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Love the theme I have been using for my website for the last few months. With the new woocommerce update the item descriptions at the bottom of the product pages is now broken. I am pretty sure I just need to readjust the wrapper or something but I don’t want to start taking the theme apart. Can you tell me what I need to do to fix it until you update the theme. I have been recommending you to other wordpress developers and everyone loves your work. Please let me know about my current issue as soon as possible.


Hi Judernot, We are working on updates, and of course we’ll take the Major 2.0 update of Woocommerce into account. Thanks, Helen

judernot Purchased

I really need to know when you are going to update the theme. I am losing business because of this. I will make the changes myself if you will just look into it and tell me what needs to be fixed. The only reason I paid $60 for a theme was because you advertised support and updates. I understand it takes time but with 257 purchases it is not fair to be having these issues. Please let me know when the changes will be made and please do not just say we are working on it. I hate to blow up the comment box with a negative comment but I need to know if I need to redesign my website.


Hi Judernot, We do this ASAP (incl. Woocommerce 2.0)

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It’s been 5 months since this theme has been updated. Are you really planning on updating it? There are many of us who need to make decisions regarding our websites. If you told us you were not going to update it, then we can make a decision on what to do. However, to keep telling us you are going to update it and never do makes all of us very frustrated because we have websites that have many glitches and problems. It is best to say, “no, we have decided not to update this theme” or “yes, we have decided to update this theme and will provide it to you before _ date.” We really need to know when the update will come so we can make judgments based on that information in the same manner your business needs information to make appropriate judgments. Please kindly provide us with a date. It would be most appreciative.


Hi jeremyw, We cannot give an exacte date, because we also must consider the update of Woocommerce 2.0. We do what we can, and Woocommerce is also still looking for bugs.

jeremyw Purchased

Why not provide the Woocommerce 2.0 as a second update? We have already been waiting long enough to just get a basic update of this template to make the template functional. Many of us are not switching over to Woocommerce 2.0 anytime soon either.

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A progress report on the update would be good – no – vital for those of us whose livlihood depends on our websites. I understand you’d prefer not to give a date and miss the deadline again for fear of negative comments here – but to be honest you cannot sink much lower in terms of the negative comments that I have read over the past few months since the last update.

Have the courage to stand behind your own product and tell us the truth of when you really expect the update to be ready. I for one would be happy to test the update on a test server for you and provide feedback for the theme itself – i am not currently using buddypress or woocommerce and do not expect to need that for a few more months – but i do need to be able to update the core theme and WP version as a matter of urgency.

Our site is now live and I am concerned that we are exposed using an old version of WP and also that the slider (a core function) is not working as it should do.

Please provide a more detailed response than your usual ” we are working on it” response which is getting a bit like a recording now…

This theme has LOTS going for it – otherwise I would have ditched it 3 months ago – but keeping your purchasers in the dark is not doing you any favours. I am sure that when you release the 3.5 version you will get more favourable comments, which in turn will result in more sales and fund future developments.

Come on Theme Dutch lets make this theme one of the best on Themeforest – you CAN do it with this theme – it’s in your hands but you need to keep your current customers on side rather than alienating them with fob offs and slaps for daring to complain.

I fully appreciate you may feel that a little over 250 sales x $60 dollars for a theme with this functionality does not really cover your time and effort to develop the theme in the first place – but if you do right by those 250+ customers I am sure that you can improve your feedback score for MikMag and sell a LOT more… Just look at the top themes that have sold thousands not hundreds – this theme could do the same if you not only get the update out ASAP but also work WITH your current customers and not against them.

I hope this is taken as constructive criticism as I would hate to see this theme fail to make its mark on Themeforest.

Best Regards



Hi Gailstorm,

Thanks for taking the effort to tell us what’s on your mind. Of course it takes too long, and we’ve explained that were working hard to expand our workforce, which is not solved in a week. We have a new team member and trying hard to catch up. But even then, Mikmag is not only a Wordpress update, and since Woocommerce came up with a major update 2.0 + 3.0 , we have to take this in to account in our own update. Only updating Wordpress is not sufficient for most other buyers.

Best wishes, Helen

Hi there. I was wondering if it’s possible to get the horizontal pictures ( thumbs ) vertical ?


