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Hello! I sent an email on Friday – How can I make the site search functionality return results for my Categories, Product Names and product-related keywords? Currently, basic searches for things like brand names and top level categories/keywords return zero results. I noticed that your demo theme has similar issues and also does not return results for everything that it should. Any advice would be great, as my site is now live and customers are trying to use the search to locate products they want to purchase.

Yes please, because we have just the one you sent about the search issue.

Thanks, Angel

You all are wonderful and have excellent support! Thank you for all the help!

Thank you! Victoria,

Regards, Alex

Thank you much for your help. I also wanted to know if or how I can change color of offer count down timer? the color is now peach and I would like to make it pink to match my store colors, thanks much

Hi, we got your question at our e-mail and will get back to you by e-mail as well, thank you.

Hi. First of all, the best theme of the bunch that are around here. Love that is really simple. I have many question. For sure there would be a lot for the changes I want to make.

- A user, apadana, asked you how to make the search results to be display to use it in one-column layout. I’ve followed the steps, but I don’t have a carpet named advance under catalog search. I’ve uploaded all the files on “Milano_Premium_Magento_Theme_1_6_0” via filezilla. I’ve checked that I did not missed it and there’s no such carpet. After all the previous steps the search bar disappear. I assume that is because there’s a step to set it up correctly.

This is the step I’m having trouble with. 8. Open the file /app/design/frontend/default/milano/template/catalogsearch/advanced/result.phtml

9. Around line 16, just before this line <?php echo $this->getProductListHtml() ?> insert the following line:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘catalog.inline.layer’) ?> 10. Save the files, upload them, refresh the cache

Hi, please send us your request plus your URL and admin panel/FTP log in details to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that, thank you

I am having great fun setting up my store. Now trying to sort out blog entries. If I visit: http://www.thephotoframeshop.com/blog/sampleblogpost/ I get the following error: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘recaptcha/recaptchalib.php’ (include_path=’/home/thepho11/public_html/app/code/local:/home/thepho11/public_html/app/code/community:/home/thepho11/public_html/app/code/core:/home/thepho11/public_html/lib:.:/usr/local/php53/pear’) in /home/thepho11/public_html/app/code/local/ShopShark/Blog/controllers/PostController.php on line 9


Hi, we think this message is because any of the files is missing or you have another blog used before and there is a conflict between both.

Also if you have updated the theme the issue might be in regards to the blog table. In that case:

1.st You should go to CORE_RESOURCE TABLE

2.nd delete the blog entry line, so it can know to reinstall the blog table

Thanks for your swift reply. 1. I have not used a blog before – this is a new theme in a new Magento installation and the error occurs when I click on the ‘sample blog post’ link that came with the theme. 2. I’m afraid I don’t understand CORE-RESOURCE TABLE. Where is it? Regards, Richard.

Hi Richard, in case it is a new installation you should not have an issue with the table. Please send us an e-mail (support@shopshark.it) with your website URL + admin panel/FTP details so we can check that. Also please include your issue into the e-mail so we can be aware what is it about, thank you

Hi trying to find correct code for custom menu block in the demo. Under the Mens menu link. Did the css change in using older version of theme. Thanks

Hi, no the css does not change, the code is:

<div class="nav-block-4-col">
<img class="right" src="{{media url=" wysiwyg="" alt="" />
<h3>Try It Out</h3>
<div class="left" style="margin-right: 3px; text-align: center;">
<img src="{{media url=" wysiwyg="" alt="" />
<br /><a style="font-family: 'TeXGyreAdventorRegular';" href="/">Try It Out</a>
<div class="left" style="margin-right: 3px; text-align: center;">
<img src="{{media url=" wysiwyg="" alt="" />
<br /><a style="font-family: 'TeXGyreAdventorRegular';" href="/">Try It Out</a>
<div class="left" style="margin-right: 3px; text-align: center;">
<img src="{{media url=" wysiwyg="" alt="" />
<br /><a style="font-family: 'TeXGyreAdventorRegular';" href="/">Try It Out</a>

Hi, I just love this theme it is by far the best on themeforest and I know, I own a lot of themes from themeforest. Just a question about theme colors, how can I make links in header menu darker? The links are very light and does not show as clear on smart devices. Theme does work great on smart devices with no problems. I just need to make links darker and if possible fonts bigger, thanks much

Hi, we will get back to you for this question as well along with your previous one by e-maill, thank you.


The compare is not updating in the header unless the page is refreshed. Please correct this.



Hello, we could not find this issue in any of our tests we made in Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and iPad. Please refresh your browser cache to solve the issue or could you be more specific about which OS and Browser are you using.

Regards, Angel

Hello Angel,

I found out that it was due to some issue at my end, though i had checked the demo store before posting this bug and had found the issue there as well, though it seems to be rectified today!

Thanks for the reply and such a good support! :)


Hello Jinal,

happy to hear that!, just let us know if you need anything more.

Regards, Angel

Hello, I recently purchased your theme, and installed the quickstart. On the frontend only my front page works and none of the links work. When I click on any link, I receive an error below:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, [no address Given] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have Caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

My permissions are 755/directories and 644/files. Why can I not see any sample data/links don’t work? Thanks for your help.

After 3 days of trying to figure out the problem, I decided to write to you. Right now (after nearly pulling out my hair) I decided to look again at my htaccess and I overlooked uncommenting ReWriteBase /magento to ReWriteBase /, and that was the issue. Thanks again for being so quick to help, I appreciate it!

