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Hey themedutch.

I spilled my suds and dropped my dog cheering your home run swing to the fence, bases loaded, with this latest rendition. :bigsmile:

MM is an upper shelf product. You set the bar high and it is now one of the finest themes available. A true powerhouse.

Need more suds and another dog! :)

This new play is exciting! Great stuff…

Doc 8-)

Thanks Dog! Nice to hear from you again :-)

Hi, Does this theme allow different vendors to log in and sell their products? Thanks!

Thats not a feature of the theme, but you can add that feature with the vendor plugin from woocommerce.

Hi Cchuang, No it doesn’t allow ’’other’’ vendors to sell. Thanks!

Got it. Thanks!

Does this work with Visual Composer? I purchased this theme a while ago but it was too difficult..I think VC might make it a bit easier to handle.

Hi Corpor8chic, it should work but did not used it on MIkmag yet. But maybe you can give Mikmag a try, the new version has a lot of improvements and new features.

And our support staff is always nearby to help you out. And we have included a extended manual.

Best Mike


I love this theme and before i purchase it i was wondering if this theme was compatible with Userpro plugin?

Well we love Userpro and I don’t see a problem but have not tested it with the userpro plugin. But if you find anything just let us now and we will have a look.

Best Mike

Hi Guys.

You are doing a fabulous job on your themes and MikMag continues to evolve as a true powerhouse.

I share great mojo with you and wish 10,000 sales and more for you over the upcoming months.

Great stuff! :)

Doc 8-)

Hi Dog Savage, Its great to hear from you again!. Thanks a lot for your great post :-)

Hi, greate theme. This theme support a multivendor plugin for Woocommerce?

Hi Circuslab, thanks for posting. We did not test multivendor, but we think it will work with our theme. Cheers!

thank you for your fast reply!! Regards

you’re welcome!

Hi, I have a question. In your Demo, how did you get the LATEST FASHION section and BEST HOTELS section to appear in a box grid like that?

Hi fosorio, We’ve used the special shortcode: custom latest post, which you can select via your shortcode manager on a page. For further support, please make use of our Mikmag forum via Cheers!

I really, really want to use this theme. It has everything I need. However, due to some contractual obligations I need to have, at a minimum a 728 X 90 banner add above the fold.

I’ve been putting them in the header, but I’m not sure that’s going to work with your theme. If you can come up with an easy to implement solution you have yourself a sale.


There are several options to place a banner, and sure you can use a header / image / slider also at the top. But it all depend what you exactly need. Placing a banner 728×90 is basically possible on every page.

Hope that helps, Mike

There is pretty much only one way to describe the MikMag and that is amazing. You have set the bar pretty high with this one. I am so impressed.

One guestion (one of what will be many):

What is the optimum size for the background images.

Thanks for such a great theme.

Hi BBQGrail1,

Thank you so much for liking our theme Mikmag :-) We’ve used background image sizes of 1980 px X 1500 px


Please also register on our website and visit our Mikmag support forum for support or answers we’ve already gave to other Mikmag users. Thank you

Hey BBQGrail1,

Great you like it :) Come on over to, register for a free account and just place a post on the Mikmag forum, we will help you out with your questions you may have in the future.

You can also use the chat on the bottom right, I’m online for the next few hours.

Best Mike

Hello! Just purchased your theme and I’m excited to start putting my site together. Do you have any video tutorials or tips to get me started? I think I’m a little in over my head. Thanks!

Hi plussizebirth,

Thank you for purchasing Mikmag, We don’t have a video tutorial for Mikmag, your download contains a Manual. You can register for support via (add your purchase code of Mikmag to your profile page), and our support staff is willing to help you on the free forum. (there you can read questions and answers of other users as well. You can also opt for premium support, its cost less, and you’re able to send tickets to our support staff as well. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll learn this theme is not as difficult as it may look, despite all features. visit

Good luck! Helen

You’re also able to install dummy content

UPDATE MIKMAG AVAILABLE Version: 3.2 – 5 jan 2015

– WP 4.1 update – TD Shortcodes 1.6.1 – LayersliderWP 5.3.2 – Woocommerce 2.2.10


fosorio Purchased

Great theme! I have a couple of questions. I am trying to remove the indentation that is added when you call the [tds-column half] short code (that shows the lasted post)? Also is there a way to add a click to the thumbnail image and have it go to the post? Last thing could I change the text of some of the buttons, instead of having them all say “Read More”?

