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i am getting problem with options in magento. Kindly help me

Slide Item option order option add product option etc.

HI, please send us an e-mail with the issues you have and admin panel URL+log in details so we can check and get back to you, thank you.


Is there anyway to associate a configurable product on the Style of the day, rather then just a simple product. I don’t really want to use the simple products for this feature as it limits the size option for each product to just that one size.


Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to associate configurable products to the grouped products at Style of the day.

Thanks, so nothing that has a size or colour can work with Style of the day? that seems strange. Is it possible to look at this for the next update otherwise I have to pick exact sizes of items which is a bad UX.

Hi, yes we will think about how to make this work better for the nest releases. At the meantime you can still have a products with different options, you just need to create each size, color etc. as a simple products instead of attributes, which we understand is more time consuming.

on this page http://themeforest.net/item/milano-responsive-magento-theme-blog-extension/full_screen_preview/5210309 – is there a setting in admin that allows you to set which product to display as a big (featured) image? or is it just random?

Hello, in the admin panel you can decide which category must have the mosaic or single view, you can also decide how big your box must be.

Mosaic View;


3 products with 2/3 Portrait:


Regards, Angel

ah so its just a “view”, i cannot set which product to have a big image then? i would like to feature some products in the category page you see


Hello, unfortunately for now not, this is a question many ask for and it will be developed next month because it is a great feature.

Regards, Angel

When you gonna answer ? i mailed to times for installation but no reply

You have to delete magento cache, Magento creates a cached file with the old passowrd stored inside:


Just remove that file and problem solved.

Please stop sending too many comments or it will be considered as spam or sent to the end of our support queue.

Regards, Angel

u didn’t reply me so i have deleted

Is this a joke?

getting One or more of the Cache Types are invalidated: Layouts. Click here to go to Cache Management and refresh cache types. And where is contact us page ? i want to change it’s url and layout

i am asking for theme’s contact us page

like we have about us and privacy pages

About us and privacy policy are simple pages, the contact us page is a phtml file, you must go in:


and open the form.phtml file.

Regards, Tihomir

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries tomorrow morning.

Have a nice evening!

ShopShark Team :)

How to add language & currency in header ?

Hi, you can edit the header content here:

CMS -> Static Block -> Header Links / Header Menu

Hello, you can add a new language using magento connect, please follow the link below.


Regards, Angel

how to delete previous orders u placed in demo ?

Hi, one possible way is if you delete them into the database directly.

Also check here for more info:


hi can you reply to my email please? thanks!

Hello, yes of course, please send me the FTP + Cpanel access + domain where i have to install.

Regards, Angel

hi thanks – i sent these already yesterday to support@shopshark.it

Hello Rachel,

i am almost ready, i have just install Magento + Theme and the DB but i could not complete the installation because i cannot access to yourdomain/index.php/install and complete the installation using only the shared IP.

I just sent you an email with the DB details.

Regards, Angel

is it necessary to upload with quickstart ? because quickstart sql taking so much disk space

Hello, no it is not necessary, if you want you can just install the default Milano Version, you can find it in the zip package.


Regards, Angel

can we install theme by only uploading zip file with both theme and magento but not installing sql ?

Yes. you can use the default Magento sql table.

Hi Please help me turn off the Store Selector in front page. Thank you.

Hi. i was put it to Disabled status but it’s not work. Please tell me how to fix it out. Thank you.

Hi, please send us (support@shopshark.it) your admin panel URL+log in details so we can check that out, thank you.

Hello, did you refresh the cache?, please send an email to support@shopshark.it and we will sort it out for you.

regards, Angel

How to change from fashion clothing store to Flowers store?

There is nothing like that in my installation

Very strange

Hello, maybe you just install the basic theme.

Regards, Angel

how to remove compare products when we use left column. i want to enable that but want do not want compare products

Hi, I believe you have send us an e-mail with that issue and we will get back to you shortly. If you have never send us an e-mail (it is just another client with the same issue) please send it now (support@shopshark.it), and we will reply via e-mail as well, thank you.


what is the exact size of the product imges that we can upload so that it will zoom corectly.


Hello, there is not exact size it depends always on the product you need to insert:

For example, if you have a small jewel like this,


we used the 960×960 pixels to let the details to be visible.

For the bag:


We have used 640×840 it always depends on the product you have in the category and their dimension.

Regards, Angel

Hi, it depends from the images, but usually it is 600 px width at least.

okk thanks

This theme is so neat!

There is very little mix with logic control and presentation styling, making it the easiest to customize.

With aussie dollar hitting 91c, it’s well worth the price!

Thank you.


How to add currency and remove compare product from contact us page ?

let me clear one thing that i have installed Milano_Quick_Start_Files_1_6_3_Magento_1_8_1.zip onlu not sql

Hello, sorry to come back to this point but currency as languages is already installed in Magento and does not depend on the theme, doesn’t matter if you have reinstall Milano with or without our DB, you need to set up the currencies inside the admin panel in order to visualize it. So, send us the admin user + pwd plus the FTP and we will sort this out, but specify the currencies.

Regards, Angel

sent on ur email from Amrit

Hello, We are interested in the the next theme but the product image is very huge for the kid of shop and product we want to use it. We would like to know if it is the size is editable without having to modify the core or grow through big complication. and if the updates will not affect the changes the product image will be have.

http://themeforest.net/item/milano-responsive-magento-theme-blog-extension/5210309?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=ShopShark Best regards.

Hello, please just send an email to support@shopshark.it just to let us know with some example how the product image it must be.

Regards, Angel

I am using this template v1.6.2 and after installing it works great (specifically menu drop downs, image hover) but after adding my Admin Theme, One Page Checkout, and Automatic Configurable (all from Magento Connect) the menu does not work properly, no images zoom when hovered, and other hover/select options are not working.

I have cleared cache, complied, reindexed and everything I can find to fix. Can you please tell me what the problem is?


Hi, we cannot be aware what the problem is without to check the customization you have done. So if you do not mind please send us an e-mail (support@shopshark.it) with your issue + admin panel URL and log in details so we can make a check, thank you.

Hello, only default Magento theme is compatible with all third-party extensions, because all extensions are designed to work with default Magento theme.

Any custom theme isn’t compatible with all third-party extensions by default. You need to customize the extension to make it work properly with the theme.

Regards, Angel

very nice theme thanks :-) Couple of glitches Im finding though, 1 – the filters ‘sort by’ and ‘show x per page’ do not work since using this theme. Pagination does, but not these filters.

2 – I have turned off product zoom. When I click on additional thumbnails, it will open up a white background popout view of product images. Is there a ways just to select image thumbnails for products and they just change on the main product page, not on popup screen? Without using the image zoom?

3 – on home page, new product slider, I have followed instructions, set new from and to dates on live products but nothing shows on slider.

Cache etc all cleared.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi, to give you any suggestions we need to check the customization you have done. So if you do not mind please send us an e-mail (support@shopshark.it) with your issue + admin panel URL and log in details so we can make a check, thank you.

hi, is there any solution to make product image gallery carousel vertical instead of horizontal. i see there is switch case function at media.phtml but it has only horizontal. thanks in advance.

Hello, please send an email to support@shopshark.it with the FTP + Admin user and PWD and the second line will install for you.

Regards, Angel

Hello … thanks for the offer but can send files which requires change as i have already customized my theme and i’m afraid we will loose what we have done so far, else send me an update schedule where i’ll back up my files and stop updating from my ende

Ok, on Monday I’ll ask the second line to send you the code. Please, just send an email as reminder.

Regard, Angel