The only other question I had was at the very bottom of my site it has this:

[profiler] Memory usage: real: 20971520, emalloc: 20554620

What is this and how to I get rid of it? Thanks so much.

Hello Jen, happy to hear that, unfortunately i could not see this text in your website.

Regards, Angel

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries tomorrow morning.

Have a nice evening!

ShopShark Team :)

Found a small bug/glitch:

In style of the day the title “name” is repeated in the description. You can view an example of this on your demo:

(title/name) The Bell Curve The Bell CurveWhen the event calls…

Thank you very much!, we will fix ASAP.

Regards, Angel

Also, a very basic optional feature request: previous/next buttons for products

Hello, we have already add in the request list.

Thanks, Angel

Hi Shopshark team,

I have a small issue with the functionality of the “validation failed” function.

When I have a product, with custom product options and a customer “forgets” one of the required options, the field which he forgets becomes light-pink #FAEBE7 and there is a mesage below saying “Please select one of the options”.

That works nice..But when I select a forgotten option, the field remains light-pink. I think it would be better if the field went back to the original background color after a forgotten choice is made..

Is this possible, and how to implement this?..

Thanks for your help,



Hi Arn, thank you very much for the request, we will add this in our list as future possible implementation. I’ll ask the second line to get back to you with a possible solution.

Regards, Angel

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries tomorrow morning.

Have a nice evening!

ShopShark Team :)


I need to put my contact info like address, phone and contact name in the Contact page, how could I do it?

Thank’s guys


Hi for the question 1, i did what you suggest, but did not works, see the result:


Many thank’s guys

Hi guys!!!!

Hi for the question 1, i did what you suggest, but did not works, see the result:

http://yesorknot.com/contacts?___store=default&___from_store=spanish Many thank’s guys

Hi Eduard, please send us your admin panel + FTP log ins so we can check that out. Also please include your issue into the e-mail so we can know what is it about directly, thank you.

hello, ineed a solution for onepage checkout. this theme has not a onepage checkout. i installed the swift onepage checkout. i will work but the standard cheackout is still in the shoppingcart active. is it posible to give advise? further is my suggestion onepage cheackout as standard implemented in this and every other theme. customers want to cheackout with 1 click not with several. further is my advice that the blog function also for customers aveilible is. so it will be posible to give the website a boost as social medai website. it hekps the sales. Bert from Holland http://thuisbestellen.com/

Thank you Bert, it’s true, the customers want 1 click checkout in fact we are developing the one page checkout and will be available at the end of March, but it is not a standard in every other theme.

Regards, Angel

thanks but can you help me now? i need code advice for the 1.5.4. script so i can use it. otherwise can you help me to cjange it now?

Kurulum yap?yormusunuz?

are you install for me ?

Hello, please send your hosting details to support@shopshark.it first and we will get back to you shortly.

Regards, Angel

Hi there,

Would like to update to v1.6 but modified the theme quite a bit already. May I know how should I go about doing this? Have sent in a support request via email as well. Looking forward to see the mobile responsiveness on the new version. Hope it will be much better for mobile conversion.

Also, possible to request for social login? ie. Login/Register via Facebook and Google. Most of my customers and traffic use these two channels, and having this will really help increase sign-up rates.

Thank you very much for the great support and updates, as always. :)

Hi Angel, I understand what you’re saying. But how do we see & know that the installed plugin is not compatible?

Also, would it be able to ask for assistance to update the Milano theme?

Hi the best way is to ask the author of the plugin / extension if it is compatible.

About update – unfortunately our customization support is closed for the next month due to a high volume of work over the new theme features and hosting support, but we can give main instructions (by the way you have them included into the documentation in your .zip with the theme files).

First you need to download the last version of the theme. We recommend to make a full back up of your website, just in case something go wrong. If you did not modify the store (css files etc) you can simply upload the files over the old ones. If you did modifications you might need to make them again after the upgrade as not all of them will be kept.

Good day! Go back to the previous question. I have menu items: Women – category “Clothing” – Type “dress”, which are divided into sub-categories: 1. Evening 2. Casual, etc. Now when I hid in the settings so that they do not appear in the pop-up menu, they no longer appear even sorting by clicking the “dress”. BROWSE BY – Category. For example in the “men” I did not remove the settings category management sections and subsections then Clicking a “pants” appears to the left secondary sort by category “sports”, “classic”, etc. How do I set up to sort by categories remained open at all times when using the internal store? And more. I set up the menu items, and many other sections, easily transferred them to my desired language. But I can not find where to rename items baskets for the client (which is in the upper right corner), the text on the search button on the site, transitional links such as Return to Previous Page. Thank you. It is waiting for a response. and thanks again for all the help!

Hi, could you please send us this request to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) along with your admin panel details so we can check that issue? Thank you

I have bought this theme and looks great. However, do you have any instruction on changing the slider? Really stuck on the slider and making those cool animations you have.

Hello, please jsut send an email to support@shopshark.it and we will get back to you with the informations about the sliders and a simple but complete explanations about the div tags inside.

How do I disable the ‘home’ tab in the navigation menu? Thanks.


1. Milano options -> Menu Options

2. Show Home Link = Disabled

Regards, Angel

Thank you.