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Very cool template, good luck with sales.

Looks really nice. GLWS :)

Awesome design pb, glws! ;)

Good Luck guys!! Your theme is beautifully designed

Very nice, good luck with sales!


Thank you!

Stunning work! Good luck :)

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Hello Pierre,

I would like to know where to change the location of the map please.

Best wishes



please send me email – p.borodin@email.cz – I`ll send you tutorial or script.


I want to buy this to create a Wordpress template (for own use) out of it. But what is wrong with the HTML ? When you buy this will the HTML be normal and tidy?


I`m glad for you insterest. Buy theme, send me an email p.borodin@email.cz and I`ll send you HTML normal and tidy :)

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Very nice! I wish there was a pricing table…

Can you change/ replace image sliders with a video player/ link e.g vimeo/youtube or add video in general?

manojrtx Purchased

I Purchased this yesterday, and emailed you after seeing that the source formatting is all out of whack in the downloaded file.

Bit disappointed to get no reply, and for having left to deal with bad formatting. Could you please send me a file with proper formatting?


I send you email right now from my second adress based at gmail.

Tomorrow i sent you an email from p.borodin@email.cz, check SPAM folder.

manojrtx Purchased

Hi Pierre,

Yes. It DID go into spam. No wonder I did not see it. Thanks a lot for sending this, and the excellent support provided. My apologies for complaining earlier.

Great work, as always.

I also would like to know if a video can be placed in the image slider?


Video is now abaible :)


I see now.. i was thinking the video would be placed smaller along with the “buy me” button…. for example the video would replace the image with hand and iPhone and still have text and button on right.

I guess this can be done once I purchase files… If I run into problems are you available to help me out?


After buying theme, please send me an email. We will help you :)

when I test the links at the top on my android it does not scroll. Does that only functioned with the purchased copy or should it work on the preview. I also tested on Kindle with some result. Thanks


Sorry our mistake. Tommorow we will solve it.

catecorp Purchased

where I can get the Phone Hands Mockup?



PSD /Home.psd

catecorp Purchased

then I can modify and put another image in the iphone?


Yes of course, if you have some problem send me email and i`ll help you. Ok ? :)

Would like to make the Contact Form active but no script is included and doing that is not mentioned anywhere. Please advise best way to make it active..? Do you have or recommend a script for that..? Thank You!!


Hi, we make update with active contact form.


Any news on a contact form script you would recommend..? Thanks.

Wonderfull !! template, GL with sales

tBeza Purchased

Hi PierreBorodin,

I bought this and i would like to show different bg images behind the header slider. please advice.



Hello :)

Path for background image: data/header/background[number].jpg Example: You have image.jpg – rename it > background1.jpg copy/paste/replace in header folder.

and in skript ( <!- SET RANDOM HEADER BACKGROUND -> ) you can switch off random backrounds.

If you have some problem or you don`t know, how change it – mail me. Ok ? We will help you.