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Brumel Purchased

Hi micron Team,

How to put the search button (magnifying glass) next to the social icons instead of next to the header menu ?

exemple :

Thanks for the lights


Only with custom styling and structure change of header.php file


tuka_85 Purchased

Hello, today I saw that I did not appear neither slide nor had last entries in the home.

Please email us access to inspect this issue and please copy the description of your question in email.


dimby Purchased

When I download the latest version it is 3.5 not 3.6. Where can I download the latest?

Update is in review, please try in 24 hours. it will be 3.6

Hey there, Any idea how to have these fixed? a) Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired b) js?key=BROWSERSITEKEY&sensor=true&ver=4.4.2:31 Google Maps API error: Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError Your site URL to be authorized:

Have added the browser API key in the theme settings, but can’t quite figure out where’s the problem.

Thanks in advance!

Have submitted the details yesterday, any updates from your side?

We are working on this, will contact you via email soon. Thanks

Really nice, thanks for the update!

Hi, i wonder where or how can i upload latest version update ?

Excuse me but this is out of support, theme works correctly and no issues has when installing. You can use Our video lessons from youtube, faqs and knowledge base from our site.

We also have full installation service available, in result you will have full copy of demo you would like with images, shop, blog, portfolio, menu and ect. Only change images and it will be ready:

Regards, ninzio

I dont say its your fault, thats why i ask if is possible fix for some charge. If i use full installation, it will remove my content beside images or not ?

If you will choose install service, we will remove all content and install full demo from zero. Result will be copy of demo of theme.

Hello! Does it come with WPML or any multilingual solution or I have to get separetedly? Thanks.

Theme is WPML ready. But WPML is not included , you need to purchase it separately. Theme is fully compatible with WPML multilingual plugin.

Theme is fully translation ready, you can translate theme into any language. This functionality is free.

Regards, ninzio

Ok I get it. I will need to have pages and posts in two languages. So I guess I will need some plugin to manage that. Thanks for the attention.

You are welcome.


Brumel Purchased

Hi Micron Team

where are the change logs of 3.7 version ?


Already done, check the update!


Brumel Purchased

Finally ! Great.

See u Micron Team :-)


You are welcome ))

Hi I was wondering if there have been any updates to Visual Composer for this theme?

I have WPBakery Visual Composer on my site but I think that it is something different.

Yes, sure, Visual Composer is up to date, latest version in theme.

1. Update theme :

2. Update VC:

3. Rate Theme on Themeforest :)

Regards, ninzio

Hi, Is revolution slider compatible with this theme?

Hello, it is not included in the theme, but it should not have any issues with integrating Revolution slider with the theme. Many of our clients used RS with Micton theme

Hi, I have seen that one year ago, it was not possible to set a delay at the [section_slider] shortcode. Has this changed in the meanwhile?

Best regards.

To add delay to section slider you can only by changing theme files. If you need this, email us, we will send you instructions. And email us link of the page where your section shortcode is placed.

Regards, ninzio team

Hi! i’ve add some custom css code to highlight the top main menu (when page active or page ancestor active) but i cannot do it in FAQ because there’s not active class state when /faq/ or faq-category/XXXX pages are open. What can i do? Thanks in advance

Solved adding classes via jquery, but you can see here: No ‘current’ or ‘ancestor’ classes on li #menu-item-12

Good, we will inspect this problem. For future updates we will add solution

Fine, thanks :)

Hi! the top menu switch to mobile too soon: how i can modify (1024px) the breakpoint? Thanks

email us, we will send you instructions. Copy the description of question in email us and send us link of your website.

Regards, ninzio

thanks! (what’s ur email address?)

Hi, I have a problem.

When I create a new page, I put a row and two columns for example puts me only one:


In the part of the two logos, I’ve got 3 columns and me put it like two, and in the bottom of everything in the text, I put two columns and puts me like one.

Thank you


Set for last column in row option “last” to “yes” from visual composer page editing.

Regards, ninzio

Hi a friend of mine received a website using your theme when he purchased a website from a company in Adelaide South Australia. He has since had a falling out with them and I have taken over looking after his website. When I logged in to take a look I noticed it was using a version of Visual Composer that may contain a security flaw leading the site vulnerable to a possible hack. He is currently using Version 2.3. Would you be able to provide the update file for it or possibly the updated version of Visual Composer. Thanks

Hello, you need goto ebnvato profile, from which you have purchased the theme, download latest version of theme, then:

1. update theme – 2. Update Visual Composer –

Regards, ninzio themes


I am having a weird bug on the Micron Theme.

Never saw this before…

When I insert an image and link it to another website, whether I use _self or _blank, the image opens a popup window instead of _self or _blank as specified.

Not custom CCS are used in the theme.

Text links and Ninzio buttons are working of.


Alexandre Donato

Please email us page where this is happening, and also email wp access. Copy the description of issue in email.

Regards, ninzio

Contact you earlier for a bug about a weird popup.


NexGen Gallery was overriding all images openings… with a lightbox…


We a re happy to hear that your issue is solved, have a nice day.

Hey, I am very disappointed to comment here. Really i didn’t found for what i bought this theme.A big cheating by the editor.

Please help me to get my refund, not happy at all with the theme quality, documentations and cross browser.

Kindly try to improve the quality of theme then go for selling. I bought this theme long back before launch of my project but today once i start uploading then found cross browsing issue, code bugs and even documentation are not clear at all. So, I want my money back, i won’t pay for such non-sense

I hope you will refund my money soon, Thanks

Hello, dear customer, let us go through all the points:

1. If you already bought the theme a long time ago (4 months ago), you already knew what is this product, so after using the theme you want refund. It is not entirely true.

2. Micron theme is on market for about 3 years, we have a lot of customers with tons of excellent feedback, so the theme can’t be with “cross browsing issue, code bugs”.

3. You wrote “even documentation are not clear at all” : There are always situations when documentation is not enough, and you need support, that is why we are here, and we checked you wrote to us only once, with 1 comment.

4. We don’t know your issues, we don’t know your problems with theme management, you did not request any help from our support, you have only one comment a couple of months ago and refund requests 7 hours ago with bad feedback on theme.

5. I’m afraid, but your arguments for refund are not very convincing. Anyone can buy a theme, use it and after a couple of months ask for refund for the purchased theme, saying that it does not suit him, and continue to use the theme.

6. Refund may be true, when you bought the theme by an error, or within a few days of using it, you realized that it is not suitable to you at all, but certainly not after several months of using the theme.

As you are our customer, we support you, please share with us your link, your issues, your tasks, we can help you with your project, we can even do small custom tasks, if theme does not cover your project requirements.

Regards, Ninzio Team


diz Purchased

Hi! in source code of every page i have ~ 1000 rows of css code in the header. There’s a way to remove or embed this code in external css (like in the child theme css)?

Hello, it is impossible, it is dynamic styles, generated with php