pasted some CSS code within the comments here and replace the font name with the font name of the file that I uploaded with the direct URL and still is not give me what I need. The fonts that are included in the theme are not very conducive to the subject matter of my website and would like to upload my own. TTF file

If you did everything correct, as described in help file and still have problem, this can be your server/hosting issue, it may block font file. You need to open access for font files from htaccess file in your hosting. But anyway make sure that you followed instructions from help file.

Here is guidline for htaccess file config:


Regards, ninzio team

Hi, I’m trying to set up he shop and I have a problem with how shop products are shown.

The third column does not work and is blank. Products jump to the next row.

Please take a look. http://demo.actua.es/shop/


That is masonry grid – the system works like that, it is auto-arranged, it is centered, if you want to align to left, just email us, we will send instructions


arksey Purchased

Hello. Is there a way of making the text size of ‘testimonials’ smaller? I want to have lots on one page so the text is far too big. Maybe a little custom CSS? Thanks in advance.

Sure, it is possible, just email us we will send instructions, and also send us your link with the page of testimonials

How can I reimport ninzio slider? Maybe If I start from scratch I can work better. I am unable to add youtube video in slider.

Remove current slides, empty trash of Ninzio slider and after that import xml of slides

Hi there, I have a small white gap at the very bottom of my website. Any advice as to how I can remove it? www.pyrofire.co.uk

Hello, you have code, that makes that gap:

<img alt="css.php" src="http://www.pyrofire.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/cookies-for-comments/css.php?k=33027a4a0056888362a814599abeebc9&o=i&t=660393428" width="1" height="1" />

It seems your cookies plugin. write a css to remove it

img[alt="css.php"] {display:none;}

Hello, I can’t manage to display my menu even though I followed the procedure. The menu exists, but when i choose “Topmenu” for the header, i click “Save Changes” but it doesnt.

Please, email us your link with access info, we will inspect

Hi There, I have question about “Add element” There are many elements in the list and how do i know which i need and for what ?? Can you help me where to get information to help me which element to use in order to have the exact or similar to the sample or temple !

Thank you

Hello, to learn how to use theme please have a look at our videos, you also have documentation in download pack:


Regards, ninzio