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hi i have your theme on my magento site and have two errors:

1. i cannot save custom theme options in admin (change logo etc) 2. pound symbol is displaying on euro site in “new products” tab on homepage

I have emailed twice about this – can someone please fix these issue for me??


hi i fixed my own issue. but now i have another issue, the captions i enter on my slider wont save?


Hi Rachel, this is Gergana here. Since there was a lot of requests we got on the e-mail and I see that some of them are solved already, could you please send a fresh e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and explain the issues left unsolved so we can check, thank you.


ok thanks – just mailed you


I have written an email to support 3 days ago, but no answer, so now I write here instead… I have asked below questions before, but received no clear answer, but I need it now.

Can you please confirm following.

Countdown timer;

You wrote to me 1 month ago, that the countdown timer will show on product listing page d. 7 March, BUT it is not showing still?

I need a date!, otherwise I have to buy an extension for this, as countdown / timer has No use if it is not showing in product listing pages.

One Page Checkout;

You have also written that this shall be ready by now.

I also need a date for this, as I otherwise will have to buy an extension for this as well!



Hello, we have both the customizations available. I just spoke the manager responsible for our Theme delivery and promise he is going to add into Milano with the next release.

Regards, Angel


Last week you wrote next release was on Friday d. 28 March!, but as usual, nothing happened… WHEN IS NEXT RELEASE, and please come up with a DATE that is VALID!

Are you going to include the 2 concerns I have in next release?


Hello!, I am waiting for your answers, so I know if we shall buy extensions or wait for you to update the theme…

Hallo, Where can I find in source code information about script of Promotions and New product?


Hi, the folder is:

the files are:



These are the templates.

Hi Guys, thank you very much for the great support!, i just give you 5 stars!

At the beginning i was attracted by the design and features offered but the best aspect of the purchase was the regular updates and new features that have been added.

Please could you release soon the one page checkout.

Thank you! :):)



Hi Diego, thank you very much for your kind words, much appreciated! Milano theme has one page checkout:



hey you,

have you received my email with all the info you requested?


Please could you rush, is already thursday and I keep with the same problems and nothing have been solved


Hello Val, we already sent you everything, you ask to help you customizing for free, that’s perfect, but the details you sad we must have i was not able to find in my db, so please could you be so kind to send us all the details.



Hi Val, I called Angel, she is sick now at home, just found your details in her DB.

Regards, Ivan

Feature request: Add QTY/Quantity in Ajax “Add to Cart” popup when ordering more than 1 piece of a product.

Support – I purchased the milano theme for my magento but i need the blog extension. Can you please send me the link and instructions if possible for my to install this? I have very confidential information in my server. I sent an email but i have gotten any response.

Thanks in advanced.


Hi, thank you for your mail. We will get back to you via e-mail as well.


Hey – im sorry but i haven’t received any email from you.. it has been almost a week and i really need it…

please help me. thanks.

Hi guys,

I want to put the code for Adwords conversion. Google says:

Copy the code box below and paste it between the body-tags </ body> of the page you want to track

Where and how I have to put?

many thank’s



Hi Eduard, you need to open the code of the page where you want to track, somewhere into the code you will see text like this (body) ........... (/body). You just need to paste the code you have copied between this tags, no matter where exactly.


I have written to you by mail a couple of times now. Could you please reply as soon as possible


Best regards Aabid


Hi Aabid, we have already exchange a few e-mails with you and I believe you understand our recommendations. Thank you


Any news on my request? I sent already during last weekend.


We have replied you, please check above, thank you.

Hi Dear,

I am working on my client’s website which uses your theme and ver. 1.3.5. I have a query that if I make a purchase for your theme how easy it is to update this version to the latest version?

2) Would you update to the latest version if i make the payment as you guys are offering free installation services with the purchase.

3) The website is live and is being visited by 1000’s of visitors every day. If we update this theme would there be any problem with the website?

4) I made many changes to the core files. On updating would those file be modified or would they be preserved as such.

Waiting for a early response from your end so that i can place my order at the earliest.


Hello. Please help me, i sent you a email hours ago but not yet got your reply. I using the lastest version 1.6.3 and having question. 1. Currently when i add a product to cart->hit onto View cart and checkout -> on the /checkout/cart/ page when i click on Procedd to checkout: it not jump to continue part, so it jump back to home page. it means that we can make any checkout. 2. About the MAP feature, i enabled this feature for some products, but in this product’s page when i click on “Click for price” or “What this?” they not display a pop-up window like demo… 3. It’s due to my policy is all free for shipping, is there away to remove the Estimate Shipping and Tax on checkout/cart/ page?- so that my customer can directly enter discount code(if have) or go Proceed to Checkout. 4. I sent you all information about my website via email hours ago, please help me or let me know what can i do. I really need you reply asap.


