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Oy your theme doesn’t seems to upload well on my wordpress. It seems to miss some css stuff Im waiting for feedbacks from you guys since last week. Please help

When uploading the zip file to my wordpress it says:

the archive couldn’t be installed. a file is missing style.css to this theme


Great theme etc, but if I add hyperlinks (bla) then they appear as clickable buttons, not as simple hyperlink..

What should I do?


Nice theme! One thing really bother me.. I wanna use

    style inside the products.

    I want that the layout would be the same, as it is, I just want to change the light box, the one which comes on the “work-grid”

    Could you help me please? Is there some easy fix?

Please reply my mail


Getting ” ERROR! Your message could not be sent.” when trying to use contact form. Any ideas?

There is a bug with skills bars. You can actually see it on the preview of the template.

The width of the second list are wrong, they have the same with that the frist list even the values of the items are diferent.

I have a made a quick fix on my files, it’s not perfect, but works for me (I’m not a web designer).

In style.css I have copied and pasted all ”.skills” text blocks twice, because I only want 3 skill lists. And I have renamed the copies as ”.skills2” and ”.skills3”

I have done the same with the red.css template (it is which I currently using), and the same with “plugin.js” script.

Then I use unique style for my skill lists: ”.skills” for the first, ”.skills2” for the second and ”.skills3” for the third.

Not very elegant, but it works for me.

How do I edit the error message on the contact form? Eg: Please fill out this field.

When uploading the zip file to my wordpress it says:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


when viewing this template in 320×360 (phone mode), the button at the bottom or first page are not responsive. How to make them responsive?



Poor Support guys!! I’m having some issues with the gallery area. The close and navigation buttons are not showing up. Can you please let me know why and what’s the fix for that?

Hi there. Purchased for a quick vCard site I needed for a job! It’s GREAT and matches my existing business site PERFECTLY. it was a happy marriage that was unexpected. Just a quick question regarding the profile main page and the contact me and view portfolio buttons at the bottom. when viewed on mobile, they overlap. any work around you know of?

again great site.

The skill bars are messed up if you have more than one section. Unmigo’s fix probably works, but I decided to just put all of my skills under one section called Other Skills and all the percentages seem to work fine.

Otherwise GREAT modern template thank you!

very cute and nice work;