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I already sorted through your comments on video and attempted to post a video in the homepage slider via the methods you posted in a previous comment, which were to add the Youtube link to the slider content area, or to use the embed code. Neither one worked for me. The slide I inserted the Youtube code into just gets skipped over. How can I insert a Youtube or Vimeo link into the slider and get the same sort of “polaroid” look in the background (like your demo)? Thanks!

Hi, please set video URL in the field under the slide content editor, don’t add it to the slide content – slide content is shown as slide caption.

Hi there,

I just installed the theme and followed the instructions to add the demo.xml file. Only some of the demo information was imported, the home page does not show the search form and it doesn’t show the slider either. How can I solve this?

Thank you.

Never mind, Wordpress hadn’t saved the reading settings the first time around!! If anyone is having this problem as soon as they install the theme, remember to go back to Setting > Reading and select Home and Blog as the pages. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing this solution!

Hi can this theme be a multi vendor ?

Hi, no, this is not a marketplace theme.

any plans to make it like your makery theme (multi vendor)

This is not a marketplace theme and currently merging two themes into one is not planned.


My client bought this and I am working on installing and customizing it for her. One question—I would like the tours to be full sized like they are in the demo. (pic + description) Can anyone assist? Thanks much!

Found my answer. It’s in the Theme Options Section. Thank you!

Hi! I have a question: how can i change on the bigger size and font color in the main menu ( “home”, “services” “tours” and other) Thanks

Please try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

.header-menu {font-size:1.1em;}
.header-menu span {color:red!important;}
.header-menu svg {display:none!important;}

Hi Thmex Team,

Could you tell me the shortcode for columns you use in home page to have:

- 1 fourth – 2 fourth – 1 fourth (i try to use [two_fourth] but not working

and your shorcode in your “Service page” = TRAVEL EXPERT part … how do you put the photo + text ? is this a shortcode ?


Code from the services page for a single expert:

[one_third][image]http://midway.loc/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/image_26.jpg[/image][/one_third][two_thirds_last]<h5>Mark Templeton</h5><p>Fusce a justo non dui imperdiet ultricies. Donec consectetur metus sed velit placerat pulvinar. Nam neque libero aqua, tristique eu placerat, consectetur mattis leo. Aliquam sapien nulla.</p>[button url="" color="grey"]Contact Mark[/button][/two_thirds_last]

Hi guys,

Thanks but for the home page i was speaking about your section just before footer : Travel Guide + Gallery + Newsletter ? Is in a 1/4 + 2/4 + 1/4 way …

Could you tell me the shortcode you used ?

Sure, there’re columns and shortcodes for showing recent posts and galleries:

[one_fourth][title]Travel Guide[/title][posts number="1"][/one_fourth][one_half][title]Gallery[/title][galleries columns="3" number="6"][/one_half][one_fourth_last][sidebar][/one_fourth_last]

Hello is it possible to show this Find the Perfect Tours search box to all pages of midway theme ??

Hi, header section with slider and this form appears only on the home page, please add this form to the default sidebar if required, it’s possible by adding “Text” widget to the default sidebar in Appearance/Widgets section and typing [search_form] shortcode in it’s content.

Hi Themex,

This Midway theme is incredible and I love it very much. Currently, I am using v.1.9 Midway and I am about to purchase the latest version of Midway via Envato Market.

However, I would like to ask one question concerning this theme: if I buy the latest Midway theme (v.3.7), does it affect all my SEOs (keywords, sitemap, url, etc.) that I already made for my current Midway theme (v.1.9)?

This is my crucial concern before I purchase the Midway theme. Thank you very much.

Hi, thanks, glad you like it! If you’ve purchased it already you don’t have to buy the latest version, updates are free and you can get the latest version in your account on ThemeForest.

Unfortunately some options may be lost because currently you have other major version 1.x and recent versions are 3.x. You can try updating, but please create a backup of your site first.


I just purchased the Midway template and I’m new to it. In setting up the Post page, I want to display the widget “Popular Posts” and “Featured Gallery” as in the demo (link below):

Can anybody please help me? Thank you very much.

Best regards.

is it possible to display tours category wise on homepage???

Hi, if you mean showing a few tours from each category on the same page it’s possible using [tours] shortcode.

i mean is it possible to show two categorys on homepage in two section. currently on demo there is two section tours and gallery. so it is possible to make it as tour and tour2 ?

Yes, it’s possible to show a few tours from two different categories on the home page, there’s [tours] shortcode.

I want to buy this Theme I have a question What way would offer or how to implement a system whereby customers pay online tours reserved? It has its own system or for example WooCommerce

Hi, there’s a basic integration with WooCommerce, if product is linked with tour there’s a redirect to the checkout page when booking form is submitted. Please note that there’s no built-in availability system, this form just sends an email.

Hi great theme, im instal the theme but i need to change the lenguage, let me know how please!!!


Hi buddy, dosen´t work ;(

Please make sure that you’ve translated strings in en_US.po file and saved changes, if this issue remains send temporary WP access through the contact form on my profile page and i’ll check this issue

THX Very much im ready whit the theme!!!


sigma Purchased

I want to know if it have a compatible : Live Composer or a Front-End WordPress Page Builder

Hi, if this plugin has it’s own styles and shortcodes it should work.


sigma Purchased

I try Visual Composer and it dont work well for table and button

Please send more details about this issue, there may be styling conflict only if this plugin has the same class names in CSS code, but if it has it’s own styles and shortcodes it should work.

how to remove this price on search tour form ?

Please check “Hide Price” option in Appearance/Theme Options/Search Form section.

Hi. Can I hide a tour item from the visible listing on my site but still have it on the permanent slug for everyone? I wish being able to hide & show the items when needed.

Hi, please try adding two tour categories, for example “Hidden” and “Published”, in this way you can show “Published” category on your site, other tours will not be shown.