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Hi, Me again

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/nedulopes/public_html/wp-content/themes/ndlps/core/twitter/tw-widget.php on line 60

I’m getting this error message on twitter feed. What should I do?


Locate the core/twitter/tw-widget.php file on your theme folder, open it with your editor and replace the following line of code (should be in line 57):
with this:
if(!empty($the1_twitter_plugin_tweets) && is_array($the1_twitter_plugin_tweets)){

I have had this theme for almost a year, and have not had a problem, but today, my main homepage slider is not working. It’s static, and it’s not even on my last post? I have checked all of the Milli Options, and everything is correct. Please advice, thanks in advance!

My Milli Options are not responding at all. Now, it’s posting items which I have on the “exclude” category. I have done nothing, except for a Wordpress update. I’ll check to see if other people are having troubles. I will most likely just change my entire theme.

Greetings lesarossick, and very sorry for the late reply!

Where on the phase of updating all our of themes for the latest WordPress versions. You’ll be notified when the update is available but in the meantime, you can send us a link to your site so maybe we can take a look at it and maybe help with a temporary fix.


Does this theme support sidebar widgets?

Yes, it does!

Hi, nice theme. But I have 2 bug: 1. the black outline around the posts on the right top corner is not displayed correctly (see 2. Featured images are not properly displayed. Is there a certain size they need to fit into?

3. Also I would like to know if/how it is possible to show post content (text form the post or description) on the Homepage. The question was already up in the forum.

Thanks, Moritz

ok , I figured it out myself: you need to add this to your custom css to adjust the additional height u need: article { display: block; padding-bottom: 50px; }

Hi there,

you can add excerpt to the other post formats as well, simply repeat that procedure but now put that code inside other case blocks on the same file.

And as for the height of the block, sorry that I forgot to add this, but you simply open the [ThemeFolder]/css/responsive.css and on the line 289 you should find the following:
.postformat-post .content, .postformat-video .content, .postformat-audio .content{ height: 135px; }
now simply change the height: 135px; to min-height: 135px;


Great, thanks. That worked perfectly!

There seem to be a bug with firefox, regarding the positioning of this bit of css:

.post-3d-top { background-position: 0 0; display: none; float: right; margin: -19px 0 0 0; width: 19px; height: 19px; }

Instead of being in the upper right corner of the post the line “moves” down to the lower right corner. Does not appear in safari and chrome.

Can you please fix this? Thanks, m

Hi moritzmorgen,

please add the following two parameters on the .post-3d-top class:
position: absolute; right: -1px;
and then on [ThemeFolder]/style.css file, inside the .post-wrap class (should be in line 707), add the following parameter:
position: relative;

This should fix it.

works! Thank you!

Getting a message in the 2-column that says “Please fill all widget settings!”

When I go to widgets I seem to have something in each widget section.

Can you help me understand how to tweak this?

Figured it out…the Twitter API info needed to be entered.

My slider window is not working at all on my blog i have tried everything please help !!

Also why is it taking so long for my video to upload. I am starting to regret getting this theme, !! Nothing is working properly and no one is getting back to me