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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have a dedicated support site here :
If you have any support questions, can you please use our support site to post your questions – we will do our best to assist :)

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Hey Pexeto!

First – I absolutely love this theme and I’m one small click away from purchasing it ;) Before I do though, I’d like to ask a few quick questions since I couldn’t find the answer in the comments or support site.

1. Is it possible to create multiple ‘Portfolio’ style pages? I’m reffering to this style – http://pexetothemes.com/demos/mineral_wp/portfolio/ (standard layout, three columns).

So for example in the top menu bar, I’d like to have links to Templates, Tutorials & Freebies – and each will lead to a different page with a different portfolio gallery like the above style (with the ajax loading).

2. If the above is possible, is it possible to remove the title Portfolio in the Url? So for example the url for the top menu link ‘Templates’ will link to website.com/Templates/ rather than website.com/Portfolio/Templates? (and for all other links as well)

3. Is there a way to have a full width blog post rather than with a sidebar?

To be honest, I can’t wait to purchase the template and get started. It’s simply beautiful :) Many thanks for you support!



Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you like the theme! :)

1. Yes, you can create multiple portfolio gallery pages – there is an option to exclude categories from each page, so by excluding the rest of the categories you can select a specific category of items to be shown on each page.

2. For the gallery page you can set your custom slug (it is automatically generated by WordPress from the title of the page), however for the portfolio items you can’t remove the “portfolio” word, since “portfolio” is a custom post type and WordPress doesn’t allow removing the slug from custom post types. However it can be easily modified to another word with a minor code tweak.

3. Yes, you can have a full-width blog post layout.