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I have purchased the Mimesi theme. i would like to display my art under the portfolio feature and have the option to a paypal button under the artwork. I can not get it to work. Any ideas?

It ‘should’? But it does not.

1 having trouble with the themes compatibility with mobile devices. Currently using an iPad (using any browser). I am unable to edit under ‘theme options’. It only gives me access to ‘general settings’ and nothing else.

2 I add a new Portfolio with a ‘featured image’ from my iPad and I view it from a PC using any browser and the image is rotated 90 degrees. So viewing it on mobile devices it looks ok but from a PC and its rotated.

1: I’ve no access to any iPad but on my mobile using chrome browser I’m able to navigate through theme options and all relevant tabs.

2: Apparently, this doesn’t seems to be theme specific issue, please take a look here:

3: Your shortcode should work in portfolio single view, however, if you’ve ajax functionality enabled it is possible that shortcode scripts are not being loaded properly on ajax request. You can try disable ajax functionality from theme options.

Hope it helps :)

Hi, I just purchased your theme, great theme by the way ;) How can I remove the space between the logo and the begin of my porfolio and in other hand between the end of my portfolio and my social widget ? Thanks a lot

Hi ! Thanks for your answer ;)

I mean “reduce” the space between the logo picture and the area with the text “Howdy. I’m a grid based layout” text”.

The space just above social icons in the white area is precisely what I want reduce as well.

To finish (I swear ;)), can you tell me how can I reduce the size of my portoflio of my homepage (I don’t want change the number of column, 6 is fine for me), I mean reduce each thumbnail keeping a square dimension, I tested to move the width to 270px in this code lign but it is not square anymore and if i add “height : 270 px all is broken !!!

.portfolio-grid li{ position:relative; float:left; margin:0 30px 30px 0; width:270px; background:#fff; text-align:center; }

Thanks to support us ! Misterswing

Okay, Here are the CSS rules for your requirements:

1: For spacing below logo: (change/reduce 30px value)

.global-header:not(.global-header-clone) {
    padding: 59px 0 30px 0;

2: For spacing above social icons: (change/reduce 120px value)

.site-footer {
    padding: 120px 0 118px;

3: For 270px square portfolio entries:

.portfolio-grid li {
    width: 270px;
.portfolio-grid li .featured-attachment {
    height: 270px;

Hope it helps :)

Hi, A big thanks for your help !You provide a real support and it is cool ! Everything is almoste perfect, the only thing is I succeed to get smaller square portfolio entries but as it’s smaller it puts these entries on 2 lines and 4 columns, how can I do to stay with 2 lines and 3 columns (centered on the screen) just like the template comes. Thanks a lot ;)