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hi,man nice to see Indians at this stage…..perform very well…...i just download your this nice and simple template.but i have one problem abt that is man how can add my about.html page and i m not from your field so i don’t know abt html how it will edit? i edit navigator menu but how can i add about.html and how can i make it….....plz…..

On the blogger dashboard go to “NEW POST ”>>”EDIT PAGES ”>>”NEW PAGE ”.
Add content and title to that page and publish. If you want the page in your menu just copy the url of page and add it to the menu code.

Best in here so far. Hope to see more from you as quality blogger templates like this seem to vanish. Oh, anyway can you make one for pc game niche?

lazaac Purchased

already using it… nice theme… :)


Great :)

I am being given this error when trying to upload the theme on blogger.. We were unable to save your template. Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: (SyntaxError) : Unexpected token <

Please help urgently!

Hi Nikisammut,

First of all thanks for purchasing my template. Secondly I want you to contact me through your email using the contact form on this page http://themeforest.net/user/jdsans.

Make sure you are signed in to see the form.

Hi :) I have bought this theme yesterday and it’s very nice. Because i am a girl, it seemed quite a bit colorless for me, it’s not a real problem, though. When i checked how my new theme seemed in Opera, unfortunatelly the result is not good. :( I am using the latest version ofOpera and my main page is awful :) Besides, the comment form does not appear, too. I do not understand what the problem is… Because of changes i did on color codes or because of theme? The second question i want to ask about “multi tabbed widget”. I want to add a multitab widget at the sidebar(under the search box). However, i could not find any, which works properly with Milkyway. I have tried one of them, i used with my old template and worked, but it did not work with Milkyway. If it is possible for you, may you give an advice about this widget? To sum up, honestly, i adore Milkyway. Thank you very much.


Hi, Firstly thanks for buying my theme. Secondly Can you please show me your blog.

Of course, www.mikropellet.com


Sorry to say but everything on my opera9 seems to be fine. Also the comment form is appearing. I don’t see any problem. I can show you the screenshot if you want

Ah, don’t worry; as i said it does not great problem for me. ;) Thanks for your helps :)


Alright. Good luck with the theme. If your having any more problem you can ask anytime.

Hi jdsans,

First, I appreciate the great blogger design!

I have couple of question:

1. Can I use this template for multiple blogs after purchase?

2. Can I edit the layout, ex. I want the sidebar on right-side, etc. and other layout related changes?

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks, Sarjya


Hi Sarjya,

Yes you can use the theme on multiple blogs till you use it personally.

Secondly you can do whatever changes you like to your theme after purchasing.

vitorius Purchased

Bought this theme,looks nice,however it scores very low on Yslow test,a shame because it is a very nice looking template


Hi vitorius,

Firstly thanks for purchasing the theme. The theme is fueled by a lot many scripts so that’s why its kinda slow

Hey I just purchased this theme yesterday and I really like it! The html code is kinda heavy which makes it harder for me but I like the freedom one has when it comes to changes! :) Was able to edit nearly everything I wanted, just two little questions I couldn’t figure out so far:

I would like to move the navigation bar so that it’s between the twitter and the post snippets, where in the code can I adjust that? Couldn’t figure that out. Also I would like to adjust the size of the post snippets since I only use two and not three column for my site.

Thank you for the theme, good job! :) Sam


Hi Sam,

For the changes you’re asking no code has to be changed, but the css will need to be changed. Also i wouldn’t recommend the changes you’re asking coz they might cause some serious issues.

Yeah I meant the css, I fixed that myself now. Everything went fine until I made another post and sometimes the post are displayed correctly and sometimes not. I tried your recommendation to replace the .js file but that didn’t work; I tried to insert it manually with <script type… etc> but then I get an error message from Blogger that there’s something not correct with the script. Do you have any tips on how to deal with that? I don’t know how to host the files myself. The post were displayed fine before I made a new one and sometimes following ones are displayed correctly and sometimes not. :/


Hi Sam Can you show me your blog and also tell error that blogger is showing up?

knowlengr Purchased

Hi – Nice theme.

Haven’t finished tweaking the links, but I have some images floating in the middle of the landing page. Is there a limit to image size for that page? It wasn’t very big, but it seems to confuse the rendering.

see technologyhead.com



The post http://www.technologyhead.com/2013/03/scan-and-fix-warning-message-for-usb.html

is not being shortened correctly. Try changing its content and image. See if that works.

Thanks Jasdeep

knowlengr Purchased

OK. I tried reformatting the text (left vs. justified), removing some of the text, and resizing / repositioning the image, and it just seemed to push the error around. A possible hint is that it never displays the article title.

Hi, I recently purchased this template. I like the simplicity of the template. Requesting your help on the below queries: 1. How do I display the full title without truncating in the home page? 2. I am getting a horizontal scroll on full post page. How can this scroll be avoided? http://kanavuthozhirchaalai.blogspot.com