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Hi Great first file – really nice!
A couple of questions –
1) Are the sidebars set (it looks that way) or can there be unlimited sidebars for example could each post page have its OWN unique sidebar?

2) Is the portfolio only 4 columns or can it be set to 2 or 3 columns instead?

3) Is the footer fixed as four columns or can that be changed also.

With all of these changes I mean by WP-Admin NOT by having to recode the core PHP files.
Either way it is an amazing file. Good luck with sales!

Hi charlie4282,

Thanks for your comment.

Regarding your questions. 1) There are two diferent templates fullwith page and page with sidebar(the same in all the pages) 2) For the moment you can only use 4columns on the portfolio page. 3) Yes, the footer is fixed as four columns (you can hide it on the admin panel)

As you can see this is my first theme, so it’s normal to miss something. I’ll try to improve every template that I do ;)


Thanks – its a great first theme! Was just curious. Thanks

Very nice theme! Good luck ;)

Thanks Designare ;)

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you are willing to customise the template for a fee? I really like the look and feel, but I would like to modify the footer. I am happy to provide examples of what I would like, if you are interested in quoting.

Thanks, Naythan.

Hi Naythan,

Yes I can do it for you. Please send me a email with the description of what you want. (pmdesignn@gmail.com)


Hello, how can I put friendly urls for portfolio entries? Now they are, for example -> mydomain.com/?post_type=portfolio&p=48, is possible mydomain.com/name-of-project/ ? Just as blog posts ;)

Hi SaiKeN,

Many thanks for your purchase.

You can edit the permalinks in the wordpress Settings -> Permalinks.

Regards ;)

Hi again. I can edit the permalinks for blog entries, but it does not work for portfolio entries! Please help!

Hi SaiKeN,

For the moment this is not possible, but i’ll try to do it for you ASAP .


Hi Thanks for the great theme.

I just have an issue in the contact form. Can you please check http://bit.ly/NKIxXH Even when i put the original file back it still returns to a 404 page.

Hi michaelmols,

Thanks for your purchase.

I was testing the form of the theme and it seems that everything is ok.

Please send me a email with the access to the admin area and the ftp, for me to see what happens.

Best Regards

Reveived my email?

I just tested it again and when i hit send i still get the 404. It doesnt matter if i am logged in or not. Sending an email to pmdesignn@gmail.com

Problem fixed ;)

Hi, how can I upgrade v1.1 to v1.2?

Simply replace all the files SaiKeN.

Regards ;)


where are the lists of shortcodes??

Hi bawse,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Unfortunately there is no shortcode for lists, but i will add this in the next update, which will be released tomorrow.


Lists Added, please download the theme again.


Hi, thanks for these improvements.

Please, could you do portfolio friendly urls for version 1.4? I really need it in order to release my website :)

Hi SaiKeN,

Yes i understand this is important, i will fix it ASAP .



I have a problem with wordpress + nginx. can u please advice me how to get the theme to work great under nginx ?

Thank u

Check also demo site here cos submenu is not working & so


Hi M4r5h4ll,

Many thanks for your purchase, i truly appreciate it ;)

I don’t understand what you need and what is the problem.

Please send me a email (via my profile page) with the description of the problem and the access to the admin area.

Best Regards

I need to change the body text color and the menu color on the pop out when you mouse over. Where in the stylesheet file is this set. I cant find it.


Hi intuitiveis,

Many thanks for your purchase.

You can find the body text color, in the dark/light css file inside the css folder. The menu hover color is the main color (that you chose in admin panel).



I’ve purchased this theme, but am having issues in Internet Explorer, in that none of the structure is holding up. Please let me know if anyone else is having this issue.

Thank you

Version 1.4 please!! :)


Portfolio pretty permalinks Line 26 : change ‘rewrite’ => false, to ‘rewrite’ => true,

You will have to flush your permalinks. Go in the admin and change your permalinks structure to default than back to current.

Wow! It works fine! Lot of thanks gobigfoot ;)

Hi Saiken,

I was on vacation, but I’m in game again!

I’ve seen that hugo solve your problem, nice ;)

archive-blog.php isn’t setup properly to receive the default background listed in the admin panel. Beginning on line 8 I added <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery("#bg").attr("style", "background: url('<?php echo of_get_option('pb_default_bg'); ?>') repeat top center scroll;"); jQuery("#bg").attr("class", "small-size"); </script>

I forgot to list the Pretty Permalinks File miimus/library/extensions/post-type-portfolio.php

See comment above

Hi gobigfoot,

I was on vacation, but I’m in game again!

Many thanks for your help, i truly appreciate it ;)

Hi, The theme looks great so far… Just 3 questions.

1. At present the image background aspect ratio is controlled by the width and height of the explorer window. It is possible to change this so that the image does not distort as the window is resized? It would be better if it was controlled relative to the shortest dimension only.

2. What is the optimum image size for portfolio and slider images? It seems that smaller images don’t fit the tiles correctly?

3. Is it possible to have the slider on different pages of the site showing different content? for example on our site we want generic slider images on the home page but then a relevant slider at the top of each department page. Is this possible?

Kind regards,


Hi gregsilvester,

Many thanks for your purchase!

1. The image background use the 100% of the width and height. For the moment is the best way, but if I find another way to do this, i do a update.

2. On the portfolio you can use images larger 800px of with. For the slider the recomend size of images are 940×400 px.

3. No, for the moment you can add only 1 slider.

Best Regards

One more question… Is there a way to allow more than 8 lines of text to the single portfolio items? I can add text underneath the images but I can’t find out how to add to the text on the right hand side of the image… Thanks. Hugo

To add the text on the right side, use the native Excerpt box of the Wordpress in each project page.