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Hi Micron Team !

Would it be possible in a future update to change the google font url api in the theme function file ?

i do it by myself but i think it could be good and safe if you include it in next update.

Because i use SSL i had an error on https://www.whynopadlock.com ( no full green padlock because off the google font url, so i found this fix and all ok now :

How to use Google Fonts under both SSL and non-SSL without SSL insecure messages

The fix for this is very simple and will work under all the common browsers. This has been tested on IE9, Firefox 13, Safari and Chrome.

locate this line on your In Theme function.php :

<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis:400,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

and change it to this:

<link href='//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis:400,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

This simple change will make your browser call the Google Font page in the applicable mode (HTTP vs HTTPS).

Thanks for your attention

Success !


Thank you Bruno, we will try to improve typography of Micron with your fix (or we may include another typography system for google fonts).


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Thanks ! I think it will be great.

Cheers !



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Hi Micron Team !

Wen i do ia test on https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

it say that i have to many css and java script files and i have to minify it.

In this other tool it say i have also Too many css files -> (7 files found).

How can i do that please can you help me ?

I have the External CSS File locations but i do not know how to minify it ..

Thanks for help

Cheers ! :-)

Hello, there should be some plugins in wordpress.org that offer js/css minifying, we recoomend to use one of that plugins. You can also do that by yourself, but it is not recomennded, as each time you update plugins/theme you will lose your minified versions


Brumel Purchased

ok Thanks. I will try to find that.

I’m having an issue with updating the Visual Composer plugin that comes with the Micron theme, and never received a VC license key. Is this normal or do I need to purchase the VC plugin separately to receive updates? I was under the impression I would be able to receive updates to the plugin without an additional purchase.

There’s a difference between getting Visual Composer directly from WP BAKERY or in a theme. If you purchased from WP BAKERY, this means that you own license and you can access WP BAKERY ticket system and get direct and free updates (instant). If you got VC in a theme, that means that theme author has license and only he/she can download latest versions of VC and include it in the theme. You as a theme user, may use Visual Composer free of charge while you use theme that came with VC (because you have license for that theme).

When Visual Composer is included in the theme and you don’t have separate licence for it you need to wait on us to update Visual Composer on our side and push it to you.

To update Visual Composer, you don’t need any licence, as we already bought developer licence. Each VC update is tested with our development team and included into the theme update.

From Theme Forest, go to your themeforest dashboard >> downloads. From there you can find new version of theme. Download it. Also in download pack you will find js_composer.XX.zip (XX version number) file that is the latest version of VC, please remove old VC from your site and install new version.

Excellent, thank you!

Hello how can i download the demo content?


Please check this:



I’ve purchased this theme a couple of times. Is it posible to have a responsive foldable/unfoldable menu?

Thanks !

unfortunately but this functionality does not come with micron theme by default and to do this we need to change code in theme. But we have another themes, which have such menu functionality. Have a look in our portfolio to see which menu foldable sidebar is comfortable for you.

Regards, ninzio team

Hi, since updated theme and visual composer, i don’t find “person” in visual composer, why ? how to display it ?

Please send as access to inspect this issue. http://ninzio.com/support/

And please copy the description of issue in email.


Does this theme have the ability to add product reviews in woo commerce?

Yes, sure, this is possible, this is general woocommerce settings.

Okay. I guess there is something wrong because it does not work but ratings are allowed. On the product pages there is no section for reviews either.

Please submit ticket for our team with your website link and access. And detailed description of issue.


Regards, ninzio

Is this template RTL (Right to left) ready??? if not, would you make it compatible with arabic or persian (rtl) languages soon or in the next updates?

hello, unfortunately theme is not RTL compatible and will not support RTL languages in updates.

Regards, ninzio

Before buy your product, I have a question. I see poster on video is not showing up. So why my text is not looking well. I mean on your demo it really looks well text on video. But when I develop my client site with your theme, it is not showing up ..

Check here :


Please make sure that you placed video in correct formats and codex, read help file to learn how to convert videos. Make sure that you placed, background image / poster. If nothing helps, email us access after theme purchase, we will inspect his and fix.

Regards, ninzio

Hello author, I’m updating my ninzio slider and am having several issues. 1. When I set up a hyperlink to a page for one of my images ‘Learn More’ it no longer appears in the slider. 2. When I try to create a button it writes the code in the ‘visual’ tab but does not give me a window with options to design the button.

website: www.iroctactical.com

Please help. Thanks. Serg

Please email us access to inspect issues. And please copy paste the description of the issue.

Regards, ninzio


I would like use an uploaded video as a background in a row, not in ninzio slider. Is that possible? I couldn’t find video background setting, just upload image background is avaible.

Could you please assist me?

PS: My purchase code is; 5a6c4482-eac2-4fb4-9e07-98b64d6d479b


Kutlu Balc?

Hello, thank you for your reply. Is that possible to upload Visual Composer seperately to activate video background feature in rows?

Thank you

As micron theme has integration with VC it affects on row element, so you can’t use VC separately to have video background. It will just not work

Thank you for your reply.

Hey, what is the shortcode for widebox ? How can i integrate image and content listing side by side ? Please help me, your documentation are not well described ?

Right now the widebox is VC “Row” element. All options of widebox are available in “Row” element.

To integrate image and content use columns of VC. Put a row and in row select number of columns. Add content and image to each column

Hi, i bought this template while ago and its good, but have problem with pages upload spead (java scripts, css), I tryed many plugins but nothing work much, can you advice how its possible to sort it out as i would not want to buy other because this problem, thanks Tomas. Website www.volejferdu.cz

Hello, in theme there is no heavy code, that affects on page speed, however, the list of suggestions:

1. Please check your server first. It may slow your website. Try a new installation of wordpress and default theme to see the page speed / OR

2. Make a backup of your data and switch to default theme on existing site. If page speed decreases noticeably – the problem is in theme itself. The suggestions will be to compress css and js with special plugins.

Thank you, i will try that server speed, Thanks!

You are welcome :)