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Hi Dear, How to active and use the Checkout Form Also how to use or what the best ways to use Booking Payments through the the theme How can i use payment via Paypal and Bank gateway to provide it for customers to choose and pay via one of it How can i use this Theme Features “Translation Ready” and how can i do that for Arabic language, is that mean i will added only translate by arabic on the same dashboard or i will install another theme in sub domain for arabic and write the data by another dashboard? Did the theme support RTL for arabic language needs? if not what the best plugin or tool to fix this ? Please give me explain with best solutions.




1. Please try using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/ Create products and then select product for each tour under the tour content editor, there will be a redirect to the checkout page.

2. Currently there’re no built-in RTL styles, it’s possible only with CSS customizations. You can translate any texts using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ Install it, then navigate to Tools/Localization/Midway, change any texts and click “Generate MO file” button to save changes.

3. Booking URL replaces default popup booking form – there will be a simple button with this URL. You can set booking product using WooCommerce plugin and there will be a redirect to checkout of this product.


Hi, Thanks for your reply

1-I will do it

2-You mean that should i made CSS customizations for RTL style Right? So if i do that what about updates of the theme by you what will happened if i made it or i will not get it after i made CSS customizations?

About translate any texts by codestyling localization plugin you mean after i made CSS customizations i use it right? i want to know that is for plugins and dashboard or content and interface of the site or both?

3-I do it and its working like you said

4- May i ask you about what is the best Page Builder/Page Editor for tour page or for the theme pages because there is another type of pages i need it in my site and also the tables and the content of the tour pages is not Responsive like i want it to be in another devices

So may i ask you to suggest me please best free and paid plugins to use it to customize new pages for my needs



2. You can create a child theme and make CSS changes in the child theme style.css file, updates will not erase these changes. You can translate texts before or after CSS customizations.

4. Try using any popular advanced editor, for example https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/ or any other one. There’re many plugins for content formatting, unfortunately i can’t guarantee compatibility with all plugins, you can try using some free plugins to check.

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i wanna list related tours only by category.

for example in this page(http://estambul.co/tour/20-days-turkey-tour-most-popular-destinations-in-turkey-travel-by-plane-and-bus/) related tours should only list the comfort turkey tours. But now it also listing the economic turkey tours.

i tried to fix it in theme options but it didnt work.



Hi, please set “Related Tours Order” in Appearance/Theme Options/Tours section, if this issue remains you can send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.

Hello! Could you tell me how to change a search form to a contact form on the home page?


Hi, you can try using any advanced contact form plugins, for example this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

hello, I am looking for a theme for airline company’s website. I can not find any template that best suits except templates travel agency like your theme. I wonder if by buying it, I could fit a theme for airlines like this site: http://www.tropicalair.co.tz/ I would also like to know if there would be possibble remove some blocks from the home page and decrease the width theme? Thanks!


Hi, it’s possible, but adding features required for airline company will require code customizations, for example availability checker – currently there’s a simple booking email.


I like your theme but I have presale questions.

What WP version works? It’s visual composer include or shortcode? It’s possible to change slide with revolution slider with shortcode or need to edit code?


Hi, thanks! All layouts on the live preview are built with shortcodes. It’s possible to replace default slider code in midway/module-slider.php file.

Hi guys, I’m wondering if this theme could adapted to a car-rental(holiday cars) business. Do you see that as a possibility?

I guess I’d have to create tours for each car, display a price per day and let customers freely pick the dates. Would that be possible? Do you see any other way it could work?

I don’t need any online paynents or complex inventory system, just a way for people to browse what cars (caravans) are available; their features and a way to send me an enquiry including their desired puck up and drop off dates. I’ll then follow up with them directly.

Thank you


Hi, sure, you can change background image and made some CSS customizations, but please note that there’s no availability system, booking form just sends an email.


On my website www.bali-tour-guide.com I have listed 4 tours in the front page. Website performance measurement tools like gtmetrix.com tell me to better “serve scaled images”, especially on those tour pictures (which are sized smaller to their column threecol containers’ size).

If e.g. the theme served a full resolution tour image only on the tour pages themselves and created a thumbnail to deliver on the front page instead, the problem would be solved.

I know automatic creation of thumbnails just for some small points on performance measurement tools is a overkill maybe.

But you could advertise your theme as being “A graded” on those tools, if you implemented such things (next to css sprites etc).



Another thing: Specify image dimensions width and height for the following files (because of http://gtmetrix.com/specify-image-dimensions.html ):

THEME_URI.’images/logo.png’ (found in header.php: img width=”445” height=”72” src=...)

’.$background.’ (found in themex.style.php: $out=’img width=”521” height=”342” src=”’.$background.’” ...)

Had no luck with getimagesize function (got a too short width … I don’t know why), so that’s why I hardcoded the dimensions at my page.


These image don’t have static width and height because logo and full-width background images can’t have them, this is required for different screen sizes.


Oh yes, saw it on the page I’ve posted in the second sentence … (“If you are specifying the dimensions via CSS, then you can safely ignore this recommendation.”)

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Hello, I need to add a link to the photo Description (in galleries). Can You help me?


Hi, please send more details, do you mean image captions in the product gallery? Try settings these descriptions for images in WordPress/Media section.

oopsEE Purchased

I mean description in the slide show (colorbox, cboxTitle). Galleries made by shortcode [galleries]. When I write in the image Description “text ”, system ignores ”” ” it writes only”text” (link does not work)


If possible send temporary WP access in PM with a link to this page with galleries and i’ll check this issue.

Hi, love the theme!

A few questions:

-The gallery on your homepage and in the sidebar of your demo (6 images), when you click on one image you see on the left bottom litte arrows to brose through gallery, I made the same gallery but don’t get those arrows?

-On the tours pages, I want to change “Duration: x days” to “Duration: x hours”. On which page in the editor can I do this?

-How can I make the field where you enter text on the contact form have more lines? On which page in the editor can I do this?

-Is it possible to make the arrows on the main slider appear permently? So no hidden until mouseover? Again, on which page in the editor can I do this?

Thanks a lot!!


Hi, thanks, glad you like it!

1. Please make sure that you’ve added at least 1 more image to this gallery, here’s a screencast https://www.screenr.com/QlOH

2. These words can be translated using this plugin for example https://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ There’re separate words “day” and “days” please make sure you’ve changed both words.

3. Try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

.main-slider .arrow {opacity:1!important;}
.formatted-form textarea {height:160px;}

thank you!!

Hello, I just purchased the theme. How could I have exactly the same setup as your demonstration theme? Because, nothing of what I’m doing is working (tours not displaying, galleries not displaying, etc.). I’ve looked for hours and I’m tired of this non-working theme. I can’t even find documentation. Please help! Thanks


Hi, there’s a documentation folder in the archive you’ve purchased, open index.html file in browser. Please follow this screencast step by step to get the same layout as on the live preview https://www.screenr.com/zlOH


Thank you! Sorry for the tough tone. I looked for hours and i lost patience ;-)

Is this theme compatible with Buddy Press and bbPress?


Hi, currently there’s no integration with these plugins, but if they have their own styles there should not be any issues.

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Hi, i want to change destination slug, if i click a destination in the tours page, i don’t want to link to tours list related to this destination, i want to link to a partucular page which is only about this destination, how should i do that? thanks


Hi, this will require code customizations because categories and static pages are different types in WordPress. You can try adding destination description to the “Category Description” field so it will appear above the tours list.