Hi element94, This is not a feature of the theme, and needs to be customized. Thank you, Theme Dutch

Hello, can you tell us when you will release the next update? if nothing comes up, we will choose another theme like “Made”


Hi Maxhenry,

One of our developpers is currently working on a ‘major’ update for this theme. We also have to take the Woocommerce updates into account. We cannot tell exactly when the update is ready, but it will be a great improvement for sure.

The slider is not working at all. Everytime I go into the Mikmag settings, Slider and create one, it saves it successfully then when I click out and come back in, it’s gone. Can you please tell me how to customize the home page and how to make the slider work?


Hi Ahshmurphy, We are working on a major update for Mikmag, which will be released as soon as we can. Until then this theme runs on WP 3.4. For assistance, please visit our Mikmag forum on theme-dutch.com. Support will be given from there. Thanks a lot in advance, Helen

boldedge Purchased

I am having a problem on my site: theboldedge.com that the submenus are not showing next to the parent menu item, it is stuck to the top…would you know what I would need to change in the theme.js file. here is the relevant code for the menu from there. // Menu // jQuery(’#theme-menu-main li’).each(function(index, element) { var item = jQuery(element); var itemPadding = parseFloat(item.css(‘padding-left’)); var itemMargin = parseFloat(item.css(‘margin-left’));

var subMenu = item.children('ul');
    var isSubmenu = item.parent().hasClass('sub-menu');
var ANIMATE_SPEED = 100;
// Add dropdown indicators
// Menu root
var imageWidth = 0;
if (!isSubmenu && subMenu.length) {
    var image = jQuery('');
    imageWidth = 16;
// Submenus in submenus 
} else if (isSubmenu && subMenu.length) {
    var raquo = jQuery('  ยป ');
// Hover functions
item.hover(function() {
    //var top = item.position().top;
    //var left = item.position().left;
var top = item.css('top');
var left = item.position().left;
if (isSubmenu) {
    top = -1 * (item.height()/3) ;
    left = item.outerWidth(true);
} else {
    top += item.height();
    left += itemPadding + itemMargin;
subMenu.css('top', top);
subMenu.css('left', left);
subMenu.stop(true, true).fadeIn(ANIMATE_SPEED * 3);
}, function() {
    subMenu.stop(true, true).fadeOut(ANIMATE_SPEED * 3);

Hello boldedge,

Thanks for posting your problem. Please take the effort to post this in our Mikmag forum on theme-dutch.com. Our support staff will take care of support issues in the Mikmag forum. This way we can streamline our customer care better. thanks a lot in advance,


boldedge Purchased

I CANNOT register on the site…I tried maybe 20 times.

tijoseph Purchased

Hi, I tried to register on your site, 3 times, so i could post a question in the support forum. It will not let me register. No error message is logged so i don;t know why. My question is how do I add change or edit the icons for the different categories. Thanks

tijoseph Purchased

Well, I figured out my answer, I have uploaded my custom icons quite easily. It is simply dont in the category area under posts. DUH! I really love this theme, but documentation needs help. In my installation I have several questions that I can not answer on my own, and are not answered in the forum. I was able to register for the forum today, I will post there.


Hi Tijoseph,

Glad you like it :-) If you cannot find the answers in the forum, please post your questions there for help. Thanks a lot in advance,

hi i want to buy this template but i see all comments and the last update is 13 october 2012 that indicate is this template is ready to wp 3.5.1 and woocommerce 2.0.x ??? best regards Amba


hi thanx for your answer Helen, too bad :( it was the perfect theme that i need but i don’t buy if it’ not update… you said the same answer to other people here : no date for the update But it is in days, weeks, month ??? a little idea ? purhaps i can wait a little before buy another template …

best regards Amba


Hi amba_13, I can not tell if its ready within one week, but it certainly does not take a month before the update is available.

Cheers, Helen


tx i wait a week ;) then

tx i wait a week ;) then

hi another question, i see in the description of this theme that translation is ready, but is there french in it ? or do i have to translate my self ??? best regards Amba


Hi amba_13,

You’ll have to translate it yourself, but Mikmak can be easiliy translated via the pot-flie (poedit.net).

In our Mikmak manual (which is included in your download) you’ll find a step by step instruction.


hi Helen, tx for your answer, but i know how use the po and mo files but if someone have done it before, it will be great ;) best regards Amba ps : just the frontend is enough

maxonline Purchased

Hi I’m very disappointed about your update policy, I paid 60 for this theme because of support and updates and the only help I had until now has been from other users. Are you ready to support your customers?


