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Hello, I have 2 questions regarding magento and your theme.

1. If my website has men and women shoes and I put the link website.com/men/shoes and website.com/women/shoes, won`t it be a duplicate link?

2. I would like to have in the top menu a category named men and another women. When you hover the category named men and let`s say you click shoes, I for the link to be website.com/men-shoes not website.com/men/shoes. Can I do this with something like custom links?


1. Yes / this is a SEO question

2. You can use Magento URL Rewrite does not depend on the theme.

Magento enables you to create rewrites to add additional URLs for items. You can do this, for example, to make items more attractive to buyers. You can create a redirect to any valid path, including paths you create in your CMS.

By default, Magento enables web store customers to access products and categories with a URL that ends with .html. You can optionally change both the product and category URL suffix to any alphanumeric string.

The examples throughout this section use the default suffix, .html.

Getting Started with URL Rewrites

1. Log in to the Admin Panel as an administrator.

2. Click Catalog > URL Rewrite Management.

3.Click Add URL Rewrite.

4. Do any of the following:

1. Product redirect: Click the name of the product. 2. Category redirect: Click the name of the category. 3. Custom redirect: Enter the required information

5/ 6/ 7/ 8..

And many more….......

At the end you must verify the URL rewrite

In the Admin Panel, 1. click System > Index Management.

2.Click Select All at the top of the left column.

3. From the Actions list, click Reindex Data.

4. Click Submit.

Best, Angel

Thank you for your help, I have just purchased the theme.


After installing the theme on a production server (http://www.rietenwinkel.be), I noticed one big difference with the test server:

About two hours after the installation, some AJAX functions stopped working: - subcategories are not showing in categories menu (menu doesn’t expand) - There’s no “add to cart” button on the category page - the layered navigation menu on the left can not collapse or expand.

In configuration of the theme, the “Add To Cart uses AJAX” option is enabled …

Where do I have to look? The AJAX functions worked for a couple of hours on the production server, so it’s probably not a php version problem. What else could it be?

php version server: 5.3.3-7+squeeze3

Hi, could you please send us your admin panel URL + log in details to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that, thank you.

Hi please help.

The “new arrivals” function displayed on the homepage is not working for me.

I have added a product, and based on your pdf documentation followed the instructions and set the new from date. However, it doesn’t display on the homepage under New arrivals.

Please help.

Yes of course,

1. you must create a new store. ex: “Jewelry”

2. Select the new store in “Current Configuration Scope:”

3. Apply the changes and the new brands

Hi Sorry I don’t get this part.. I have enabled under system > configuration > home page options for brand slider to be enabled (on store 1).

Next I went to the attribute set for brands (manufacturer) and I have created the brand labels exactly like the instructions in your pdf manual. Intending it to show for store 1 which it did.

Next I went to enable the brand slider for store 2, and it automatically shows the exact same brand slider with the same brand logos (but store 1 brands are not applicable for store 2.)

Where do I 3. apply the changes and the new brands?? How do I solve this? thank you!

Hi, first you need also to change the category ID in the new shop. You need to build a new brand list based on the new brands he has upload in the folder and create a new list. This list will be loaded as category inside the new shop but with a different ID number.

If you feel unsure about that process we recommend to contact a developer/freelancer who can assist.

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries tomorrow morning.

Have a nice evening!

ShopShark Team :)

I noticed that when I preview the theme on my iphone, the responsive view does not work. Is it normal?

Hi, please try the following:

.fullwidthbanner-container { display: none; }
Replace with
.fullwidthbanner-container { /*display: none;*/ }

Hi I need some help on changing font size and make them bit darker. Could you please show me how to do this. Thanks

Hi, please send your request to our e-mail and we will get back to you with detailed explanation, thank you

Hi Team,

I have just sent you an email.


Hi Conor, we will check your e-mail and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hello Shopshark,

I would like to use other icons font. Now i have these icons in the Home Page Callout Block:
  • gratis verzending
  • promotions
  • e-mail ondersteuning 24/7
  • top seller

But i would like to use other ones. Like Skype, etc. How do i know which description i have to type to get the icons? Do you have a kind of overview?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, the method whiteweazel21 explains below is very good, please let us know if you have any questions.

koenbolder, what I did for icon fonts is put together my own using fontello. Then reverse engineer, add the font files in /font folder, font css in the /css folder, and then import the css in the styles.css or child.css.

Shopshark, noticed the new 1.5.6 version, congratulations! Besides the Countdown Timer, are there any new additions? Is a changelog available?


Thank you!, New additions are the compare list in the header, reworked the responsive design and fix small bugs.

Hello, I noticed that you updated your theme, but are theme files updated if I purchase now? Also I do not see your ‘Timer / CountDown’’ on the site? Thanks.