Hi Forosio,

Thank you very much for liking our theme. However, we provide theme support via our Mikmag forum on

Our support staff will help you from there, after you’ve registered and added your Mikmag purchase code to you profile. Your question here’s a bit unclear, maybe add a screenshot/link to your post on the forum to illustrate what you want exactly.

Thank a lot in advance for taking the effort!


fosorio Purchased

Is there a way to change the read more button to say “view video”? Also is there a way to add a link to the feature image so when clicked it goes to a post?

Hi Fosorio,

I’ve noticed you also posted this question on the Mikmag forum via our website. Our support staff will answer your questions on the Mikmag forum via

We understand you want help as soon as possible, but please do not post the same questions on several platforms. Thank you very much for your understanding.


MIKMAG UPDATE 3.3 AVAILABLE Download via your themeforest account

- TD Shortcodes 1.6.4 update

– Font awesome 4.3 update

– Fix: demo settings js issue

– Fix: sub menu icon issue

Hi themedutch.

I’ve installed lot of plugin in your theme, but I’ve a problem with Sensei (paid plugin that works with WooCommerce). With your theme, pages created with Sensei seems to have no body.

In the second image you can see the sidebar that has moved down.

Can anyone help me?


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Please post this on our forum because our developers will check issues there. Many thanks in advance

Ok, I’ve posted the question on the forum yesterday as reply of my first problem here.

Do you suggest me to create a new post? I’ve posted yesterday on 4 p.m. but there are no reply yet

No, there’s no need to create a new post. Please, contact us only through the forum. Otherwise we need to answer your queries on 2 places. Want support faster? maybe opt for Thank you very much in advance for your understanding.

G’Day again.
Great to see that this theme has been updated.
Can you please list the updates as they are not showing up on the general information re the theme.

Hello WindyCityFella, long time no see :) The list is there with the correct date. Speak to you soon. Mike

Hello Can This theme be used to creat a directory to promote different restaurants and allow the owner to edit informations ?

Hi Actveden2011,

This is not a standard feature in WP themes. However, our developer made such a feature for a client in the past by using UserPro.

Hope this info is helpful Cheers!

UPDATE MIKMAG Version: 3.4.2

– (Security) Update prettyPhoto 3.1.6

– Update TD Shortcodes 1.7.1

Hi, I am using a multi-vender plugin (called Dokan) for Woocommerce in my WP and so I have installed Woomommerce, a theme that Dokan offers, buddypress, and bbpress, all independently. Your theme seems to bundle all (except Dokan of course) which seems great. My questions are: 1- Will I have to remove/uninstall current woocommerce, buddypress, bbpress using your theme? 2- If there were update on any of the plugins above, will they need to be done independently or all will be incorporated with you theme? 3- Using your theme, will I be able to display products in each members’ page perhaps by using some kind of shortcodes or any other way?


Hi dave,

1- no don’t, but you will probably need to run Regenerate thumbs if you have blurry images.

2 – You can update the plugins like normal, just check Mikmag change log before you do so.

3 – That will be possible, but you need to insert a line of code into the theme files. For more info please visit the docs from woocommerce: And maybe there is plugin out there.

I have no experience with dokan but it looks perfect, and wedevs is saying that you can use any theme with woocommerce support. So I assume it will work out of the box.

Good luck, Mike

Hi this looks beautiful! Is it possible to lock content … making it available for members who are paid subscribers only?

You will need a third party plugin, like subscriptions from woocommerce or Userpro from codecanyon. We use on our site Userpro and subscribtions from woocommerce, have a look

Best Mike