MikMag - Responsive, Buddypress and Woocommerce

MikMag - Responsive, Buddypress and Woocommerce

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MikMag – Magazine, Store and Community WP Theme

Responsive, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress

Mikmag is the perfect solution for you creative individuals and professionals looking for a highly versatile, greatly comprehensive and well-designed Wordpress Theme power packed with Premium features and templates you can build from and customize.

Woocommerce, Buddypress and yes BBPress Ready

It is WooCommerce 2.0 ready for those roaring to get their products out unto the market, inclusive of BuddyPress making it possible for building Wordpress-powered social networks, and contains bbPress wherein you can create forums for your target group/s. To top off the deal, Mikmag offers a myriad of short codes and extra options for attracting potential advertisers. It is truly one smart theme!

Suitable for all types of Magazine, Review, Corporate, Business, Blog and Creative websites. Use your imagination and you will find everything you need in Mikmag.





  • Responsive design
  • Ready for BuddyPress, Woocommerce, BBpress and WPML
  • 3 Premium Sliders: Layer slider, Latest Post Slider and the Nivo Slider
  • TD – Latest Post Widget TD – Thumbnail slider – Post slider in an Accordion-Carousel manner
  • TD – Latest Post Widget
  • TD – Popular Post Widget
  • TD – Random Post Widget
  • TD – Categories + Thumbnail Widget
  • TD – 3 Advertising sections per page/post.
  • TD – Tabbed Widget – Displays a group of widgets
  • 600++ Google Fonts – New fonts auto added
  • Font Size Selector – Headings, Menus, Content
  • Footer Font Type Preview
  • Build in font preview 34 ColorPickers
  • Total Freedom in color design
  • 9 Page / Post layouts –
  • Sidebars standard / double sidebars / small sidebars
  • 6 Footer Layouts –
  • Every page / post different footer content possible
  • Unlimited Color schemes, every page custom colors
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • jQuery Enhancements
  • Display Blog Meta – On/ off
  • Display Breadcrumbs Display Page Titles
  • Display About The Author and Relates Post under each post
  • Several Portfolio shortcodes
  • Parallax sections and scrolling buttons
  • Custom buttons, small ,medium, large, xlarge
  • Company Logos Uploader – Favicon, Logo, Login Logo, Background image, Patterns
  • Categories Design – Layout, sidebars, Thumbnail, Background image, Slogan, color scheme and SEO
  • Massive TD admin panel – Settings for all your design elements
  • Advertising Add banners to pages and post (images + Google adsense code possible)
  • SEO – Pages, post, categories, 404
  • Google analytics code – Place your code and all your pages are visible
  • Sociables predefined + 4 custom sociables, image uploader
  • Default settings – Set one background image or color for the website or custom per page/post
  • Page and Post settings – Custom background image override, Header slider, Slider + Widget space left and right, Custom Slogan, Layout, Footer Layout, Ad Banners: header, top content and footer content, Select colorscheme, SEO Module
  • SEO Module – Built in page titel, meta description, keywords and Disable Setting if you use a SEO Plugin like: SEO by Youst, SEO Ultimate etc
  • Translation Ready.


We have a dedicated support staff and our community members are ready for all your questions, just visit our support forums for instant help and advice.


Mikmag will be in continues development and Updates will be available for free from your download page.




Version: 3.4 – 14 May 2015

– WP 4.2.1 update

– Woocommerce 2.3.8 update

– TGM plugin activation update

– Added Basic WooThemes Sensei plugin support

Version: 3.3 – 30 jan 2015

– TD Shortcodes 1.6.4 update

– Font awesome 4.3 update

– Fix: demo settings js issue

– Fix: sub menu icon issue

Version: 3.2 – 5 jan 2015

– WP 4.1 update

– TD Shortcodes 1.6.1

– LayersliderWP 5.3.2

– Woocommerce 2.2.10

Version: 3.1 – 26 sept 2014

– WP 4.0 update

– TD Shortcodes 1.6.1

– LayersliderWP 5.3

– Woocommerce 2.2.4

– Font Awesome 4.2

– Updated language files

Version: 3.0 – 4 June 2014

This is a major update with a lot of new features, bugfixes and updates.

Before updating make a backup just in case.


- Packaged Layerslider WP using TGM plugin activation

– Google fonts through enqueue scripts

– Google font subsets options

– Featured image in the archive pages

– TD-Shortcodes Plugin


– Layerslider js integration

– Webfont.load() js


– WP 3.9.1 update

– Woocommerce 2.1 update

– BuddyPress update

– BBPress update

– Language files


– Searchbox glitch issue. changed from icon hover to icon click to open the searchbox

– Nivo slider options issue when saving checkboxes settings

– Latest post slider options issue when saving checkboxes settings

– words attribute in thumbnailslider shortcode

– Escape apostrophes from sidebar names

– ad widget made it responsive

– light box effect on photo’s blog


Version: 2.2 – 22 oktober 2013

minor update to dummy content xml

Version: 2.2 – 7 september 2013

updated the buddypress and bbpress support

fixed several buddypress issues

added 1 level to the Top Menu

fixed woocommerce icons in smaller screens

fixed related item titles

fixed Page Title toggle on/off


Version: 2.1 – 3 august 2013

Update Post Formats support for WP 3.6

Update layerslider

Version: 2.0 – 29 may 2013

New Faster Framework

Update woocommerce 2.0

BB Press 2.3.2

Buddypress 1.7.2

Added Awesome icons


Version: 1.3.1 – 18 september 2012

Fixed the thumbnail accordion carousel slider on Opera browser

Fixed the main navigation Opera browser

Updated the languages translation file

Version: 1.3 – 28 august 2012

Added body background repeat in the Mikmag theme option settings

Added body background size in the Mikmag theme option settings

Added ‘x’ heading title in the Woocommerce Cart page

Fixed the Lists shortcodes

Fixed the Search results page title

Fixed Search Page on the iPad

Fixed BuddyPress notification icons on the iPad

Update mo/po language files

Update woocommerce

Partial child theme support, no child archive, category, single, page template support


Version: 1.2.1 – 17 august 2012

Added BBPress site wide forum support

Fixed latest post shortcode

Changed sidebar widget ids and classes

Added bbpress sidebar widget styles

Update woo commerce 1.6.3

Update bbpress 2.1.2


Version: 1.2 – 9 august 2012

Added New shortcode: Custom Latest Post (check Mikmag adminpanel / shortcode Manager / Special Shortcodes )

Added Featured Post images on/off (check Mikmag adminpanel / General )

Added WP Gallery shortcode

Added Buddypress menu Pattern overlay

Fixd Checkout page form fields not displaying correctly

Fixd Buddypress Pagnation not working

Fixd Featured image cut off on Blog page

Fixd Theme install problems (conflict jquery woocommerce)

Fixd Multi site admin bar alignment icons

Fixd Translation file not working


Version: 1.1 – 4 august 2012

Added Top Custom Menu

Update woocommerce 1.6.1

Fixd woocommerce add to cart

Fixd jquery conflict with Buddypress

Fixd Line Breaks;

Fixd demo settings font selector

Fixd button shortcode link

Fixd arrows gallery shortcode

Added sql dump for theme settings

Version: 1.0 – 29 july 2012 – First release