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enprom Purchased

Hi there,

I am using your theme and I am very happy with it so far. I wanted to integrate more friendly contact form and used one of the best ones in envato market from “form crafts”.

However it didn’t work and the support of the plugin have checked and told me that your theme is forcing WordPress to use a very outdated version of jQuery – 1.6.2. This is causing the issue. If temporarily switched to a default WP theme, which loaded the correct jQuery, and the form worked.

Can you please tell me if the theme could use a newer version of jQuery and how should I fix that?

All Best

It sounds like you are using a very old version of the theme. The version of the theme that loaded jQuery v1.6.2 was v1.5.3, and that was published almost three years ago. Maybe it’s time you updated to the latest version of the theme? :)

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I am considering to purchase the theme but want to be sure about the multi-language compatibility. I haven’t come across with any page example with a language selector, i.e. on top-right of the menu bar. Is there a plugin or any other easy way to handle this with your theme? Tnx..

There are plugins you can use to provide multilingual functionality for WordPress.

What version of Wordpress, buddypress and bbpress is this demo version of Mingle running ?


The Mingle demo website is running old versions of WordPress and the BuddyPress plugin. I’m not sure exactly what versions – I think it is WordPress v3.2.1 and BuddyPress v1.5 – but I can find out for certain if it is important for you to know that. I’m not quite sure why you would need to know. The Mingle theme works with all versions of WordPress from v3 up, all versions of BuddyPress from v1.5.2 up. But let me know if you need me to find out exactly what versions are being used on the demo website.

The Mingle demo website doesn’t have the bbPress plugin installed, but we know from customer feedback and from our own tests that Mingle works fine with the current version of the bbPress plugin.


I just bought your theme, is there anyway I can have it the same as your demo site with all the dummy data? So i can play around first.



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niyeric Purchased

Hello , Can you provide the xml demo file please Thanks Eric

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I came to ask the same as KaMai, as I’ve had my eye on Mingle for a while now, but with the Google changes from tomorrow it isn’t going to be good for Google placement.

Would you be reconsidering making the theme more responsive because of this?

The underlying structure of the Mingle design makes it a big challenge to update it to be responsive. You really need to be designing a theme from the start with the intent of making it responsive. Converting something that already exists can take longer than recreating it from nothing in some cases. While we would like to update Mingle to be responsive, it is unlikely to happen. Most software companies will start a new version and sell it as an upgrade to cover the expense of overcoming big changes like this. We see no way of doing that with a theme, and we expect most people would cry foul, accusing us of not updating the product in order to force them to buy the new version. We don’t see that working, and ThemeForest offers no services to support that.

Hi, with Google requiring mobile friendly site, this theme should become “mobile”. Otherwise it is useless. I’ve read you get no plan to make a full mobile versin. At least, could you please provide a light solution ? This would be a pity to put this theme and all work done (by you, by your client including me) to the bin… Thanks for your help !

If you don’t understand the Google mobile rules, then you would easily be misled to think that a non-responsive theme is problem. I encourage you to do some research and learn what these changes really mean.

Hi, well I sum up my need talking about Google.. More generaly speaking, with 30% of my trafic (as the web trafic) is coming from mobile and forecasted to reach 50% end 2015, especially for media and bloging website, the only question is how to make the Mingle theme adapted for mobile ? I have spent a lot of time to customize the design of Mingle theme for my website (see it on yakafokon.com) and I like the result so I do not want to start again from scratch with another theme as Mingle is not “mobile friendly”. Themeforest.net indicates that you sale to around 6000 customers. It is a lot. I am sure, they don’t want to change their Mingle theme as well. I would be grateful that you can provide a solution. Note that I am ready to pay a couple of dollar for an udpated, mobile Mingle theme. Thanks !

That’s a great point, and it sounds like you do understand the change and it would include you as someone potentially impacted.

Unfortunately, you are an exception in that you are willing to pay for an update. To change Mingle to be a responsive theme is significant. It would be a major expense to us and require a month if not more time. Because we would be doing this work for free to the thousands of customers who purchased already, and because it is unlikely to have a significant increase on sales (we’ve done this before and it had no impact) this is not something we plan to do.

I do wish we had more customers like yourself. I would be open to making changes and updates of this scale if we could get funding from a percentage of past buyers that would help to cover the cost of the work. On another theme I suggested a crowd funding campaign could be launched to gauge the interest from other buyers and raise the funds for such a project. Unfortunately that only seemed to prove that customers like you are the exception.

Let me know if we can be of any other help. I hope you are able to find a solution.

Fixed three years ago in a theme update.