Hello, right now it is not showing because the designer still didn’t solve the positioning issue inside the category list, when the design will be good enough and fit perfectly the entire design we will add this also in the category page.

Regards, Alex

Ok and thanks for your answer. Will purchase your nice theme now and hopefully your designer has solved the positioning before im finished with the shop :-)

Thank you, the update with the design inside the category view will be available the 7th of March.

Regards, Angel


i love the me and finally and got a change to use it, but i am having a issue with the shopping cart, does not place the order it get stuck on the review page and when i click on the place order button does not do anything. i have updated the Milano to the newest one and clear the cache but it did not help.

also after the update i cannot login to the admin panel is not taking the password i try to change it but is not working. i am using Magento 1.8 and Milano 1.6 Please advise on what to do.

thank you


Password fixed, had to refresh browser.

Hello Angel, i can send you the admin info no problem, but i saw another person had the same problem and you guys had to change some files the username of that person is patatepowa their site url is www.naturifia.com the comment it was about 4 months ago. i can give you the admin password but we dont have ftp server active where the server is located and we use VPN to to connect to it and ssh to upload files, is it possible to email me what i have to do please. the url is moinyc.com and i will email you the admin credential if you want it

Hi George, we got an e-mail with request to close the issue. Let us know if you have any other questions.

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries Monday morning.

Have a nice weekend!

ShopShark Team :)

Hi, I have one doubt about the Pinterest Blog. Can registered users post their images and an admin approve it to show on frontend? Or just admin can upload images+content for the blog?

Hi, thank you for your comment, we will check that and get back to you.

Hello, to post a comment you should be registered and the comment must be approved before to let it visible.

Only the administrator can upload images and texts.

Regards, Angel


How do I rate this theme? Am I being stupid and it is right under my eyes?

Hello Conor, no problem this is not the first time we received such question.

1. Go to “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest account.

2. Under the download button click over the stars

Regards, Angel

Anyone know how to sort main navigation categories?

Using show category in navigation from the catalog, these show before static block custom menus. Using custom menus only doesn’t seem to be an option because text is required, so I can’t save a blank.

What if I need a custom (megamenu) menu entry to show before some of the caregory show in nav entries?

Hello, to sort the category you need just to drag and drop directly in the manage category panel.

The custom menu is positioned at the end of the Magento categories and could not be inserted between the list of the main Magento categories.

Regards, Angel

Hello, but my problem is that I need my custom menu to show before the Magento categories. Otherwise I can’t use the mega menu.

I could make them all custom menus, but I cannot make a menu with no content in it (just the link) because text input is required.

I could make them all Magento categories and arrange them, but then I cannot use the megamenu.

Certainly there must be a reasonable solution, or do I need to buy a megamenu solution from another provider?

Typically more important items with links etc that need a mega menu would come first. Less important, link only categories would go after. This may be something you consider revising for everyone. My smaller categories, do no need a mega menu, thus should be link only.

Hi, This is my first purchase here, and I don’t know there is a limit on the times of downloads, and now I can not update it anymore, may you please send a copy of the new version to my email: xieshuye@gmail.com Thank you very much in advance.

Hello, we would love to do it, but unfortunately we could not send the zip because of envato policies and also because it is 200mb file.

Regards, Angel

Or just the quick start file, please.

Ok, please send me your purchase request and i will ask envato about this.

Regards, Angel

Is the “Free-ground-shipping” image on the product view page hard coded or is it an attribute I can switch on and of for products? We do not offer free shipping on all our products.

Hello, the “Free-ground-shipping” is not hard coded but it is a custom block inside the Magento Admin panel:

Please just go in:

1. CMS -> Static Blocks

2. Open the “Product Promo Message” block

3. Status = Disabled

Regards, Angel

Changing of the store does not work on an iphone in any page EXCEPT when I am in a category?!

Hello, please could you send us the link to your website in order to test this by our self.

Thanks, Angel


Problem solved. Since I did not need the slider in the homepage, I disable the module. Now I enable back the module and simply use CSS to hide the slider and problem solved!

Hello Best Themeforest support ever: i have problem with some part and i send a mail for an hour ago i hope you can help me fix it.

1) Shoes sizes doesn’t appear? i want the buyer to choose it sizes when purchasing the shoes etc…

2) How to update the old theme to the new version of the theme?

3) How to have the theme in many language?

4) I have some menu who doesn’t have any url(doesn’t work) : how to assign them a url (page), and how to deactivate them in case i want? and how to add blog to the normal menu bar.

Best Regards. Anna

I get 403 error when i’m trying to access whishlist , account or login session ? What should i do?

I have fix it don’t mind

Dear customers,

We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered support & modifications. We are trying too help each of you with any type of query, but presently we can’t provide extensive help in terms of modifications and we do not provide free customization.

Thank you for your understanding!