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How to insert the menu block “Style of the day” http://prntscr.com/5tjebt my skype: sarootua thank you


Hello sarootua, Please, register to our support page (http://www.shopshark.net ) and send a ticket to support@shpshark.net

pinn24 Purchased

How do I get the layered navigation options in the category block header like your demo Fashion and Shoes? There are no instruction for this?


Hi pinn24, please send in our support system your question. Thank’s

HI, I want to buy the Milano theme, but I am seeing some issues on mobile (iPhone 6 plus). On mobile chrome, the homepage links do not work, the style of the day “looks” links do not work, neither does any of the new items or features home page items. On both safari and mobile chrome, the “reviews” tab of all the products do not have any fields to write reviews.

Are you guys aware of these issues? Is there any new version coming soon that will fix these issues on mobile? It is very important because mobile users are forced to use the responsive version so if home page links are not working it is too easy to lose a customer.

Lastly, where can I see existing stores using Milano? I would like to see how users are implementing this theme.

Please let me know

Thanks Danny


Hi dwt288,we work to update Milano theme and when ready, we send message here.About stores, using Milano, we can not provide links to the sites of our clients without their permission. Sorry!

hi, how i can enable Cookie Restriction Mode?


i follow this way but i have not any result…



Hi, would you know if this is compatible with Magento Marketplace?: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/marketplace.html

thank you


thank you! have just bought it. would it be possible for me to get help installing it on my website?

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Any date for the new version, with the new framework.

I would like to buy your theme, but I want to ask you if I can turn it into a marketplace for sellers to sell their clothes.

if not, am i able to build a page for each brand or designer that will include their logo, details, and products?


Hello…. great Job,.... its possible buy only the “look of the day” module?