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For anyone having issues with the contact map just modify the coordinates that you copy from google maps to use a coma instead of a full stop.


-37.81336 144.95209

Should be

-37,81336 144,95209

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Hey Autor of the theme…there are some people here that need updates and answers. Can you please give us some attention? Thank you!

UPDATED New update included blog page, if you don’t know how you work with htlml/css template you can download wordpress theme :)

@AFX Thank you! That worked perfectly :)

Pierre Thank you for the update! I hope we can expect a fix for the contact form as well :) Thank you for your hard work!

WDL7819 Purchased

I tried adding the comma but the Map still won’t work, a lite blue screen of the map appears but no map. Also the site is not appearing correctly on the iPhone and iPad….can u help? I have tried everything but the site is not appearing correctly?

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hi, with the update , does it can send mail ? thanks


if you know a little bit of PHP you can use the submitmail.php here



unk3k Purchased

The SHOW ALL Command for the works section is not functioning once you go over 12 items – this is valid for the stock theme .


unk3k Purchased

Its OK I got it!! It works but could have been better documented.

A working E-mail form would be nice though..



I just bought the theme and implented it in my drupal website.

Everything is working great except for the navigation.

The navigation is not working correctly in Internet Explorer 8?


I’m having issues with getting slides to show up. I went through the steps, even the default slides don’t work.

Also, when I add my location in the contact page, it always reverts back to the San Fransisco default. I updated WP to 3.5.1, is there a compatibility issue?

ok, the slides show up but only if i’m logged out, I can’t preview if i’m logged into the admin.

Never mind, I see it’s an image

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@telepathydesigns thank you :)

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hello, i have a modal lightbox with jquery 1.9 and generate conflicts with jquery of layout. You have the layout jquery in version 1.9 of jquery? If i include jquery 1.9 layout broken..

cyberrob Purchased

Hi, the template works fine. The only thing is that the E-mail form is not working. Do you have the intention of implementing a working E-mail form? Thank you!

My theme does not let me upload images. I also cannot see the portfolio when logged in. I have to see it from another browser.

Let me know how to fix these issues.