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quick question. Is it possible to install or implement a lazy load plugin that only loads the images that are in sight of the visitors viewport?

I ask that because one of my clients sites shows many pictures on their front page and so the loading time is really long.

A lazy-loading script – if it can be implemented – would allow the site to show up more quickly and then load the rest of the images after the visitors scrolls.

But I am not sure if that works in combination with the isotope script that is on their.

Would really get your opinion about how I could speed it up or if the lazy load can be implemented or not.

Thanks in advance.


sorry for the delay. A lazy load plugin will probably have conflicts with the isotope plugin. So unfortunately it is not possible.

Hi, A Question before purchasing the theme.

Can I always leave preloaded the last post published, instead of having to click the thumbnail and that is loaded via ajax?

Thanks a lot


unfortuantely this is not possible.

A couple pre-sale questions:

1. Can I embed a soundcloud audio post similar to the way the demo shows YouTube video embeds?

2. If I am using the portfolio on the homepage, can I set it to show 10 posts at a time with a MORE button? (rather than loading ALL portfolio items at once)

3. Can I change the URL from /portfolio/ to /media/ or something like that?


Also – any way to add a text section above the portfolio on the homepage?

Hello. Is it possible to make the content (portfolio item information) open to the right side instead of left side?

Thanks in advance.


unfortunately not.

Hi. Going to purchase your theme but have one question. when choosing a projekt from the portfolio – is it possible to lay the project’s images side by side (or one after another) instead for showing only one and using arrows?


unfortuantely I didn’t get your issue very well.

1. How does an “About” page would look like? 2. I like some components from your other theme Xone. Is it possible to purchase the too and use some Xone’s components in Mila’s?


this is not possible. In shortcodes you see, what shortcodes are included. You can use these to mlake an about page.


Diq Purchased

Hi, Before I purchase I’d like to know if it Is possible to have a filter for the blog page? Also can you enable comments on portfolio posts?


yes this is possible.


Diq Purchased

Thanks for the response, Id also like to know if there is a search function and what all social icons are available. (is there a soundcloud?)


unfortunately soundcloud is not available. it’s possible to add a search in the footer left area besides the social icons. This search will only search for blog entries + pages.


V17 Purchased

This is by far the best portfolio I have ever seen, the whole website is so beautifully put together.

Anybody considering this should just hit the buy right now.

One thing though. If I could be cheeky… If I removed the navigation bar would it be possible to merge this website with another theme?

See I love this Ajax porftolio, but I need the features I get from another theme I purchased. I was wondering if you knew of any code wizardry to merge the two website?

I have tried using an Iframe but can’t get it to go to the full screen of the browser, it only seems possible to have it at a fixed size.

Do you know of a any way or a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?

If not no worries, its still a fantastic theme and I have no regret buying it :)

I answered your mail

Is it possible to make the gallery images random? I mean with every page click the sorting changed randomly?

Unfortunately this is not possible by option. It will need some customizations.

Hey! Is it possible to get the navigation in the center below the logo image? http://viktoriastutz.com/wedding/

Thanks in advance for the help!


unfortunately this is not possible by option. it would need some customizations by your part.


Any chance this will be made WP4.0+ compatible?

Odd. I installed on WP4, instaled the theme and demo content (nothng else). When viewing a gallery post i see:

‘Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /home/XXXX/public_html/XXXX.com/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in /home/XXXX/public_html/XXXX.com/wp-content/themes/mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59’

It appears under the ‘sample image’ tiles on the right. I havent had a problem installing under an older WP version

(X’s are placeholders)

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A couple pre-sale questions:

Is it possible to have the title overlay within each box (so the user doesn’t have to hover to see the title)?

Because this is ajax, if a user is jumping through portfolio pages, the site doesn’t reload. Would that mean that my audio player will continuously play (instead of restarting with each page load)? I am using this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/fullwidth-audio-player-wordpress-plugin/1321160



1. unfortunately this is not possible.

2. the audio plugin needs to support ajax.

Hi I have purchased your template and I have a problem i have added to the template-portfolio.php slider using PHP code And I have the following problem arises: when i open single portfolio page ” Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore (), called in /home/pistachi/public_html/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in / home / pistachi / public_html / wp-content / themes /mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59 ” i would love your help !!! please. thanks lior.

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I seem to be having a couple of issues with the theme.

First off, when using the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/) the styling for the buttons does not show up correctly. So for example, if I add a button through the shortcode with an icon, or a certain width, it doesn’t show the button with those features. It just shows the button with no styling.

Second, when I click on a portfolio item so that it loads up to the left, if you refresh the page while leaving that item opened, you get this error:

Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /home/islamicscreens/public_html/testing/blog/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in /home/islamicscreens/public_html/testing/blog/wp-content/themes/mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59

(same as the person above me, ‘pistachioslior’)

I thought that perhaps that plugin, Ultimate shortcodes is the issue, but even without it that problems persists. I have a fresh install of wordpress and everything. I looked at your preview, but you don’t seem to have that problem.

Please send me an email to spabrice()gmail.com for better support.

Hi presale question.

I see that the theme has not been updated since one year now. So what’s the compatibility with wordpress 4.1 ?

May i choose another page than homepage to display the folio ?

thanks a lot for your answer.

okay thanks a lot, and what about the folio on different page than home ?

Yes, you can choose any page to be your home page

okay thanks a lot .-)

Hello I have a quesion , is it possible to random the pictures/clients/ on every refresh on the home page


This needs some customizations.

preview doesn’t work? =(


Hi, I’m using search bar in a footer widget. And I want to change search results are not only posts & pages but also portfolios.

Please help me. Thanks.


Hello, can I set the automatic resizing of images in a gallery on the homepage?

Hello, is your theme compatible with WP 4.3 ? Thanx