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Removing the white borders from photos: Hi i will like to remove the white borders from the photos. How can i do it?

Hi, removing them from all images will require style customizations, please try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section for example:

.featured-image, .main-slider {border-width:0;}
.block-background {display:none;}

Hi, it seems that this plugin is removed, please use this translation plugin instead

We launched our new portal. Please suggest me any feedback.

Hi, please make sure that you’re writing in the correct theme comments, this site is not based on Midway theme.


bryar Purchased

Hi like another one said


Congratulations, This is one of the best and most enjoyable themes to work with. my client wants the booking form button on the tour page to link to another page in the site, can you point me in the right direction to add this link instead of the pop up you have currently.

Thanks in advance.



He did’t get any answer and i would like to know that also.

Hi, please edit this tour and set “Booking URL” under the tour content editor, there will be external link instead of built-in booking form.

Hi..Is it possible to use WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin with this theme? My idea is to create auto invoice in pdf format after visitor do the booking. Please advice, thanks


themex Author

Hi, yes, if you link WooCommerce product with a tour there will be redirect to the checkout page of this product, so it will be purchased as regular product in WooCommerce. Please note that built-in booking form doesn’t have availability checker, it just sends an email.

Thanks for fast response…

Hi, I have a few question 1)Is it possible to customize the booking form using contact form 7? For example I want to add dropdown list, checkbox etc… 2)For search form at homepage, can I add a mandatory field, for example must select either tours in Europe or in Asia. And then the result will search for that particular place only 3)Is it possible to add search by keyword at the search form on homepage 4)Departure date, arrival date & price filter at search form is can be removed right? Thank you.


1. Checkboxes and dropdown lists are available in the default form, unfortunately replacing it will require code changes. Also it’s possible to set external link instead of popup.

2, 3. Currently there’re no such options in the search form.

4. Yes, it’s possible to hide them in the theme options.