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A couple of pre-sales questions:

1. Does the skin (say #4) stay constant throughout the website once activated?

2. Are there any plans to update the theme due to recent WP disclosures? – http://marketblog.envato.com/news/wordpress-item-security-vulnerability/


1. Yes.

2. The Mingle theme was not impacted by that issue.

Thanks. We see here that you have no plans to make Mingle “responsive” ...and understand the reasoning. But what about those of us who might be willing to pay for the effort, or for a new theme with the same features and graphics yet mobile-friendly?

A new responsive theme with the same features and graphics as Mingle would be the same theme, not a new theme.

If everyone who owns Mingle would like to pay for a one time update at $29, we will absolutely produce a responsive version of the theme. That would pay for the development costs. You could create a kickstarter and if you get even 10% of the Mingle customers to commit to this it will pay for the cost of development. We are very open to the idea of an upgrade path that includes a one time fee.

Don’t be ridiculous. You have made tons of money off this theme, and many paying clients have already asked that it be made more in tune with the times (in other words, responsive). I’m sure there are those of us who would make a voluntary donation once you commit to the effort or when the update is available, and it would certainly generate new sales, whether you believe that or not. Our 2¢. Thanks for your time and take care.

I don’t know how much you know about web development but this theme was not designed to be responsive and would be a major undertaking. It’s also likely we couldn’t achieve the exact same look with so much reliance on images. An easy estimate is we could spend a month or more on the project. That’s not free time.

We’ve actually got some experience here, converting older themes to a responsive design. We did it with Salutation which is about 6 months newer than Mingle and the sales DECREASED after the upgrade. Also, Salutation is a design which was suited for being responsive and it still took over a month.We really are talking from experience, not just an outside perspective and an assumption that because the theme sold well for the first 2 years over a 4+ year period, we must have money lying around.

We’ve said this a lot but one more time for the record: We have no plans of making Mingle into a responsive theme.

Great. Take a breather now, have a cocktail and relax. Your buyer’s will just have to live with it. We’re sure to find something as good or better for our project that is mobile friendly. Thanks for your time. Ciao!

Hi, I no longer like wordpress and their piggy back spammers, do you have this in html!

No, there isn’t an HTML version of Mingle.

Hi, Thanks for this fantastic theme.

I wanted to ask you. I tried to edit the slideshow by only changing the url of the image and click save. after that nothing happen and the name of the slideshow was automatically renamed to this:


I even tried to create a new slideshow, same thing, I clicked save and the name appeared with a similar url.

Any idea of what happened?


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Used to be my favorite theme, with great support. Are there any plans to really update it? It has fallen behind the curve of other themes that are responsive and mobile friendly. Also it doesn’t have what most themes have, built-in short codes for the theme specifics. It no longer can be touted as a social theme. At one time it was cutting edge, now it lags behind even free themes. It has a lot of potential and worth the effort and investment to blow people away with a major update.


jnabb Purchased

Hello, I need your help! I’ve updated the Mingle Theme and now everything is gone! Can you help me get it back online fast? I appreciate your time.


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Hi, I’ve been using the Mingle theme on my own site now since 2011 – I’ve just upgraded to the latest version, and I know its not responsive like some of your other themes but I’m loathe to spending a lot of time transferring to a new theme – and I still really like this one! I just wanted to let you know that I’d be all for paying a one-off fee to help cover the cost of developing a responsive version! I only develop responsive sites for all my customers now so it doesn’t look great that my own isn’t! Will follow your tweets and continue to watch out for updates! Regards, Anne

Thanks Anne, that’s really appreciated. I do wish that ThemeForest provided a paid upgrade model. A lot of software for WordPress now includes this structure where getting the latest version requires an active license and I know from those using that model it does make it possible to have these bigger changes.

The problem with Mingle really is central to the design. It would probably have to take on a slightly different look because of how it make use of graphics for design elements.

Thanks for all your support and I hope we can produce some new themes that will work for you in the future.

Hi, I am a novice wordpress user who cannot build forms using complex frameworks. I am looking for a buddy press there where I can configure using just drag and drop type like typical wp configuration. Please let me know whether this does that? Please let me know what level of support will you provide to setup the theme? Is theme update available for lifetime for free or how is it?

The community functionality you see on the Mingle demo website is added by the BuddyPress plugin. This is a free plugin so you can install it with any theme and check out if it contains the functionality you require: https://buddypress.org/

What’s included in theme support is summarised here: http://themeforest.net/item_support/what_is_item_support/548199

The full Item Support Policy is here: http://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Once you purchase a theme you get free updates for life.

Does your theme allow extensive customization of the Group main pages, and also does it allow the Groups to be organized for the menu with Parent and Child relationships like Wordpress Pages does?

Mingle is just a theme, i.e. it changes the appearance of your web pages, it doesn’t have any inbuilt functionality per se.

The community functionality you see on the Mingle demo website is added by the BuddyPress plugin. This is a free plugins so you can install it with any theme and check out if it contain the functionality you require.

BuddyPress: https://buddypress.org/