Hi maxonline, great update is coming up soon. We are ready to support our customers. Since there are thousands of forum users it might take some time though. We are sorry about that.

Hey I installed the theme, imported the xml and the sql database, still i cant see the forums, buddypress,woocommerce, etc.


Hi shashwat12345, Please install the theme on 3.4 until the update’s ready. update WP 3.5/6 + Woo 2.0 is coming up soon. Mikmak is prepared for Woo/buddypress, but you’ll have to install the plugins into your theme to be able to use it :-) Best wishes, themedutch

WARNING: this theme is not compatible with WordPress 3.5! For about 4 months now I’ve been being told an update was coming, but none has arrived yet. Their last update was to say that they’re now pushing out the arrival of the update, because they need to include WooCommerce 2.0 compatibility. Well, WordPress 3.6 is just around the corner, so if they keep this pace, there will never be another update because they’ll always be trying to incorporate support for the latest version of WP or WC.

Here’s what it boils down to: they’ve tried to make their theme way too fancy, with way to many options, and an end-all-be-all for any related applications. That means it’s incredibly complex, and loads slowly on both the back and front end. It also means that every time there’s an update to WP or WC, it requires a major overhaul to bring it up to speed. Like too many theme developers on ThemeForest, they try to do way too much within the theme. More developers should follow WooThemes: http://themeforest.net/user/woothemes/portfolio example and make simple, fast, clean themes, then offer some plugins to add additional functionality.

The design of MikMag is excellent. I wouldn’t have purchased if it wasn’t. But it’s incredibly “heavy” behind the scenes, which in-turn makes it hard to update for the latest version of WP or WC. If it were lite and agile, they could do compatibility updates much sooner after a major update to WP or WC. But until that happens, I highly recommend avoiding this theme. Unless you like being stuck on WP 3.4.x and WC 1.6.x.


Hi FiddlerStudio’s,

Thanks a lot for posting your remarks. You certainly have a point and it is risky to put so many features and options in one theme. Our developers are working on this theme though, updating it and making major improvements like loading time, as you mentioned here also. We know it has been taken a lot of time sofar, but once its ready we are sure it will be happy again.

Thanks for posting your remarks. Best wishes, Helen, Themedutch

“Enable SEO Basic” is not working…

Adding additional items to the cart is still not working….

You guys just dropped the project…? What a shame…



We certainly did not drop the project ;-) and working on it for some time now. Most current issues occur while running on wp 3.5. instead of the available version 3.4.

There is a major update coming up for wp, woocommerce, buddy press soon, including some great improvements that are really valuable to the theme.

Sorry, guys, I can’t wait the updating so much time… Good luck with sales


Hi Fotomaster, We’re are sorry too, but we’re not completely ready yet. Besides the updates for WP/Woo/Buddypress there will be some major improvements made to the theme itself, so all users will be happy despite the long wait.

I purchased this theme and it’s been a nightmare. Many of the main features advertised DON’T WORK, and both here and on the Theme Dutch support forum, they just pass the buck and have no helpful answers. Several things are badly broken (even if you do downgrade your Wordpress to 3.4 as I had to do), and on the forum, you’re just told that either (a) they’ll eventually fix it in the future, or (b) that’s not covered in the free forum, you’ll have to PAY to learn how to fix that. I’ve never bought a professional premium theme and had so much trouble (and so little help) before.

It’s pretty but it’s all diseased inside. I don’t want to even think about how much money/time it has cost me.


Hi Hurmit, Mikmag is a great theme, and its not all deseased inside ;-) but still runs on WP.3.4. We are updating to WP.3.5/6 including some fixes, and the updates for Woocommerce and Buddypress. There also will be major improvements in the theme itself (loading etc.) and we’ve arrived in the final phase now.


This is essentially the same response (please wait for update) that they provide to almost every question on the forum about bugs and problems, going back several months, and there is still no ETA for the update.


Hope i did make up for it, with my help before the weekend ;-) Helen

Temporary solution NIVO-slider. Hi everyone, We are working on a major update for Mikmag, which will be available as soon as we can. This is a temporary solution for the Nivo slider bug (since the Nivo-slider has an update).

Please change this line:

file: /nivoslider/nivo-slider.css line: 43

“display: block;”

Change it to: “display: none;”

Thanks! Theme Dutch