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hi shopshark I can not find my purchase code in my download page?

want to ask something

Hello Codrea,

Below he steps you can follow to find your Item purchase Code:

1. Go to “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest account.

2. Click download button and choose “Licence Certificate” from dropdown.

3. Open Certificate file and copy purchase code.

oh yeah, thanks

just submit the ticket Ticket Created! #214432

Hi ShopShark team,

No attribute can be selected on product Quick View screen once Color Swatch is used. Is this a bug? Compare the quick view screen of these two items, MCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN and Shades Multi Color, on this page: http://milano.shopshark.eu/clothing.html

Hello Jeff, the issue has been already solved 2 weeks ago with the 1.7.3 version. Unfortunately the manager still didn’t update our themeforest online demo. On Monday we will update it. Thank you for the question!

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, especially considering during the weekend! I have a problem for updating to 1.7.3. That is why we still have this issue.

You are welcome Jeff, if you have any problem, just rise a ticket and on Monday one of our support guys will get back to you.

Hi Team, 1. I tried to create color swatch. I’ve already added new color in color attribute. Then, I did Catalog -> Manage Products -> Add Products, Attribute Set = Demo Attribute Set, Product Type = Configurable Products + Click Continue. But it still gets error, “This attribute set does not have attributes which we can use for configurable product”. 2. I created a grouped products, and makes “Style of the day” enable. and I clear magento and cache. But it cannot display in the homepage. Could Please help me to fix them? Thank you in advance

Hi Team. Unfortunately, I don’t have “Website” in product tab sheet. is it a new function of new version?

I only have 1 Website and 1 Store.

Hi, please register at our support system and send a ticket with your log in details so we can check the issue, thank you.

where can I see on my server what version of the theme I have installed?

Hi, the easiest way is to check the zip file you have downloaded after the theme purchase.

I bought the theme on 20th february 2014. What version was available at that time?


The version is 1.6.0

May I know the part of “Style Of The Day”, can I add in another 2 more column like: “High Jewelry”; “Shop By Flower Range”...etc! Any limitation to add? Thank you!

Yes, I have placed a ticket yesterday for something else… :) #515003

Anyway, you might forgot to disable your out of office message: “national holidays between 1-st and 6-th of May…...etc!” Btw, any chances to get better way to set the megamenu?

Hi, thank you for the feedback, we will check the issue with the message right away.

Can’t find purchase code so that I can sign up for your support system.

I need the free installation offer.



Below he steps you can follow to find your Item purchase Code:

1. Go to “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest account.

2. Click download button and choose “Licence Certificate” from dropdown.

3. Open Certificate file and copy purchase code.

Hi – do you know if the M2E Pro extension is compatible with your theme? Thanks

Thanks :)

Hi, did you guys get a chance to test it yet? Thanks

Hello still not tested, i have just assigned to a programmer, they promised during the weekend they will install.


Am using M2E Pro and has nothing to do with any theme, is only for the backend, from the admin panel you can manage all your ebay or amazon shop.

Thank you Blunoa!

Any chances to get better way to configure the megamenu?

Hi, what is your idea about better megamenu configuration?

Something like this… More way for us to choose the layout, pic setting, column setting…etc! http://www.magentech.com/extensions/commercial-extensions/item/246-sm-mega-menu-magento-module

Hi we have similar options at Milano, not sure what your idea is, sorry. If you give us more details we can advice if it is possible to be done as how. Please for further comments and question use our support system, available here: https://www.shopshark.net/signup/. Thank you.


Is it possible to get the soudcloud logo in footer? I don’t find the right place in your theme to do it. Nothing about the use of your fonts in your documentation. Should be great to add things about it. One other question, is it possible to use bootstrap with your theme without break everything? Thanks

Hi, please register at our support system, available here: https://www.shopshark.net/signup/ and send us a ticket. We will contact you there with more information, thank you.


Can you help me to see what wrong with the image zoom function..only the last image working…

Hi, please send us a ticket here: https://www.shopshark.net/signup/, thank you.

hi why are my social icons appearing as numbers?


Hello rwilson86, for sure you have removed the code into the static block that help to convert the numbers into icons.

Quick question.

It is possible to make a categoriy menu for Pinterest style blog extension?

Great. Buying the theme today :)

One last thing. Does the template allow wide static blocks (like parallax but without background image, just background-color)?

Yes it is possible to add a custom block wider with a background color, this is a customization that could be done by us in order to achieve the results you need.

You rock :) Thanks!!!!

Hi :) how can i update my theme? i already modified some Pages and Static blocks?

Hello, you can download the last theme from themeforest and use the Diff File inside. please send us a ticket here:


and we will send you a short description how you can do it.

Hi Awad, i just send you an email.

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries Monday morning.

ShopShark Team :)

Hello, is there any plans to make color swatch work with simple products? My store is already done and my products are not set up as configurable, what is the best way to fix this so it work with simple products? thanks much.

Hello Cathy, this is an update we are going to add with the 1.7.6 version, because it is a lot of work it needs time to be implemented correctly.

Hello i want to but this theme but i have something to ask before i buy it my website will be , international website something like - www.example.com/us/ - www.example.com/uk/ - www.example.com/it/ - www.example.com/sp/ (usa, united kingdom,italy,spain) and each country will have its store is this theme give me the ability to do this with multi language ? i hope you got my point.

Hello Braincoder, Magento is already Multi Language and Multi Store ready, and this functionality does not depend on the theme.

When new updates r coming ?

Hello, the 1.7.4 will be ready for the next Monday.


Nice theme. I am very interested in buy it. Regarding the style of the day, when I click the girl model image, it leads me to a page showing all the grouped product list with brief description and price information. This is good. However, if I would like to click the product image or product name, it doesn’t direct me to that specific product for further information.

So, my question is: is it possible to add url to the product image or product name? Thank you very much!

Good news, thanks! May I know if it’s possible to have the style of the day acting as sliders for various grouped products in the position of under the header area?

Hello Bruce, this is an option we have already think and designed, it will be a challenging widget we are going to apply on our next releases, NO ETA right now but it will work with bundle products too.

Thank you very much for your reply! I can’t wait to see your next release. I believe that this feature will make your theme much more distinctive and attractive comparing to other themes. :)

Can you please send me an email as you did to 3wadballal with the steps to update the theme ?

thank you

Hello Val, I have just sent you the How To.