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Does this theme support uploading a custom Logo Where the Name of the site and tagline go? This is really important to me. I would like to still be able to “alt tag them” but don’t want them to just be text. I am just starting my own search marketing agency and need to make sure that I can have my logo there and not just text.

Also instead of recent work in images, can you put other things in that space there?

Thanks in advance.

Hi BryantGarvin,

First of all many thanks for your interest on my work, i truly appreciate it ;)

Regarding your questions, yes you can easy add your custom logo and the tagline.

The theme have many shortcodes and with some criativity you can put them the way that you want with no problem.

Check the Online Documentation

Best Regards


when i add an item to the portfolio, after i click into the item… the heading should say: portfolio / “my title” BUT instead it says: portfolioon / “my title”

Where could I change that???

Hey I went ahead and purchased it but I am far from a coder or designer. and when I installed it does not seem to be working right with my “blog page” http://www.bryantgarvin.com/the-blog/ It looks nothing like what it should and for some reason still has my old site header in the background and such. Can you please help me out I am SUPER frustrated by this! I have spent a couple of days trying to figure it out to no avail.

Also how can I change the “portfolio section” on the home page instead of saying recent work to say recent photos or something like that.




I have purchased this theme and i am facing lots of issues. First of all i need two clarifications:

First – What is the purpose of the Page type “Portfolio Single”

Second – I have created multiple portfolios in the back end CMS and i want to create different portfolio pages with different categories shown on each. To achieve this, i go to menu under appearance and insert portfolio category as a menu item. But on the front end i see a page showing “no Blog archive”.

If you have any other solution please tell me. And in case you need the details of my hosted website then please drop me a mail to aayush.jain@brandsofdesire.com

I am REALLY frustrated! :x This Theme is not easy to use and does not work easily with WP right now. If you set you “blog page” to the “posts page” in Wordpress it sets the div to content-home and there is nothing in Miimus for that. The page looks horrible. I have had to go in and edit some of the php and css just to get it to look halfway decent (and I am not a coder and shouldn’t have to do this!) :shocked: . I am seriously frustrated right now.

This should work seamlessly and easily with WP and the normal settings people use, but it doesn’t and that makes this theme all but worthless. Worst $40 I have ever spent! :crying:

when is ready an update? i’ve some bugs with the new wordpress

Oh! Hi, I was changing the theme’s CSS using child theme but something wrong happened. The submenus stayed grey, no way to change. I try every modifications in child theme’s CSS, including the ”!important” tag to change the color, but continued in the same damn grey color. D: Any suggestions for me? Thanks!

hey mate, nice theme. Just wondering how to get the slides working? Can’t seem to find where to load them up.


Not a very good theme at all, for multiple reasons.

1 – The responsiveness cannot be switched off. 2 – Completely out of sync for smartphones and tablets. 3 – Menu comes up all wrong on smartphones 4 – Support does not respond.

In short just stay away from it altogether – not worth the hassle at all.

How do I get the contact page on iPhone to display across the entire screen not just a third of it?


Doesn’t work on 3.9

Linking a slider: broken; Saving custom settings for a portfolio item: broken I have no time to play around any longer with this item, as Liam27 said, it’s not worth it.

Btw: bought it 2 years ago, last update was 2012

hi, portfolio items don’t save project display options wp4.0 tnx