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Well done, good luck with the sales!


Thanks RDever!

Olá Amigos portugueses,

É possível customizar facilmente a cor azul “padrão”do tema.

Pergunto por que o tema realmente me interessa para um projeto para a ID visual da empresa usa a cor vermelha como padrão.

Obrigado e parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho! Com certeza o template mais bonito e funcional do TF na atualidade.


Olá sarego,

Sim consegues facilmente customizar a cor padrão do tema, bem como outras cores que queiras individualmente. Consegues customizar também fontes, fundos, patterns, etc..

Cumprimentos ;)

Looks great. Best of luck with sales :)


Thanks ChrisMooney ;)

rlseelen Purchased

I downloaded the theme and it looks really nice and perfect, compliments!

I only have two questions:

1. Can I change the height of the header?

2. I use the social gallery plugin from code-canyon but it doesn’t work?

Thanks in Andvance


Hi rlseelen

Can you please post those questions on our support forum? We will be glad to help you with that and other problems.


Lovely theme man, good luck with sales!


Thanks IulianN ;)

Great job guys, nice theme!


Thanks ;)

Very Nice Theme :)


Thanks kenazar ;)

awesome theme as usual.. good luck!


Thanks mabuc ;)

Hi! the theme looks awesome! i just have one question,

can i have multiple portfolios??

thnks!! :)


Thanks ferkno77 ;)

And yes, you can have as many portfolios as you want.

Is there anyway I can get a demo to see the backend admin panel prior to purchasing?

Thanks, Ken


Hi kenazar

For now its not possible.

But you can check our previous work (Allure) videos cause the panel is quite similar to this.


Sounds good. Will you at any point incorporate Bootstrap with MindUp?

Nice theme! have one questions.. The Big Slide at home page…can it be a regular size images? or just full screen HD images as shown?



Thanks lucianodoramo

The homepage slider only works in full width size so we recommend that you use big images to create a better look. If you use small images it will distort them.

Great theme! If there a html-version of it?


Thanks denis15

The theme was build only for wordpress cms. We dont have the HTML individually. Sorry.

Nice one ;) Parabéns!


Obrigado ;)

Any chance will see pricing tables, pricing tabs and a secondary header menu in the next update?

Congrats on the theme, Ken


Pricing tables are now available on the theme ;)


Awesome :)

Any chance the secondary menu is on the roadmap :)-



Hi kenazar,

We have added this feature on the to-do list, but isn’t the most important ;)

This is an awesome theme. I would buy it in a second if it didn’t load so slowly. The whole site seems to lag on any device (laptop, desktop, mobile, etc). Is this something that can be fixed or is it just because there is so much going on?


Hi strillogy,

Thanks for your comment.

The theme load in 4/5 seconds you can check here http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/fky2H3PpJ/http://designarethemes.com/themes/mindupwp/

The site has to load large images, so we think that the load time is within the normal. But we’ll try to optimize it a bit more to load faster.

Regarding the “lag” question, we did not find any problem with it. Can you be more specific?

Best Regards


The page loads, but the slider can take up to 20 seconds or more to load sometimes in Firefox/Safari. A couple times when I’ve visit the page the slider completely fails to load.

I’m really interesting in buying the theme, but I worry about the reliability.

Awesome theme! I love it but it’s not quite perfect for my client.

He does love the social media buttons though. Is there any chance of isolating these buttons and selling them to me seperately?

Cheers, Guy


Hi twonil,

We can not sell it separately. But if you buy the theme, we can help you integrate the social icons from mindup, on your website.

Best Regards

Like Impressive images in your design.


Thanks logomaster, you can buy them on photodune. Regards

Great theme…

Can I use a custom color in the menu?

If I buy it, I want to use my logo color instead.

Translation ready? (spanish)



Hi mon84,

Many thanks for your interest on our work, we truly appreciate it ;)

Yes you can customize the menu colors, as well the other colors in the theme.

Yes, the theme is translation ready, it come with the .po and .mo files and on the admin panel you can translate a lot of words directly. Check here http://designarethemes.com/img/translation.png

After purchasing the theme, if you have any problems you can always create an account on our support page, and our support team will try to help you.

Best Regards