Hi, nothing came from the e-mail above, please re-send it, I check into the spam but nothing again, thank you.


Hi, the first issue we solved without details. Please specify the second one and also try to send e-mail to us again, as we did no received it, because we need to send you a code for the 3rd questions, thank you.


Hello ShopShark. I have just came back from a work trip and see your feedback allway are good news for me. I have tested 1st issue, it’s work well. I also resend a email to you for 2nd and 3rd question. Please take a look at that and help me to fix it out. Thank you again. Your Friend’s Trong


You answer other people, but not me? What is wrong with you?

This is the second or third time you do not answer my messages!, Yes you can go back and see my messages, 1 month back or so and see!


So as soon as a message does not suit YOU, then you delete it… The truth is not well heard I see… Shame on you…


It’s a Joke…

I have never asked for your help on this template… NOT even once… The ONLY thing I have asked for is when various updates that YOU have announced was available, but you are NEVER living up to your own deadlines OR promises… Only thing you do is keeping customers in the blind… Finally!, after you have not replied several times, then I keep asking for a VALID date for the updates that you have announced, because otherwise I would have to buy extensions!, what the hell is wrong with that… Have a nice day too…


Just read your reply again!, and I must say, that I really feel sorry for you… It seems you have been looking for an excuse to make your customer support even worse than it was in the first place… I have only been asking for a date regards to your updates, and the only answer you could come up with was this… WOW

@aeoungrup You are not in the kindergarden, stop blame for something everyone is taking for free, and don’t let us loose our time reading your crazy posts.

I have also spent a month waiting for the blog, but i have received for free, and sorry but if there is something that have really help me during last 3 months was the amazing customer support team.

Thank you Rumiana and Gergana, you make my days. Ragards, Diego

Hi shopstark I am interested on purchasing this theme but I want to ask some question first.

1. Can you customize the add to cart button become visible all the time not when mouse hover?

2. Can I change font of this theme later?

3. About one page checkout you say earlier, http://milano.shopshark.eu/checkout/onepage/

I try to open that and it’s the default magento checkout.

Will you add one step checkout like this one? http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/one-page-checkout.html

Best regard


hello shopshark Sorry for my stupid question, but i’d like to add gift option like as ur demo:http://milano.shopshark.eu/versace-566.html. Please show me some tips.

thank you.

@aeoungrup it’s true that they take time to come back to us, but I can understand that they are very busy, you should understand that too :)

Keep cool!

@HeHateMe, If I did not knew any better, then I would think you are paid by ShopShark… If you expect ShopShark to work on your website for Free, then it is your problem or maybe ShopSharks problem I would rather say… Free Installation that’s it maybe, but otherwise do your own work or hire someone to do it… I did not ask ShopShark to do ANY work at all…, on the other hand I asked 2 very simple questions based on their announcements about updates. I asked in February about when the countdown / timer for product listing page would be ready!, because it is basically useless on product page only. I was told in February, it would be ready d. 7 March., but nothing happened. I asked when I could expect it to be ready again… NO Reply… I asked again to their email support NO reply… I don’t mind to wait for answers for days, but for months!, NO. Then I asked about One Page Check Out!, No reply!; then I wrote to their email support!, No reply… WTF… They could have said it would be ready in December this year, I really do not care, but now I’ve have been waiting for months and put my project on hold because I was waiting for those updates!, and I even said!, if it is not ready, then I would purchase extensions…, but no reply…, so I do not at all think I am on the wrong track here! – BUT maybe you are ‘HeHateMe’, because you obviously want people to work on your site for Free, so they do not have time to answer me, who only wants an answer…

@saxateam, I do not mind waiting for reply’s, not at all, but patience is up when I have been waiting sense February, and at the same time they reply everyone else, but me! The only thing I did was buying their template and asked about an update. They actually never sent me a real reply and the ONE time I received a reply, it was not Valid and still is not…

Ciao ShopShark my question is very simple before i purchase the theme:

Can the slideshow in the front page be bigger, and it is easy to customise or not.

Grazie e Buon Lavoro



yes of course, just send an email to suport@shopshark.it and i will send you the how to so you can evaluate by yourself.

Regards, Ivan